Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Look, Magic!" (updated version)

Have you ever enjoyed a really great magic trick? Chris Angel and Lance Burton are two of the best in their entertainment field. My boyfriend, Lance Austin, is an amateur magician doing it for fun. One of my favorite tricks that he does is floating and spinning a playing card in mid-air. I stand 3 feet away from him and can’t figure out for the life of me how he does it! On occasion I have been fortunate to be his “Worthy Assistant” and therefore, privileged to know the “secrets” of a few of his best tricks. No, I am not telling; I am sworn to secrecy under the magician’s code of ethics, so don’t even try to get it out of me! But I digress… We all have seen the infamous magic “expose” shows so we have some idea of how it works. Magic is the skill of slight of hand trickery, smoke and mirrors – a distraction, the old “look over here while I do something else over there, right under your nose.” Viola! Magic! And we love this because we are right there and witness it with our own eyes and yet we can’t figure out how they do it!

Understanding these “magic” tools/skills and how to use them create a clearer lens through which we can watch what is going on all around us, both far and near. It provides us with a much needed discernment skill as we look at all that is currently taking place in our Country. In media terms, they call it “spin.” It is classic slight-of-hand trickery intended to serve as “fact” for the casual observer and hearer. I realize it takes great effort, an effort for which not all have the time, let alone the desire to exert. However, it is all too sad, and tragically detrimental that this “casualty” is far too many Americans who can no longer afford to be as casual. I realized this very truth for myself over the last few years. Therefore, these are the “magic secrets” I CAN expose so that there are far less casualties of “spin” and far more empowered and educated Americans.

All during the 2008 Election cycle, first with then Senator Clinton and later with Senator McCain and then Governor Palin, I watched then Senator Obama use a familiar “magic trick” over and over again. I had ample opportunity to get really good at spotting it and seeing it for what it is. No one will dispute he is a skilled political magician. Whenever the important issue of his character came under any type of scrutiny, he, with help from the MSM who wanted him to win, used a “magic” trick to deflect from himself. He would create “distractions.” He would simply get people looking away from character scrutiny and get people talking about other people, resources, and issues – anything and anyone but him. Sean Hannity and Fox News came to the fore because he called attention to them by attacking THEM for doing their job – vetting him – scrutinizing him, and exposing the truth as the rest of the media would not do. He didn’t like it, so much so that he would turn the tables on them. Suddenly, instead of scrutinizing his character, we are ridiculously scrutinizing Governor Palin’s wardrobe! Bate and switch, slight of hand, smoke and mirrors… Anytime something legitimate about him was addressed, HIS judgment was that the talk was only a “distraction” from the issues HE deemed important. I could retire a wealthy woman on the dimes collected for every time the talking point response to vetting question about him and his lack of qualification to be President was, “There is nothing to that concern; it is just a DISTRACTION…”

THE very things he was guilty of saying and doing, he accused the opposition of doing, over, and over, and over again. I watched it all day (I was out of work for 4 months and had nothing else to do but educate myself). He had ample opportunity to win me over as I began the election season with a clean pallet. Instead, he drove me away with this type of conduct. I watched one day with total shock at the blatant audacity to lie to the American voters. It was like a light came on and suddenly it all made sense as to how it all works and why it had previously been so confusing. The morning of the economic downfall in September 2008, I watched 4 successive speeches live: First Senator McCain, then Mr. Paulson, then former President Bush, then Senator Obama. One of the things Senator McCain sighted was that back in 2005, he and others tried to do something about resolving issues with Fannie and Freddie before it all fell apart, “and Democrats, including Senator Obama, blocked it.” That is all he said. Within 2 hours, then Senator Obama was out on the stump and spun it this way: “… You want to know what Senator McCain had to say about our economic crisis? He blamed the whole thing…. on ME!” And those who were there believed it as Gospel, the way it was later reported was Gospel, and how it was later believed was as Gospel. This new truth was a very blatant lie! I have it all on tape! I saw it for myself and couldn’t believe it! And not even Fox News called him on it!! The frustration I felt was accelerated as I saw this happen over and over and over again! That marked the first day of my quest for political truth, both finding it and sharing it.

Now, as of today, his historic approval rating has dropped significantly and there is valid reason for it – most Americans do not want to become socialists! We have figured out the magic tricks and we do not want to be fooled any longer! There is massive disenfranchisement growing rapidly across the Country and instead of “hearing” us and realizing his policies are not what we want, he goes to work campaigning again, trying to win people back over with his charm and more magic tricks, and completely missing the point! What of anything new will we hear that we haven’t already heard every single day already? It is socialism and we emphatically don’t want it!! And true to form, he has created a “distraction” so that we do not focus anymore on what is causing his rating to drop, nor notice how the Democrats are deceptively doing things secretly behind closed doors to pull the “Health Care” rabbit out of the hat, even though we do not want it. “Ooh! Look over here at how bad Fox News is because I don’t want you to even notice how we are going to screw you over with Health Care Reform over there.” They really believe Conservatives and Capitalism have destroyed our Country and they are going to “rescue” us. In another magic trick, they have to show you what a mess it has all become so that they can convince you we need help. And for the cherry on top of all of this: "See why Government must be in control? WE will fix this mess for you!" It is controlled chaos which paves a road to justify tyranny. It worked for Hitler (economically speaking) exactly like this, and in the same, patient, methodical steps.

Bottom line: they don’t care!! They only care about money and power – control! We have all forgotten that they work FOR us - for US! Government does NOT have our best at heart. The more power you give, the more they take. BE VERY CLEAR: The bigger Government power THEY have, the less power WE have. I don’t care what side you stand on – I am all about personal empowerment and NOT for Government power over you. The sooner we realize that WE have the power to make good things happen with our own best at heart, that is when we will be empowered by it to do something good for US, not them.

Government Officials are guilty of “magically” bamboozling the American people because we enable it and we allow it through ignorance. I can’t take it anymore. Magic tricks are for fun and entertainment, not for running the American Government. “WE the people” are empowered with the gift and responsibility to make sure we retain Liberty and not move swiftly to Tyranny. It is what our forefathers painstakingly ensured for us, thousand with their lives. If we don’t, then just like the surprise assault on the Twin Towers (representing all the precious Americans we lost) on 9/11, we will be blindsided by the greatest magic trick of all – America, now you see Her, now you don’t. God forbid… God forbid.

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