Monday, October 19, 2009

“Living in ObamA-merica: Surviving the Emboldened Liberal Happy Dance!”

(Originally posted on my FB Site September 30, 2009)

Today, I cannot take it. Today, my ability to endure the onslaught of sheer madness being forced upon America has been filled to capacity. I am living in a time where everything that is being generated from our President to rapidly “remake” America has me scratching my head and wondering when I will be able to wake up from this hell hole of a nightmare and get back to living my life. Usually, in spite of it all, I am still filled with hope enough to sustain me daily. Today is different. Today, I have had enough. I am discouraged. It has taken A LOT to get me here as I am not one who discourages easily. But I am discerning great trouble that has intensified my concern. I not only smell the smoke of trouble, I am choking. It is cutting off my air supply; I am suffocating and I am angry.

I don’t want to live in ObamAmerica! However, I am being forced to do so anyway. To put it bluntly: I feel like I am being politically raped, being stripped of my freedom, my voice, and my choice, and instead I am being forced to accept a life I 100% never wanted or asked for. I don’t feel hopeful right now, I feel angry! President Obama deceived the American people by posing as a moderate and enough people bought this snake oil!! Those of us who already knew the truth about him had one of two reactions on Election Night: If you are like me, you cried with an overwhelming grief, knowing – KNOWING that America would be assaulted with a radical agenda that 100% opposes everything America is and stands for. We knew what was to come and now we are living it. The others cried with glee knowing that they got away with FINALLY getting a radical in the White House!

Election Night commenced the beginning of what I call the “emboldened liberal happy dance.” It is amazing what truth comes out when you feel you are in a place of untouchable power. It goes beyond the “ha, ha, we won” chant. It is a counterfeit euphoric delusion which forgets that the power is borrowed and temporary. They behave as if they will never be without it ever again; hence, they do not fear any repercussions for exposing what is really in their hearts. As for me, I have not missed a beat as I sit in awe of the sheer audacity of their “happy dance.” They are dancing because a radical deceived his way into the White House and can now “remake” America into everything She was never meant to be!! They are proud of their deception!

With each exposure of the loony Czars surrounding and advising the President, WE are shocked but they are unmoved. Why is that??? Because what it means to “remake” America is about calling their lunacy normal and calling our objection to it all as lunacy! They have successfully turned the tables and it is time to pay!!! In their minds, they do not care how we feel because this is how they believe THEY have felt all these many years! And now, all of the closeted loons who have always agreed with the front line loons feel safe and therefore emboldened to come on out and join them as they all laugh in our faces! Loons – LOONS are running our Country until 2010! But today, I don’t know if I can make it that long as I can barely take this first 9 months!!

I don’t want Universal Health Care, Cap and Trade, and teaching sex education to 5 year olds! I don’t want to make Al Gore rich with his “green” agenda! I don’t want to let terrorists free and rename them “refugees” nor do I want to make friends with Dictators without preconditions! I could go on and on – you all know the drill. Every single thing the Loony Left is offering, I do not want it!! I don’t want to be controlled, monitored, and limited! I don’t want to live in ObamAmerica!! I don’t want to endure it, fight it, and deal with it! I am tired and I am furious! But what choice do I have? Harry Reid is making it clear, just as they cheated to get Obama in the White House, they will also cheat and backdoor their Health Care agenda no matter what we say! They know full well that the majority of Americans don’t want it but they don’t care! Just like a rapist who doesn’t care when you say “no,” they are going to force it on us anyway!!!!

I have never been one to deal with being controlled on any level. I left home at 18 years old and never looked back just to be independent and to be able to rise and fall on my own merits. I have left unhealthy working environments, relationships, and even Churches just to be free of control. But where can I go to escape the control of an Obama Nation? Where can I go? America has been the safe haven of the world but now where is the safe haven for America? I feel the walls caving in and I do not want to allow this political rape of our Nation to happen. I am not doing any thing that closely resembles a happy dance. No, I am looking for a pocket of air in a drowning pool of radical control and take over. I need air today…. Because today, I just cannot take it. I just can’t.

I know, tomorrow will be another day and I will begin the fight again, exhaustion, discouragement, hopelessness and all. In the very least, just as our Forefathers fought and died to give a free America to us, I owe it to them to fight just as hard to keep it. I will go to my death if necessary. I am praying in earnest, it will not be necessary. While loons want to “remake” America, we will “reTAKE” America at any cost and fight to preserve Her honor. She may currently be held hostage by loons, and held upside down by Her ankles, but we will see to it that She stands on Her feet again, dignified, with “Liberty” and justice for all…. just as it should be…. as She was always meant to be. 2010 cannot get here fast enough for me.

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