Monday, October 19, 2009

“I Am Confused….”

(Originally posted on my FB Site April 28, 2009)

Why is it that: it is only considered “hate” when you oppose the left but it is considered “civil rights” to oppose the right?

Why is it that: the Fairness Doctrine is only fair if you shut down the voice of conservatives?

Why is it that: the left calls themselves pro-choice when the only thing they believe you have a right to choose is to kill an unborn, and now partially born, baby?

Why is it that: conservatives long ago compassionately “accepted” gay people and chose to not judge THEM, but because we do not agree with the lifestyle, they now want to shove us into the closets they hated and from which they are now free?

Why is it that: liberals can protest, rally in the streets, loot, burn up cars, incite violence to express their outrage, and call it righteous dissent for civil rights, but when conservatives peacefully and joyfully, without violence, protest and rally in an organized and respectful manner, we are ostracized, belittled, and called anti-American?

Why is it that: liberals can hate, name call, oppose, and disrespect the Conservative President, but when conservatives just oppose a Far-Left President’s Policies, we are called haters, racists, and the Party of No?

Why is it that: liberals can be divided and partisan when a Conservative President sits in Office, but when a Far-Left President sits in Office, THEN they want us all to come together and unite?

Why is it that: no matter how hard I try to listen to a liberal, try to be gracious, and try to have a healthy discussion about the issues, it always ends up in a heated anger-fest because the consideration NEVER goes both ways back to me?

Why is it that: liberals see Government interference as being taken care of and find that being controlled is somehow liberating to them, while conservatives see personal empowerment and responsibility as truly liberating?

Why is it that: I am so confused about liberals? Or am I? Oh, I have so many questions as to “why is it that,” but I am pretty sure I already know my answers…. What say you?

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