Monday, October 19, 2009

I Am Sick of "SPIN" from ALL Sides: Give Me TRUTH!!

(Originally posted on my FB Site March 28, 2009)

As I make it a point to "hear everything FOR MYSELF," straight from the mouths of ALL of the respective "horses," if you will, in recent months I have made a point to listen to Rush Limbaugh and hear the truth for myself. I have also watched the subsequent "Audacity of Spin" just as I watched it daily during the Election. Rest assured, you may not agree with the conservative point of view, and as an American, that is your right and your blessing to do so. However, everything the liberal media has put out, and I do mean EVERYTHING, has been nothing but blatant and twisted spin. And the "cowards" within the Republican Party call themselves out when they try to drive the middle of the road about this issue. Needless to say, I have been disappointed - again. The reason Rush has NOT disappointed me, and so many others, and the TRUTH as to why he is now being attacked, is because he boldly and courageously speaks the truth without apology or compromise, he very clearly articulates how conservatives feel and believe, and he exposes how, in many ways, Republicans have left US (conservatives) in trying to be Democrat-lite. Conservatives didn't leave the Republican Party. He is a threat to both; to Republicans who lack the courage to stand 100% for conservatives, and to liberals who he exposes, and that without being intimidated. We value his kind of audacity, the kind conservatives are hungering for in a Leader who can best represent us in an Election. He (along with many like Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Fox News, and Glenn Beck) call out the truth and expose it, and President Obama doesn't like the sobering affect exposing truth has on those who lightly hear the spin on a daily basis. All media people know that most people will buy spin because they don't have time to search for the truth. I used to do the same thing and I was always so confused as to where "right" stood. Not anymore. Now, I make the time for truth in this arena as well.

I want TRUTH and I don't care who says it, where it comes from, or what "side." If it is the truth, THAT is what matter to me. Truth can be processed, even when it is what we don't like. At least we know concretely what to do with it. It is the nebulous that creates that "crazy-making" feeling. ANY answer is a possiblity when trying to fill the void. Truth is unmitigated. It defines and sets free. So, I daily search for truth - period. Even if I don't like it, I am grateful to have it. Even if I don't agree with it, I am grateful. Even if I am disappointed, I am grateful. And I have been disappointed more times as of late than I care to have ever believed possible. But it is defined and properly placed and frees me to move on, knowing specifically what I am dealing with, or not dealing with.

Having said that, I choose to not just have ears, but ears that HEAR, even if I don't like it, agree with it, or I am disappointed by it. I can't make this choice for anyone but myself. I can only give others the benefit of what I find in my search. Others are free to do with it what they want; hear or not hear. While I do hope to provoke the same quest for truth and finding it, I am not trying to offend anyone, though many opposing make no bones about offending me and that without apology. Still, I am not trying to make anyone agree with me, change their mind, etc. This is a choice you have to make for yourself. And to the degree that you REALLY want to hear the truth (painful that it may be) is to the degree that you will see it, hear it, and know it. I have been lied to, deceived, and have had my faithful and loyal trust taken advantage of more times in life than I care to repeat. And while I have always been someone wanting truth, in ALL areas of my life, even when painful, I want it more now than ever. I work to HEAR more than I ever have. That is my choice. And my heart and life are happier for it.

Having said that, I am telling you, after hearing all the mouths for myself (and I encourage you to do the same), Rush is being smeared because he has the audacity to speak the truth with the same and equal passion that President Obama shares the things he does. The honest truth is, Rush articulates the Conservative point of view as Obama articulates his point of view. They share equal passion and equal vision, and the only difference is that each stance is diametrically opposed to the other. Conservatives 100% disagree with everything President Obama believes, and vice versa. Rush articulates that stand, and the difference between the two, with the passion and conviction we need a Republican Leader to do. Hence the threat; hence the attacks to discredit him; and hence the attempts to create further division between conservatives and the Republicans at a time when we are trying to mend the divide, if possible.

Rush is not the Leader of the Republican Party, nor the RNC. He never claimed to be nor tried to be. What he is: the most courageous and articulate voice of the "Conservative" platform which is why conservatives so totally champion him, and pray for an Elected Leader like him. Michael Steele is not the Leader of the Republican Party but he is Head of the RNC. As Rush has said many times, right now, the Republican Party does not have a Leader, which is the normal process, and we will not have one until the next Election draws one out. What we NEED in such a Leader, if the Republican Party hopes to return to representing conservatives is, someone who IS a conservative (without compromise or apology) and has the same courageous boldness to speak it, live it, and stand for it. Hopefully, Michael Steele can lead the effort to reuniting the Republican Party with Conservatives. So far, he seems to have what it takes to do that. I hope that he is successful.

While Michael's apology has been touted by all sides as him cow-towing to Rush because "he is the almighty Rush," this is not what happened at all. While on a liberal based news show, that in recent days has been provoking every conservative guest to say something negative about Rush, everything and the kitchen sink was being thrown at Michael Steele faster than he could answer. I watched it myself. I have been in those type of situations where it is very flustering and you end up saying something that is not what you meant but comes out that way nonetheless. I believe Michael when he said that he got caught in the situation and what came out was not how he meant it. Before Michael ever defended his words, I HEARD him and saw exactly what happened - I knew it when it happened. So, when Michael apologized, I saw it as a man with the humility, the integrity, and the manhood/security to do so. Rush and Michael have been longtime friends and longtime supporters of each other. But now, a scenario has been created to attack BOTH Michael Steele, the new leader of the RNC (after all, he is an african american conservative (the first black RNC Leader ever, making history of his own!) and liberals don't like that) and Rush Limbaugh, the articulate voice of the Conservative platform. Keep these two apart, win another Election. The fact that it continues to be talked about (again, disappointingly on BOTH sides, and without the balance of truth), long after Michael and Rush have moved past it, is to try to squeeze any remaining juice out of a SPIN tactic. Meanwhile, we the people suffer for truth and for the cure for our rapidly ailing economy.

So, no matter the side where you stand, the truth is as I have shared it. No matter how you choose to hear or not hear, the truth is as I've shared it. The truth is, Rush has represented the conservative voice (as has many others like Sean Hannity, Mark Levin (expert in all things conservative), and Glenn Beck) and this is all he is doing with his radio show. Liberals don't like it and it is their right not to. However, Conservatives like me are grateful for him. Make it anything more and you have taken your first steps away from truth, a path I choose to NOT take. Don't give me SPIN that goes down like a great mixed drink. Even if it burns going down, just give me my 100% proof truth straight up please. I prefer it that way.

(This is an excellent article which is an expose of the truth and validates all I heard for myself.)

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