Monday, October 19, 2009

“America Through The Rabbit Hole And Into The Twilight Zone!”

(Originally posted on my FB Site September 16, 2009)

It is official: Left America has lost its ever loving mind and has taken the rest of us through the proverbial rabbit hole and directly into The Twilight Zone! Never in all of my life did I think we would ever sink to such shameful lows! The abuse of the race card by the newly crowned “Fringe Media” and our Liberal Politicians has gone way overboard! This has gone beyond the pale of anything remotely descent or normal to the point of the completely despicable.

How is it that because Right America does not worship our new Far Left President as they do, that instead we oppose his policies and his vision for remaking America, it can only be because we are racist and cannot handle a black man in the White House? How is it that we have come so far in America with regards to overcoming most racial issues (not all), that today, in 2009, the year Americans elected the first black President, it is becoming an issue all over again? Instead of President Obama’s election signifying the greater healing that our Country has achieved, as one giant step for mankind, if you will, regardless of whose Political Party he represents, it is now being exploited as one huge setback, right back to the 1950’s and 1960’s!

What is sickening to me is how the Left is exploiting the black half of our President’s race to beat down the Right, as if the Left are the champions of the racism fight and the Right are the problem, while their very actions expose the fact that they are no champions at all!! Set aside the sheer and clear fact that their accusations are baseless and blatant lies, that their perfected Saul Alinsky attack of accusations serve only as a smoke and mirrors type distraction from the issues while they sneakily rush through items they do not want us to notice, and that their accusations expose the truth that this is their best and last defense for policies that a majority of Americans do not want. These are all valid issues, each worthy of being highly offensive. That they even dare hurl the accusation at all under the guise of being champions of the cause is what offends me the most!

All of my life, it has been in my heart to champion for justice for all people and for various causes, including racial issues. I grew up believing Dr. Martin Luther King’s words that all men are created equal and that we should be judged by the content of our character and not the color of our skin. I have wept over many racial atrocities in our Country and in the world, and do not discard the fact that racism still exists, but grateful that it is no longer but a small percentage of ignorant idiots. This issue has been near and dear to my heart as I have endeavored to be part of the solution, desiring to partner with my fellow Americans of all nationalities to finish the healing we have worked so hard to achieve. I am obviously not alone as one of many who sincerely champion this cause. I get it which is why I find this accusation particularly shameful and offensive.

I remember long ago, before realizing that he was not a Conservative, praying that Colin Powell would run for President! I have longed to see us celebrate our first black President as I have longed to see us bring this racial surgery to a close. On Election night, I personally felt robbed of the joy many felt because, while we did indeed finally get our first black President, he was not the correct choice. I could not celebrate his election, grieving in tears for hours that night. The only hope I did feel was that maybe, prayerfully, regardless of Obama being the wrong choice, at least, we would finally begin to have closure. I was wrong, more wrong than I could ever imagine.

What I have seen from day 1 is this emboldened audacity of the left as well as the left within the black community, and the exposure of just how UNhealed and angry some blacks remain. You can’t bring up in the bucket what ain’t down in the well. Sometimes, we don’t even know what is inside until there is some shaking going on. Shake a glass of water, the water will come out, NOT because of the shaking of the glass, but because the water was in there to begin with. Shake an empty glass all you want, water will not come out. Because of this newly found confidence that comes with the “shaking” of Obama being elected President, the truth regarding everything that is in their hearts is coming out because they finally feel free to let it out – a freedom they have always had, but did not recognize until now.

No one denies that blacks have had challenges that whites have never had. I feel compassion for the justified anger, even in the face of being called a racist. However, when this anger becomes extreme and remains trapped in a place where no healing can come to the rescue, it becomes the very racism by which they have been wounded. This racism within their own hearts in turn blinds them from being able to see the healing that has already come and is yet to come.

Further, and more to my point, in this blind state of their own racism, they cannot see how they are being exploited by the shameful left who perpetuate holding onto shackles we have long ago thrust aside and who claim to be their champions but in fact, keep them a victim – of their own racism! They cannot see how most of us have already made room at the table and long to partner together towards being the best of what America offers the world! They become unwitting partners in their own entrapment and the left is happy to let it happen because it serves THEM! It is a twisted day in America when exploiters are seen as champions when the exact opposite is true! And the very accusation they hurl, they alone are guilty of!! It disgusts me to my core!

Additionally, by continuing to place the race card where no racism exists, to rename political and substantive policy disagreement as racism, and to recreate 1960’s racial tensions in order to beat back the opposition of Obama’s far left policies, it is like the boy who cried wolf: it serves only to undermine the resolve of remaining legitimate issues of racism. It 100% does not help our Country on any level. It is a shameful, exploitive tactic at best.

So, if Maxine Waters, Jeannine Giroffalo, Jimmy Carter, the Fringe Media, and their far left ilk, want to call us racists, I say, bring it on! I will expose who the REAL racists really are! I refuse to sit idly by and allow the re-wounding of America, the knifing open of a barely visible scar, so that they can further their far leftist causes at the expense of real progress and success in America. And because I can multitask, make no mistake; I refuse to allow this to be a distraction from what corruption and destruction is really going on. I refuse to be thwarted from taking our Country back! I refuse to allow this shameful and despicable assault to derail me from what matters most. I will never tire of doing good and doing what is right, by ALL people, no matter the cost. Because even in the Twilight Zone, when all else fails, truth resoundingly makes itself known and sets us all free!!

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