Monday, October 19, 2009

"Liberal's Rules of Tolerance Apparently Do Not Apply To Them...."

(Originally posted on my FB Site May 16, 2009)

Pet peeve #1: Liberal's rules for tolerance apparently do not apply to them. This is how it goes:

- They call us intolerant for our living by principals and standards with which they do not agree and choose to not live by.

- We allow the peaceful choice to agree to disagree but, because we do not also lower the standard, they call us intolerant. They cannot tolerate "how" we tolerate them.

- They do not want to live according to our standards (we allow for that choice) but they want us to live according to theirs (and do NOT allow for another choice).

- They can take a stand for what they believe in, but if we do the same for what we believe, we are intolerant.

- We have to accept them and their choices (tolerance) but they do not have to accept us and our choices (righteous indignation).

- They can oppose our alleged "intolerance" of them but we cannot oppose their intolerance of us. Because if we do, we are STILL intolerant.

Why is it okay for them to NOT tolerate us? Why is it okay for them to force us to accept them but they do not have to accept us? Why is it okay for them to cry for their rights but it is not okay for us to have our rights? Why doesn't the rule of tolerance go both ways?

Basically, no matter what we say or do, it is still intolerance unless we 100% abandon what WE believe to embrace what THEY believe, even though we allow them the freedom to not have to abandon what they believe to embrace what we believe. They are guilty of the very intolerance of which they accuse us!! But it is okay for them, it is not for us. We can never win this argument in their eyes!

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