Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Look, Magic!" (updated version)

Have you ever enjoyed a really great magic trick? Chris Angel and Lance Burton are two of the best in their entertainment field. My boyfriend, Lance Austin, is an amateur magician doing it for fun. One of my favorite tricks that he does is floating and spinning a playing card in mid-air. I stand 3 feet away from him and can’t figure out for the life of me how he does it! On occasion I have been fortunate to be his “Worthy Assistant” and therefore, privileged to know the “secrets” of a few of his best tricks. No, I am not telling; I am sworn to secrecy under the magician’s code of ethics, so don’t even try to get it out of me! But I digress… We all have seen the infamous magic “expose” shows so we have some idea of how it works. Magic is the skill of slight of hand trickery, smoke and mirrors – a distraction, the old “look over here while I do something else over there, right under your nose.” Viola! Magic! And we love this because we are right there and witness it with our own eyes and yet we can’t figure out how they do it!

Understanding these “magic” tools/skills and how to use them create a clearer lens through which we can watch what is going on all around us, both far and near. It provides us with a much needed discernment skill as we look at all that is currently taking place in our Country. In media terms, they call it “spin.” It is classic slight-of-hand trickery intended to serve as “fact” for the casual observer and hearer. I realize it takes great effort, an effort for which not all have the time, let alone the desire to exert. However, it is all too sad, and tragically detrimental that this “casualty” is far too many Americans who can no longer afford to be as casual. I realized this very truth for myself over the last few years. Therefore, these are the “magic secrets” I CAN expose so that there are far less casualties of “spin” and far more empowered and educated Americans.

All during the 2008 Election cycle, first with then Senator Clinton and later with Senator McCain and then Governor Palin, I watched then Senator Obama use a familiar “magic trick” over and over again. I had ample opportunity to get really good at spotting it and seeing it for what it is. No one will dispute he is a skilled political magician. Whenever the important issue of his character came under any type of scrutiny, he, with help from the MSM who wanted him to win, used a “magic” trick to deflect from himself. He would create “distractions.” He would simply get people looking away from character scrutiny and get people talking about other people, resources, and issues – anything and anyone but him. Sean Hannity and Fox News came to the fore because he called attention to them by attacking THEM for doing their job – vetting him – scrutinizing him, and exposing the truth as the rest of the media would not do. He didn’t like it, so much so that he would turn the tables on them. Suddenly, instead of scrutinizing his character, we are ridiculously scrutinizing Governor Palin’s wardrobe! Bate and switch, slight of hand, smoke and mirrors… Anytime something legitimate about him was addressed, HIS judgment was that the talk was only a “distraction” from the issues HE deemed important. I could retire a wealthy woman on the dimes collected for every time the talking point response to vetting question about him and his lack of qualification to be President was, “There is nothing to that concern; it is just a DISTRACTION…”

THE very things he was guilty of saying and doing, he accused the opposition of doing, over, and over, and over again. I watched it all day (I was out of work for 4 months and had nothing else to do but educate myself). He had ample opportunity to win me over as I began the election season with a clean pallet. Instead, he drove me away with this type of conduct. I watched one day with total shock at the blatant audacity to lie to the American voters. It was like a light came on and suddenly it all made sense as to how it all works and why it had previously been so confusing. The morning of the economic downfall in September 2008, I watched 4 successive speeches live: First Senator McCain, then Mr. Paulson, then former President Bush, then Senator Obama. One of the things Senator McCain sighted was that back in 2005, he and others tried to do something about resolving issues with Fannie and Freddie before it all fell apart, “and Democrats, including Senator Obama, blocked it.” That is all he said. Within 2 hours, then Senator Obama was out on the stump and spun it this way: “… You want to know what Senator McCain had to say about our economic crisis? He blamed the whole thing…. on ME!” And those who were there believed it as Gospel, the way it was later reported was Gospel, and how it was later believed was as Gospel. This new truth was a very blatant lie! I have it all on tape! I saw it for myself and couldn’t believe it! And not even Fox News called him on it!! The frustration I felt was accelerated as I saw this happen over and over and over again! That marked the first day of my quest for political truth, both finding it and sharing it.

Now, as of today, his historic approval rating has dropped significantly and there is valid reason for it – most Americans do not want to become socialists! We have figured out the magic tricks and we do not want to be fooled any longer! There is massive disenfranchisement growing rapidly across the Country and instead of “hearing” us and realizing his policies are not what we want, he goes to work campaigning again, trying to win people back over with his charm and more magic tricks, and completely missing the point! What of anything new will we hear that we haven’t already heard every single day already? It is socialism and we emphatically don’t want it!! And true to form, he has created a “distraction” so that we do not focus anymore on what is causing his rating to drop, nor notice how the Democrats are deceptively doing things secretly behind closed doors to pull the “Health Care” rabbit out of the hat, even though we do not want it. “Ooh! Look over here at how bad Fox News is because I don’t want you to even notice how we are going to screw you over with Health Care Reform over there.” They really believe Conservatives and Capitalism have destroyed our Country and they are going to “rescue” us. In another magic trick, they have to show you what a mess it has all become so that they can convince you we need help. And for the cherry on top of all of this: "See why Government must be in control? WE will fix this mess for you!" It is controlled chaos which paves a road to justify tyranny. It worked for Hitler (economically speaking) exactly like this, and in the same, patient, methodical steps.

Bottom line: they don’t care!! They only care about money and power – control! We have all forgotten that they work FOR us - for US! Government does NOT have our best at heart. The more power you give, the more they take. BE VERY CLEAR: The bigger Government power THEY have, the less power WE have. I don’t care what side you stand on – I am all about personal empowerment and NOT for Government power over you. The sooner we realize that WE have the power to make good things happen with our own best at heart, that is when we will be empowered by it to do something good for US, not them.

Government Officials are guilty of “magically” bamboozling the American people because we enable it and we allow it through ignorance. I can’t take it anymore. Magic tricks are for fun and entertainment, not for running the American Government. “WE the people” are empowered with the gift and responsibility to make sure we retain Liberty and not move swiftly to Tyranny. It is what our forefathers painstakingly ensured for us, thousand with their lives. If we don’t, then just like the surprise assault on the Twin Towers (representing all the precious Americans we lost) on 9/11, we will be blindsided by the greatest magic trick of all – America, now you see Her, now you don’t. God forbid… God forbid.

"The Childish Shame Of The UNpresidential President"

I have never seen anything like it. That I am even sharing about this is amazing to me. How childish and totally unbecoming of the Office for President Obama and his Administration to declare war on Fox News! I dare say that not even President Bush reacted the same way after enduring 8 years of brutal liberal bashing – because he was behaving Presidential! He never stood a chance with anyone BUT Fox News! But it was okay then! Hey, if President Bush woke up in the morning and he was still President, he was bashed for that. But he went about the business of BEING the President, doing his job, and graciously replying that he was okay with the dissent – it was their American right to do so. Not so with President Obama – his behavior has lowered the “prestige” of the Office. It is embarrassing and downright shameful! It is BENEATH the Office of the President of the United States!

That being said, appalling as it is, it is no big surprise to me. This is the EXACT same behavior demonstrated and Saul Alinsky tactics employed throughout the Presidential Campaign, especially how they attacked John McCain and Sarah Palin. They may have helped him deceptively win the Election, but they should have been rendered as ‘purposed served’ and retired to the “campaign closet.” It is as if he has not yet “transitioned” – from Candidate Obama to President Obama – he is still campaigning!

While still in this “campaign” style of so-called Governing, one way to throw off criticism is to create something else on the opponent’s side to criticize instead. At first, President Bush served as a great whipping post. After almost his first year as President, that scapegoat has been beaten to death. President Obama needs a new opponent for the success of this distraction tactic and Fox News foots the bill easily. After all, they are the only official News Media who are not “in the tank” for the Freshman President. They believe in REAL Journalism as opposed to the worshipping style and fervor of tingly thrills running up one’s legs. The last PEW Poll proved that Fox News is the only News Station that was indeed 50/50 in fairness and balance of their coverage of each point of view.

The problem is not that Fox News is too conservative; it is that it is ALSO conservative. Aside from a few clearly conservative opinion based Shows, the rest of the Station is fair and balanced and full of Journalistic Professionals reporting the news – ALL of the news, favorable and the not favorable. All of the other Stations in the Main Stream Media have long time been highly liberal and unfavorable towards anything or anyone conservative. They are gleeful about being in the tank for ANYONE who is NOT conservative. President Obama kicked that up several notches to embarrassing heights. In comparison, Fox News remained the same fair and balanced News Station and didn’t follow suit.

It is laughable to accuse Fox News of having “a viewpoint,” code for being conservative, simply because they share BOTH viewpoints. The truth is, Stations like MSNBC have the “viewpoint” and it is totally liberal. They act like “liberal” is the standard for everyone and therefore, to even think anything conservative is the bias. Isn’t it hilarious? This is the pot calling the kettle black! Like everything else President Obama does and says, he accuses others of the very things which he alone is guilty! The liberal MSM is biased so they accuse Fox News of being biased – against him!!! HUH????

Further, it is quite an expose for them to complain about Fox NOT being in the tank like everyone else! At first I thought it was just whiney thin skin because someone dared to not adore him. But I really believe it goes beyond the need for EVERYONE to love, worship and agree with him. Isn’t it obvious?? President Obama doesn’t like that they cannot “control” Fox News and therefore cannot control the “messages and the propaganda” of their Agenda!! They are angry that Fox News REPORTS news, all news, and often that news reveal opposition to their agenda!

Oh yes, it is clear to me now, they hear us! They DO realize that we do not like his agenda. The TEA Parties bother him! He doesn’t like the truth of his Agenda being exposed – the unveiling of the hoax – the man behind the curtain is just a man and not the great and terrible Obama! More and more, Americans are getting educated and what they learn they don’t like, and this change of heart is reflected in his rapidly falling approval ratings.

They don’t want the truth to get out – they want the SPIN to be accepted as the truth. Fox is foiling their plans! They are getting weary of fighting this opposition and methinks the President doth protest too much when he says, “I’m not tired! I’m just getting started!” Like this is somehow intimidating! No, they just want to hurry and pass their Agenda before the truth comes out and that without a fight! They want to make sweeping changes, control the “spin” of it, and take credit for historical events! They want President Obama and the Democrats to go down in history as the right Party for the Country and the most momentous! To accomplish this, they first have to demonize President Bush, Republicans, and conservatives, and then they have to exalt themselves. With Fox News simply reporting the facts and reporting the news, totally gets in the way of their Agenda.

So, they “Alinsky” them as they have done to McCain and Palin, as they did to us TEA Partiers, and as they have been doing to Rush. They think if they can drive away the viewers from Fox News by minimizing them, dismissing them, and “breaking” them, they will win. It is a classic move of “leveling” the playing field. They don’t have to be better or correct to win the fight – they just have to remove the opposition and win by default! It is how President Obama has won ALL of his political races beginning with his Chicago Senate seat, hence, the name "Chicago THUG Politics."

That any of the other media outlets enable this “game” is disgusting. Jealousy over Fox News’ success is no secret. But like Rush said about the fear of others “breaking” him, “they didn’t make him (we, the listeners/fans did) so they cannot break” him. It is no different for Fox News. The fact that Fox News behaves more professional and Presidential than the President and his Administration is something for which THEY should be embarrassed and ashamed.

The most shameful thing of all of this is, for all of their crafty ploys, they cannot see how totally obvious to us that they have become! For an Administration desperately trying to hide the truth under the “spin” of transparency, they do not realize how much they have totally exposed the truth of who they are, how they operate, and what they really want. In their minds, it is Fox News’ fault for preventing us from being like the zombified, Kool-Aid drinking, sheeple who worship and adore him and think the “hope and change” of a Socialist America is what we have been waiting for. Fortunate for us, the arm of the White House is not long enough, nor powerful enough, to slap a hand over the mouth of Fox News, or us for that matter. We will not rest until we vote them all out of Office. He has no clue just how vast is the right wing of this Country. Come 2012 he will – resoundingly! Between now and then, we will continue to fight to be heard – we will keep having our TEA Parties until we are tea stained! President Obama said he is just getting started…. He has no clue that so are we – "we the people" are just warming up.

Monday, October 19, 2009

“Living in ObamA-merica: Surviving the Emboldened Liberal Happy Dance!”

(Originally posted on my FB Site September 30, 2009)

Today, I cannot take it. Today, my ability to endure the onslaught of sheer madness being forced upon America has been filled to capacity. I am living in a time where everything that is being generated from our President to rapidly “remake” America has me scratching my head and wondering when I will be able to wake up from this hell hole of a nightmare and get back to living my life. Usually, in spite of it all, I am still filled with hope enough to sustain me daily. Today is different. Today, I have had enough. I am discouraged. It has taken A LOT to get me here as I am not one who discourages easily. But I am discerning great trouble that has intensified my concern. I not only smell the smoke of trouble, I am choking. It is cutting off my air supply; I am suffocating and I am angry.

I don’t want to live in ObamAmerica! However, I am being forced to do so anyway. To put it bluntly: I feel like I am being politically raped, being stripped of my freedom, my voice, and my choice, and instead I am being forced to accept a life I 100% never wanted or asked for. I don’t feel hopeful right now, I feel angry! President Obama deceived the American people by posing as a moderate and enough people bought this snake oil!! Those of us who already knew the truth about him had one of two reactions on Election Night: If you are like me, you cried with an overwhelming grief, knowing – KNOWING that America would be assaulted with a radical agenda that 100% opposes everything America is and stands for. We knew what was to come and now we are living it. The others cried with glee knowing that they got away with FINALLY getting a radical in the White House!

Election Night commenced the beginning of what I call the “emboldened liberal happy dance.” It is amazing what truth comes out when you feel you are in a place of untouchable power. It goes beyond the “ha, ha, we won” chant. It is a counterfeit euphoric delusion which forgets that the power is borrowed and temporary. They behave as if they will never be without it ever again; hence, they do not fear any repercussions for exposing what is really in their hearts. As for me, I have not missed a beat as I sit in awe of the sheer audacity of their “happy dance.” They are dancing because a radical deceived his way into the White House and can now “remake” America into everything She was never meant to be!! They are proud of their deception!

With each exposure of the loony Czars surrounding and advising the President, WE are shocked but they are unmoved. Why is that??? Because what it means to “remake” America is about calling their lunacy normal and calling our objection to it all as lunacy! They have successfully turned the tables and it is time to pay!!! In their minds, they do not care how we feel because this is how they believe THEY have felt all these many years! And now, all of the closeted loons who have always agreed with the front line loons feel safe and therefore emboldened to come on out and join them as they all laugh in our faces! Loons – LOONS are running our Country until 2010! But today, I don’t know if I can make it that long as I can barely take this first 9 months!!

I don’t want Universal Health Care, Cap and Trade, and teaching sex education to 5 year olds! I don’t want to make Al Gore rich with his “green” agenda! I don’t want to let terrorists free and rename them “refugees” nor do I want to make friends with Dictators without preconditions! I could go on and on – you all know the drill. Every single thing the Loony Left is offering, I do not want it!! I don’t want to be controlled, monitored, and limited! I don’t want to live in ObamAmerica!! I don’t want to endure it, fight it, and deal with it! I am tired and I am furious! But what choice do I have? Harry Reid is making it clear, just as they cheated to get Obama in the White House, they will also cheat and backdoor their Health Care agenda no matter what we say! They know full well that the majority of Americans don’t want it but they don’t care! Just like a rapist who doesn’t care when you say “no,” they are going to force it on us anyway!!!!

I have never been one to deal with being controlled on any level. I left home at 18 years old and never looked back just to be independent and to be able to rise and fall on my own merits. I have left unhealthy working environments, relationships, and even Churches just to be free of control. But where can I go to escape the control of an Obama Nation? Where can I go? America has been the safe haven of the world but now where is the safe haven for America? I feel the walls caving in and I do not want to allow this political rape of our Nation to happen. I am not doing any thing that closely resembles a happy dance. No, I am looking for a pocket of air in a drowning pool of radical control and take over. I need air today…. Because today, I just cannot take it. I just can’t.

I know, tomorrow will be another day and I will begin the fight again, exhaustion, discouragement, hopelessness and all. In the very least, just as our Forefathers fought and died to give a free America to us, I owe it to them to fight just as hard to keep it. I will go to my death if necessary. I am praying in earnest, it will not be necessary. While loons want to “remake” America, we will “reTAKE” America at any cost and fight to preserve Her honor. She may currently be held hostage by loons, and held upside down by Her ankles, but we will see to it that She stands on Her feet again, dignified, with “Liberty” and justice for all…. just as it should be…. as She was always meant to be. 2010 cannot get here fast enough for me.

“America Through The Rabbit Hole And Into The Twilight Zone!”

(Originally posted on my FB Site September 16, 2009)

It is official: Left America has lost its ever loving mind and has taken the rest of us through the proverbial rabbit hole and directly into The Twilight Zone! Never in all of my life did I think we would ever sink to such shameful lows! The abuse of the race card by the newly crowned “Fringe Media” and our Liberal Politicians has gone way overboard! This has gone beyond the pale of anything remotely descent or normal to the point of the completely despicable.

How is it that because Right America does not worship our new Far Left President as they do, that instead we oppose his policies and his vision for remaking America, it can only be because we are racist and cannot handle a black man in the White House? How is it that we have come so far in America with regards to overcoming most racial issues (not all), that today, in 2009, the year Americans elected the first black President, it is becoming an issue all over again? Instead of President Obama’s election signifying the greater healing that our Country has achieved, as one giant step for mankind, if you will, regardless of whose Political Party he represents, it is now being exploited as one huge setback, right back to the 1950’s and 1960’s!

What is sickening to me is how the Left is exploiting the black half of our President’s race to beat down the Right, as if the Left are the champions of the racism fight and the Right are the problem, while their very actions expose the fact that they are no champions at all!! Set aside the sheer and clear fact that their accusations are baseless and blatant lies, that their perfected Saul Alinsky attack of accusations serve only as a smoke and mirrors type distraction from the issues while they sneakily rush through items they do not want us to notice, and that their accusations expose the truth that this is their best and last defense for policies that a majority of Americans do not want. These are all valid issues, each worthy of being highly offensive. That they even dare hurl the accusation at all under the guise of being champions of the cause is what offends me the most!

All of my life, it has been in my heart to champion for justice for all people and for various causes, including racial issues. I grew up believing Dr. Martin Luther King’s words that all men are created equal and that we should be judged by the content of our character and not the color of our skin. I have wept over many racial atrocities in our Country and in the world, and do not discard the fact that racism still exists, but grateful that it is no longer but a small percentage of ignorant idiots. This issue has been near and dear to my heart as I have endeavored to be part of the solution, desiring to partner with my fellow Americans of all nationalities to finish the healing we have worked so hard to achieve. I am obviously not alone as one of many who sincerely champion this cause. I get it which is why I find this accusation particularly shameful and offensive.

I remember long ago, before realizing that he was not a Conservative, praying that Colin Powell would run for President! I have longed to see us celebrate our first black President as I have longed to see us bring this racial surgery to a close. On Election night, I personally felt robbed of the joy many felt because, while we did indeed finally get our first black President, he was not the correct choice. I could not celebrate his election, grieving in tears for hours that night. The only hope I did feel was that maybe, prayerfully, regardless of Obama being the wrong choice, at least, we would finally begin to have closure. I was wrong, more wrong than I could ever imagine.

What I have seen from day 1 is this emboldened audacity of the left as well as the left within the black community, and the exposure of just how UNhealed and angry some blacks remain. You can’t bring up in the bucket what ain’t down in the well. Sometimes, we don’t even know what is inside until there is some shaking going on. Shake a glass of water, the water will come out, NOT because of the shaking of the glass, but because the water was in there to begin with. Shake an empty glass all you want, water will not come out. Because of this newly found confidence that comes with the “shaking” of Obama being elected President, the truth regarding everything that is in their hearts is coming out because they finally feel free to let it out – a freedom they have always had, but did not recognize until now.

No one denies that blacks have had challenges that whites have never had. I feel compassion for the justified anger, even in the face of being called a racist. However, when this anger becomes extreme and remains trapped in a place where no healing can come to the rescue, it becomes the very racism by which they have been wounded. This racism within their own hearts in turn blinds them from being able to see the healing that has already come and is yet to come.

Further, and more to my point, in this blind state of their own racism, they cannot see how they are being exploited by the shameful left who perpetuate holding onto shackles we have long ago thrust aside and who claim to be their champions but in fact, keep them a victim – of their own racism! They cannot see how most of us have already made room at the table and long to partner together towards being the best of what America offers the world! They become unwitting partners in their own entrapment and the left is happy to let it happen because it serves THEM! It is a twisted day in America when exploiters are seen as champions when the exact opposite is true! And the very accusation they hurl, they alone are guilty of!! It disgusts me to my core!

Additionally, by continuing to place the race card where no racism exists, to rename political and substantive policy disagreement as racism, and to recreate 1960’s racial tensions in order to beat back the opposition of Obama’s far left policies, it is like the boy who cried wolf: it serves only to undermine the resolve of remaining legitimate issues of racism. It 100% does not help our Country on any level. It is a shameful, exploitive tactic at best.

So, if Maxine Waters, Jeannine Giroffalo, Jimmy Carter, the Fringe Media, and their far left ilk, want to call us racists, I say, bring it on! I will expose who the REAL racists really are! I refuse to sit idly by and allow the re-wounding of America, the knifing open of a barely visible scar, so that they can further their far leftist causes at the expense of real progress and success in America. And because I can multitask, make no mistake; I refuse to allow this to be a distraction from what corruption and destruction is really going on. I refuse to be thwarted from taking our Country back! I refuse to allow this shameful and despicable assault to derail me from what matters most. I will never tire of doing good and doing what is right, by ALL people, no matter the cost. Because even in the Twilight Zone, when all else fails, truth resoundingly makes itself known and sets us all free!!

"A Vulnerable Reveal of My Heart...."

(Originally posted on my FB Site August 22, 2009)

Today I need to get something off of my chest…. I am scared to pieces to even open up and post this… Whether or not you are a person of faith, as I am without apology, I hope that you can really HEAR where I am coming from, even if only in principle. Your friendships each mean something valuable to me; even with the varying degrees of things we each believe, the thing that unites us is our passionate love for America and, for most of us, our Conservative and Founding Fathered principles. I love you all for that!

I am an honest and straight forward person and don’t know any other way to be. I am typically a very positive person regardless of what is going on in my life. I believe everything happens for a reason and in that Bible verse that promises, “God works all things together for good…” He has proven this all to be true in my life more times than I can count. But even we faith-filled and positive people can get very discouraged and even despair. Further, for as open as I am, there is a “safe place” in my heart with a high wall around it that is not easy to infiltrate. I am both very open yet very private. Usually, in that safe place is where I keep my pain, my vulnerabilities, and my most sensitive core of my heart. Every once in a while, I allow myself to take a risk and put things out there that might hint of what is going on deep inside. Sometimes, if I think there might be some trust, I might expose some of that and test it out. It is the rare occurrence that I am grateful I did. More often than not, it only validates why I have built that wall to protect my safety zone.

It is hard for me when I am misunderstood, judged, and rejected, just like any other normal person. It is human nature for us to not look to one’s heart and so I do not, in turn, judge others for being, thus, so human. Nor do I expect others to get it, or get me. I learned a valuable lesson early on in life: to the degree that you cherish what I offer, is to the degree that you can have. If you cannot cherish the front yard of my house, why should I invite you to my dining room table for a family, home cooked meal? Because I have no pretense, I usually expect that most people are the same. I trust you until you give me reason not to do so. I respect you until you give me reason not to do so. I accept you at face value because I know you can accept me at face value. Now, I am far from perfect and will never claim to be as such. I only ask that if you want to discuss my faults, please just get them right as there are plenty to choose from – but do not attribute to me faults I do not have. That is what hurts.

I share this prologue so you might better understand my heart when I share what is next. I am in a life transition. God has brought me through a very dark season in my life into a new light where I finally understand, everything I have ever been through, good and bad, every detour, every disappointment, every sacrifice, every gift He has given me, every life and job experience, and every skill set, has all brought me to this point in time. It is like all of the sets are up, the lighting is perfect, lines memorized, the house is packed – everything is in place for me to finally begin the path of doing what He called me to do, that which brings me joy knowing I am in the center of His will and He is pleased. There is no greater feeling than that, especially after such a long time in the wilderness of life. I finally understand what my life means and what I am supposed to do and I can hardly wait to get at it.

If you are familiar with any Bible stories, specifically the story of Joseph, God speaks to my heart and teaches me from this story almost more than any other. I know what it is like to be betrayed by those I considered family, for them to try and destroy me, and leave me in a pit alone to die. “Pit time” is such a dark experience. You are there alone and no one but God knows you are there. It has been some of the loneliest of my life but also the most intimate with God. The lessons learned are invaluable. I know what it is like to be accused of things that exiled me and sent me away to a prison-like form of life. I know what it is like to wonder about all the dreams that were supposed to be my life but are not, and to question God, “What do you want from me? This is not the life you promised! This is not the life you showed me! What does my life matter anymore?” Joseph ultimately was brought through ALL of this and placed in a high place of authority where he was used to bring so much blessing and help to others, especially those who first derailed and detoured him by throwing him into that pit to die alone. In order to be in such a place of leadership later, and to do what he did, it was necessary for him to go through the things he went through in order to learn and grow and to be ready for it. All of those things MADE him, they never destroyed him. God gave him this vision of his life as a teenager but it wasn’t until he was an older man that the vision of his life even began to come to pass. My life has been no different.

You have heard me make the quote: “I am like a finely sharpened and prepared arrow, ready to be shot from the right bow to hit my God-ordained mark.” This is how I feel. I finally know where I am going, what I am called to do, and the favor and grace is there for me to now go and do it. It is like there is this bridge just up ahead in the distance. Once I reach it, and begin crossing it, my life is forever changed as I enter the season of my life where I begin doing all those things that long ago, God gave me the vision of what I would do. He has opened the doors for me to see the bridge and to go across it. In addition, He has closed the doors behind me so that I cannot ever go back. What is left is this small wilderness between what was and what is soon to be. Like the Israelites of old, in the Bible, when Moses was leading them out of slavery in Egypt and towards the Promised Land, they had to go through the wilderness to get there. At first they were so ecstatic to be set free, but the journey of the wilderness soon left them grumbling and complaining, saying, “At least when we were slaves we had shelter and food.” They actually looked back at slavery with some level of longing to return! They endured being treated so poorly as slaves, but they couldn’t handle the wilderness! Every time I feel this way, God reminds me that there is no going back to Egypt! So the only way for me to go now is forward, through a short wilderness (the only short one of my life as the others have all been very long), towards His promises for me.

Now that you have the metaphorical and Biblical foundation of my point, there is a very real and practical interpretation. For almost 20 years, I have worked in Corporate America and while it has provided all these years (I have been self sufficient, on my own, and taking care of others, since I was 18 years old), it has also been slowly killing my spirit because I was a slave to it and not free to utilize my real gifts and talents. I know how to make lemonade from lemons which I do almost too well – the problem comes when it causes you to lose sight of the chocolate of life and you settle for good lemonade. That was me. So, now I am awake from that slumber and moving towards the chocolate. Lemonade is not even an option anymore.

Back in May, I lost my job and I have not been able to get a new one since. Yes, a lot of it has to do with the Obama-conomy. I have been an Executive Assistant for almost 20 years with a lot of success. This is not a hard job to get. It never has been for me – I have always worked. I spend a good portion of my day applying for all of these jobs I see out there. I am signed with 17 Agencies and 5 Online Services. For all of my effort, I cannot get connected to one of these jobs! A wise man in my life once said, “The way you can tell an open door is that you don’t bust your nose trying to go through it!” My nose is in a cast right now!! I get the message – Egypt is no longer an option! Unfortunately, I still have to pay the bills and right now, I am fighting to hold onto my house – all of this a total first in my life! It is not only humiliating, it is down right frightening!

That is the here and now – the little wilderness I am in. The bridge is the book I am writing. God easily opened the door for this and I even have a wonderful and credible Publisher! Once I get the book done and published, things will change for me financially and as well as for my career. I write the book from a God given and passionate place in my heart – finances are a by product and not the motivation. (There are 4 others in my heart that will follow the first one) In fact, I have made a promise to God, from that first book forward, I will create a Charitable Foundation to which I will tithe faithfully of all income earned. Money is for living and providing opportunity; you can’t take it with you to the cemetery. In fact, there is a line from one of my favorite Musicals, “Hello Dolly,” that says, “Money is like manure. You need to spread it around to encourage new and young things to grow…” It is how I see it and how I want to use it once I have it. I have always done this with whatever I have had, but now I will have the opportunity to do so on a greater scale which has always been a dream and prayer of mine. All of this is awesome news! I have such HUGE plans and dreams – God is calling me forth to finally live them saying, “NOW is the time!” Finally! It has all led to this….

Only there is one more wilderness, a short one, between my Egypt and that bridge, and I have been distressed for weeks trying to understand how to get through this wilderness. Unfortunately, after getting to the point of emptying my small 401k, I have exhausted every resource I had financially. Right now, I have a figurative gun to my head as I am trying to hold onto my house. This very immediate need has distracted me from writing my Book and moving me towards that bridge. I am out of money and the doors all seem closed as to how I generate more. I feel so alone in this plight.

It is hard to share this and to so vulnerably lay my heart so bare because I run the HUGE risk, at least from my perspective, of being so totally misunderstood and turning others away from me. Sharing this honestly with others can be a total turn off, especially in the “bail out” society we live in. I admit that I totally suck at asking for help - I am used to being the one doing all of the helping.

Perhaps it is my pride that is holding me in this wilderness as it is now 11:59pm (figuratively speaking) for me and I am only now really opening up about my plight. Should I have done so long ago? I didn’t want anyone to know – in all honesty, I still don’t. It gives the appearance of something it is not and I don’t want to go anywhere near that appearance – at all!! I prayerfully am seeking, “Lord, what is the right thing to do?” He says in the Bible, “You have not because you ask not.” So, the closest I can come to that is to “advertise” my Mary Kay Business (something I have done for fun but now is my only source of immediate potential income). Even doing that does not feel right to me! I don’t know how to ask for help - I don’t like being in such a place of need. It is beyond humiliating to me, and perhaps this is the lesson I must learn so that I am held to my promise when I am in more prosperous times.

I share all of this with all of you because, as I said before, I don’t know how to be anything but honest and who I am. I cannot have pretense. I am credible, but right now, I am also vulnerable. What is God’s answer for this short wilderness? Only two things are crystal clear for me: Egypt is not an option, and once I get to the bridge, everything changes for the better. How do I get from here to there? It is total darkness for me.

In practical terms, I want to have my book done and ready for submission to the Editor by the end of February 2010 (or sooner) because it needs to be published in time for the 2010 Elections. I don’t know how to get from here to there, I just don’t. I can only surmise that I need the answer to come from another source. I am humbly asking whoever reads this, please hear my heart, pray, and if God gives you any wisdom in the matter, please share it with me. I am looking for that God-inspired voice of wisdom, not just off-the-cuff, even though well meaning, advice. I am humbling myself, and it chokes me up to share that because it is just so difficult for me to do, but I am humbling myself that I may hear from God, however He chooses to speak to me, through whomever He chooses to speak.

I will end with this… And this is soooo hard…. I have a dear friend, Dan. I have tagged only him in this Note. As we have spoken recently, it has been proposed that perhaps a small group of people, with him, could help sponsor me through this short time. He would use his Business as a form of collateral. Is THIS God’s will? Is THIS God’s answer? If so, as is true to form for me, I ask, “Why, Lord? Why like this? What is the purpose of doing it this way?” Is it to remind me that all I do for Him is a partnership and all glory goes to Him? I just don’t know. I am looking for the answers…. This short wilderness is a stark contradiction to what lay just ahead, from where I have already been, and who I am/what I am all about. Please pray and if God gives you His wisdom or even a small piece of it, please share it with me. If you agree with Dan, please feel free to connect with him, as these are his feelings:

“I am constantly left with the understanding that God wants to raise the few to make His plan possible in your life so they in turn will have the opportunity to share in the rewards of your service. This is a highly vulnerable thing to ask, and an equally faith based issue to respond to. Those who are able already have the knowledge in their heart of how God is raising His own to great service, and they will automatically be drawn to the light of His plan. This plan is not for everyone, but it is for some because God keeps telling me I should not be alone in this. I am guessing that after you have taken this step, God will allow me to speak to others on your behalf.”

I pray above all things, you hear my heart. I just feel the proverbial gun to my head financially and it is paralyzing me from moving forward towards a very bright future of service to my fellow Americans. And this process makes no sense to me at all in light of who I am, where I have been, and where I am going. I just don’t get the irony of it at all. I am just trying to humble myself and hope you hear my heart, that vulnerable part of my heart I usually keep safe with me behind the wall. Thanks for your prayers!!!

With gratitude and a lot of trepidation,

P.S. Aside from my Mary Kay Business, areas I desire to work in if there were opportunity to do so (and I have the proven skills) are with singing, article writing, and voice-overs/acting.

"My Pelosi Town Hall Fantasy..."

(Originally posted on my FB Site August 3, 2009)

So, let’s suppose that Nancy Pelosi had the courage to hold her own Bay Area Town Hall Meeting to do ever devil best to convince “We, the People” to buy into Nationalized Universal Healthcare, otherwise known as the Government take over through the tyrannous Obama-Scare System. Yes, I am having a political fantasy because God knows this one can only exist in my mind. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy it vicariously through me. Anyway, of course I am there, along with many other of my fellow Bay Area, California TEA bagging, right-wing-extremist, American loving, concerned citizens. I make good and sure that I am near the front and as close to a Microphone Monitor as possible. When the opportunity arrives for my chance to voice my concerns, I am long overdue in being poised and ready.

Finally, after forcing my stomach contents to not hurl forth my breakfast during the “Pelosi Talk-Down,” I get my long awaited chance. I hold nothing back – not anymore. Looking Pelosi square in the eyes, I passionately begin….

“You have come here today to speak to us, trying to convince ‘We the People’ about the wonders and miracles of Universal Healthcare like some used Car Salesman, actually believing that we will buy what you are selling. But I came here today, along with these wonderful Americans, who, like me, realize we need to convince YOU of some things that matter to us. The time has passed for listening to you. In fact, if you were listening to US at all, you would have long ago realized that we have not only heard you already, we have actually heard more than enough! So as our President likes to say, “let me be clear,” and do your best to finally hear us, we did not want the “Bail outs,” we did not want the so-called “Stimulus Bills,” we do NOT want “Cap and Trade,” and WE DO NOT EVER WANT UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE!! Do you not get that? We don’t want it in ANY way, shape, form, or package!

There is a reason the polls are plummeting because over 70% of ALL Americans do NOT want any of this! We have been trying to send you the message but you all do not seem to hear us! You look like foolish children squabbling on the Hill while you revel in your new found power, a power that is supposed to be used for the SERVICE of the people, not to rule over us! You say you care but you act like you only care about yourselves and your power. You speak for us saying things like, ‘the American people want….’ But you have NO clue what we want! We keep trying to tell you, through calls, emails, faxes, protests, every way we can – WE DON’T WANT IT!!

We are here to tell you, we don’t want it! So why are you still going ahead and doing it? You seem to forget that we voted you into those Offices, and we will vote you right back out! Oh yes, REAL change is coming because you have wakened the sleeping giant of Americans who want this self-serving nonsense to stop and stop now!

You all act like we are just dumb and blind sheep that you can so easily lead to the slaughter, but it is all of YOU who are dumb and blind for not realizing that we understand so much more than you want us to. Let me explain. Logically speaking, and please try to follow me….

1) If this plan were so great, why is it that none of you will also partake?

2) If you can “find the funds” for this, why not just use it to UN-bankrupt Social Security and Medicare already?

3) From there, for the approximately 12 million people (we understand the actual numbers) who are without, why can’t you just extend the newly healed Medicare program to them? In fact…

4) Why can’t you just overhaul Medicare and leave the rest of us alone?

5) For the rest of us, the issue is dealing with some high insurance costs. So why can’t we just find a remedy for that part of the system? It is like you are trying to fix the defunct tail light of the Mercedes and so you are going to trash and overhaul the whole Mercedes to do that. Why not just fix the freaking tail light?!

There is no logic to overhauling an entire system that, though not perfect, is the best the world has to offer! The world comes HERE we do not go out there! If you cut off our hope this way, you in turn cut off the hope of the world and those who come here.

Above all, Ms. Pelosi, let me again be clear: America is a Republic! This means, our Constitution WISELY and painstakingly was established to keep Government OUT of the private sector and leave the people alone. Government is only to provide structure through law and nurture through serving in Office – period. We do not want Government meddling in our lives, especially through the Trojan Horse of Universal Healthcare!!

Please, Ms. Pelosi, PLEASE hear us today, once and for all, loud and clear, WE DON’T WANT YOU IN OUR LIVES! We don’t want Universal Healthcare or Cap and Trade – ever! Not in any package – EVER!!! If you continue down this destructive path, mark my words today, your political “career” is over! Because at the end of the day, no matter what you do to us and to this miraculously amazing Country of America, ‘we the people’ are the ones who have the Constitutional power to wield and we will wield it passionately to vote you out!

Take our message back to the White House and be sure President Obama and all of you far left politicians are clear that, we don’t want this. I implore you to HEAR us and to stop the madness. If you REALLY care about the American people at all, set aside your personal agendas, your political career agendas, and your pride, and do what is right by us. If you don’t, in the end, it is your own shame that will drag you down with your legacy into infamy. ‘We the people’ will be sure to see to that! And we also mean it!!”

How I would LOVE for this to be more than a fantasy… mark my words, should I EVER get the chance, my fantasy will become a reality. WE the people deserve better!

Astroturf indeed, Ms. Pelosi! Wake up and hear the lawn mower! We the people are not only coming - we the people are HERE!

"10 Surprising Facts About American Health Care"

P.S. Perhaps I will send this as a letter and let her know:

The Honorable Nancy Pelosi
United States House of Representatives
235 Cannon House Office Building,
District of Columbia 20515-0508

“It Is Us or Them…”

(Originally posted on my FB Site June 7, 2009)

Back in January I wrote a Journal entry that I reposted here on March 20 when I opened up this second site to discuss politics and current events. It shares the story of my brief but eye opening encounter with a former terrorist who escaped the life forced upon him and came to America about 5 years prior to 9/11. This man set me straight about who terrorists are and why they are attacking us. They want us obliterated off of the planet – period, at any and all cost. They don’t care about our feelings, our desire for peace, or how diplomatic we try to make nice with them. All of it is to no affect and avail. They want us gone and in their hearts it basically is “us or them.” They set the bar and the rules of this war and the only way to defeat them is to engage or be obliterated. We don’t have a choice as they are not giving us one. They will never change their minds and they call us naïve, laughing at our every “attempt” in all of its various styles to dare try and change them. Oh sure, there are those, like this man I met, who never believed as these terrorists do. He never wanted any part of what they term a “holy war,” leaving family and friends and risking brutal and torturous death for such betrayal, in order to escape. There are those who hear the miraculous and liberating truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, finding salvation. Short of this miracle, made even more so by the mere fact that this is indeed a religious war of their “god” against the real God, they will never, never, never, never, never, never, never change – ever. Talking to this man, I got it, my “ah-ha, the lights are now turned on in the house moment,” and feel compelled to do all I can to impart this truth, because until we know our enemy and what and with who we are dealing, until we REALLY get it, that it is us or them and we have no choice in the matter, we will not win this defensive war we are forced to fight.

After reading the wonderfully written article today from the National Review Online, exposing the harsh realities of our enemies within and how these radical liberal leftist fight those of us conservatives on the right, I have come to the same “light bulb, ah-ha moment” where I realize, in our fight for America, it is us or them – period! The truly appalling and ironic thing is how this evil machine tries to villianize US – conservative Americans! We are the extremists akin to homeland terrorists! But we are being terrorized by President Obama, his Administration and his Radical Agenda to “remake” America in his image on a daily basis. According to the NRO article, this evil machine plays for keeps, including making themselves out to be the heroes by making us the “bad guys.” The Bible tells us, “Woe to him who calls evil good and good evil…” There is a reason for this! It is like flipping a house! Only this fight flips everything completely upside down! It is the equivalent of Ahmedinejad calling America the Big Satan. He is an evil man, in fact is the evil one, daring to call US, Americans, evil for wanting and performing good deeds in the world! I see President Obama employ this same house flipping type tactic over and over again; doing the VERY things he accuses others of doing and “remaking” reality for everyone including who said what and even what we see and hear with our own eyes and ears. I think the NRO article is very enlightening and dead on – liberals play for keeps. And if any of us do not see by now that every power grab being made is for keeps, we had better wake up and quick! There is an agenda to keep liberals running this Country forever and for Conservatives to never have the power to have a say ever again.

We can never defeat an enemy we do not know! It is time to get busy doing some “knowing!” They know us better than we know them and they use our very civility against us to defeat us! They are proud of being evil and dance like the devil himself in the faux success of their deceptive and lying battle strategies. They are reveling in a highly emboldened arrogance of their evil ways because for a season, they are seemingly getting away with it. We all know that pride goes before a fall, so this evil glory has an end. As the Bible says, and I have seen this happen many times in my life, “He who digs a ditch for another will himself fall into it.” Sometimes the longer it takes for that fall is only a measure of how deep and wide that ditch must be before God says it is time. How short or long this season will last is up to us and how we respond when stepping into the fight. And we MUST step into it – wiser and better equipped! We can still sling mud while holding to our honorable principles. It is no different than sending our soldiers to fight terrorists. It is the same honor and love for this Country that we must fight like genuine and equipped soldiers. Anything less is the equivalent of handing the enemy our guns and standing in front of them. Until we heed the wisdom set forth in this article, we will continue to shoot ourselves before they ever get to us. I may be a female but I am no wuss! Time to give the “Sarah Palin Smear” treatment back to them – after all, we know there are PLENTY of buried bodies they dance upon in their glee of ruling over us. Like a Warrior, either we fight to win or we surrender. Surrender is not an option to me. Our very liberty is at stake. We have no choice. They are not giving us one. It is us or them - period. “Them” is not an option for me either. Not if it means losing the America we know and love. And I love America with my life, just as our forefather’s did.

“My Country ‘tis of Thee,
Sweet Land of Liberty,
Of Thee I sing

Land where my Fathers died,
Land of thy Pilgrim’s pride,
From every mountain side
Let freedom ring!!!”

** For any liberals who ever see this and do not understand, I am not talking about becoming terrorists ourselves or advocating violence in any manner or form. It is sick I even now have to make this disclaimer.

“A Reminder to the Talking Heads: It is OUR Votes and Voices That Matter….”

(Originally posted on my FB Site July 5, 2009)

(Back off of Sarah Palin already!)

Okay, I have had enough and have heard enough. Time for a voice from “We the People” to sound off! Clearly, the “talking heads” of the people have not quite HEARD us yet! As if by saying so, their opinions nullify our votes and inaugurate their summations into any Office! NOT! I woke up this morning hearing about the latest and greatest headline/op-ed from the New York Times and the ever so NOT eloquent Maureen Dowd, referencing the resignation of Governor Sarah Palin, stating, “Caribou Barbie is one nutty puppy.”

Oooohhh funny! Only I am not laughing, are you? From the moment Governor Palin concluded her Press Announcement, even Fox News (and I LOVE Fox News) began the immediate picking of the bones trying to assess “what she meant” and “what her REAL intentions” might be. Wasn’t anyone listening?! I listened intently. She told us, from her heart and without a teleprompter, what she was doing and why. Even if it wasn't ALL, what she did share was the truth. Good for her for not revealing her whole hand. That is smart poker playing, and some would dare say, smart politics. Still, it is as if they watched a whole different Press Announcement. Unbelievable! She is tired of being "spun" in the Press, but then the Press goes into immediate "spin" mode, reflecting that they clearly don't listen. We the VOTERS and the ones with the REAL power they have forgotten about, are frustrated with the norm being "not being heard." And still today, this conversation continues, trying to predict what her political future will be and voting on whether or not her decision was a “smart move” or political sabotage. I don’t know why I am so shocked. If they aren’t listening to her then it tells you how much they still are not listening to us. They purport to speak on our behalf, always invoking our will by saying, “The American people want….” without ever asking us! It makes me want to climb through my TV and grab the microphone and shout, “NO! That is NOT what we think or want!” Do they not even yet understand why we are having TEA Parties?! We are not by nature, “activists.” It is that we are sick and tired of BEING sick and tired of nobody HEARING us! And never before have we lived in a time when our voices and votes matter and we must be heard.

When I listened to Governor Palin speak this past Friday, she reminded me afresh why we love her so much. She is the genuine article – she is one of us! She has principles and this ALONE is why her choices will never sabotage her! How refreshing for someone to resign over principles instead of scandal! And because scandal is the norm, I do not blame anyone for having a small curiosity if there is a scandal to hide. However, I doubt it. They "dug for the dirt" already, as she has also shared. The best they could come up with is frivolous and now dismissed lawsuits and Bristol's pregnancy. Say what they want, we are sick and tired of "political strategists" and professional politicians" sizing her up and counting out our voices. They are 100% disconnected from what is actually happening between her and us - the voters! We want what SHE wants - no more politics as usual! We are not playing by their playbook anymore!

It is hard to not take it personal when they attack her. Little does Ms. Dowd know how painfully obvious she is, coming off like a jealous “mean girl” who must tear Sarah Palin down, spin her persona to be way less than the truth, and shout the loudest so that somehow, in her ill-perceived power, she can prevent Sarah Palin from ever succeeding. Little does Ms. Dowd, and so many others like her, understand, there is at least HALF of America (Conservatives) who are just like Sarah Palin and grateful we have someone finally representing us; not only who we are but the principles we believe in. She is not tarnished by the “Washington Veneer” nor moved by their elite. We are HAPPY about that! She is not perfect, but neither are we. When they, like Ms. Dowd, call her “Caribou Barbie” and refer to her as nutty, they sweep up in their statements the other half of America (us/Conservatives) who identify with Sarah Palin, and they attempt to silence our voices and votes by declaring that we are not anything that matters. It is their normal multi-layered tactic to silence Conservatives and the rising tide of our Grass Roots disenfranchisement. The more they try to silence us, the more ferocious in my passion I become to be HEARD. Their attacks are like gasoline instead of the water they think they carry as they stoke the very flames of a fire they are trying in earnest to squelch.

I have heard it said that Sarah Palin is very “Reagan-esque” and I wasn’t so sure at first that this was entirely accurate. But even in the beginning of his political career, he was attacked in much the same way for being just like her and we all know how ineffective that was. He went on to be one of the greatest Presidents to serve our Country. Talking Heads are only “opinionates;” they don’t write History. Our votes do. Let them count her out, try to figure out what she “really meant,” or what she will do next. It is only talk and guessing, not reality. If they know Sarah like we do, she will go on to serve the people and continue to represent the voice of Conservatives no matter how she does it. She will only fail if she does not. She may be attractive like a Barbie, but she is far more intelligent than they want to accept. We know that. They know that. Even more, she understands what the “professionals” do not: We the people want someone who will unabashedly stand for Conservative principles. Regardless of “how” she does it, whether it is running for the Senate, the Presidency, or even a Talk Show, she will continue to represent our voices and do it well. We love her for this reason and we are not going away! In the end, say what they want, OUR voices and votes get the last laugh.


Rush's Take...

Rush Limbaugh Comments on Sarah Palin's Resignation

July 5, 2009

Listen To It! Windows Media Player

RUSH: This is Rush. I’m on a golf vacation, parts unknown, all week long. Six cities, six courses, starting today. On this Palin business, you know, one of the reasons I haven’t said anything to anybody is I don’t know what this means – and I think all of this is just speculation. We don’t know what her reasons for doing this are yet. The speculation here and the predictions here rival some of the irresponsibility I saw with people speculating on the cause of death of Michael Jackson when nobody knew – and we still don’t know with Michael Jackson. We think we do but we don’t. We haven’t had an official autopsy report.

As far as I know, nobody in Palin’s camp or Palin herself has said what the hell this is about and why she’s doing this. So everybody’s guessing and everybody’s applying their own, either inside-the-Beltway formulas to this... All I know is this: If Sarah Palin has any desire to do a TV show, to do speeches, to raise money, to earn money – whatever it’s for – if she has any desire for a future, be it in politics, be it in media or whatever, she’s going to have to do it in the Lower 48. She cannot do it in Alaska. It’s not going to get it done.

I don’t think this precludes her running for office down the road, the presidency in 2012, at all. I think these people saying that she’s an instant target because she quit, that’s just inside-the-Beltway formulaic and she’s not that. If anything this woman, her m.o. is outside-the-box and not formulaic. So until we know what this is all about, I think it’s just everybody trying to be the smartest person in the room trying to predict or analyze, when nobody can really know. All I know is that she is going to continue to fire-up people in the conservative Republican base as often as she speaks to ‘em.

Judging from my emails, I haven’t seen a whole lot of ‘em from people who are disappointed or who will throw her overboard like a lot of people are. It boils down to this: When you have so many establishment types – inside-the-Beltway, elite, establishment types (Republican, Democrat, it doesn’t matter) – just so eager to destroy this woman, it means they’re still scared to death of her. And that, to me, is the bottom line. You know, I’m living proof that you do things outside the box, that you don’t do them formulaically – and if you do it the right way, you don’t have to be part of a formula.

And I think it’s one of the problems with D.C. Beltway types and wannabe D.C. Beltway analyst types or whatever. So I hope this helps, but I’m not going to sit here and tell you I know for sure what this means because I don’t, ‘cause I haven’t heard her say – I haven’t heard anybody in her camp say – what this is all about and why she’s doing it. It’s all just speculation, and until we know, it’s just stupid to sit here and say, “I know for sure what she’s doing,” when nobody does except her – and she’ll tell us at some point, and then we’ll know.


HANNITY'S Sentiments:

Palin’s Resignation
Democrats and the left-leaning mainstream media were eager to jump on the “Palin is finished” bandwagon after her surprise resignation announcement over the weekend. Critics point out that she “quit” in the middle of her term and foresee a negative reaction from the public in any future elections. “So I guess the same could be said for ‘The Anointed One’ Barak Obama, Napolitano and Rahmbo Deadfish Emanuel?” asked Sean. “It seems to me that she didn’t want to waste the rest of her governorship dealing with the absolute insanity of these reckless, irresponsible, taxpayer wasted ethics charges against her.” Sean also doesn’t feel Palin’s resignation will exile her from future political aspirations. “The idea that she would have to spend the rest of her time as governor accepting a paycheck and then having to raise funds on the other hand to pay legal bills resulting from these frivolous ethics complaints…none of it makes any sense for anybody. At that point she is a lame duck governor and she’s not serving the people of Alaska well. Whatever it is, she is such a threat to the mainstream media that is why she’s become a target,” Sean concluded.

Ann Coulter's Take:

I’m confused by all the confusion among the chattering classes about Palin. I thought her press conference explained it very clearly – though she couldn’t put it precisely this way without sounding vain, but it’s obvious.

Even though she’s just a state governor, she’s a HUGE national star who is both sought after and attacked as if she is already a president (a Bush, not an Obama). But she basically can’t participate because she’s tethered to the governor’s office up in Alaska. Consequently, she has to fight with one hand tied behind her back and she also can’t go around the country campaigning for candidates and principles she believes in – because she’s governor and would be accused of neglecting the state.

Meanwhile, the Lt. Gov. is a great guy, so she’s leaving the state in good hands and now she can go on to be an even bigger star.

It’s a weird Washington insider perspective to be perplexed by what she’s doing. Contrary to Mark Sanford’s e-mails to his mistress, no one was really impressed with him; 99.99999999999999999% of Americans didn’t know who he was. Who is more influential: Rush Limbaugh, Matt Drudge and Bill O’Reilly, or Tim Pawlenty, Bobby Jindal and Mark Sanford (before the fall)? As Palin said, God bless people who run for political office, but – and she didn’t say this part – she’s too big to be a lame-duck governor stuck dealing with fishing licenses in Anchorage right now.

She’ll be much bigger now and can play on the national stage without constantly setting off state ethics investigations by loons, parasites and liberals. None of this applied to McCain or Kerry – both of whom went back to the Senate – because their national campaigns diminished them. Palin’s national campaign made her a major star. As she said, she’s not retreating, she’s advancing in another direction.

Glenn Beck reacted on Twitter:

"True about Palin dropping out and stepping down. GOOD. Get out of the system. Be a CREATIVE extremist as MLK said.

Many write: Palin is done. U don't understand EVERYTHING is about to change. What you thought you knew, could trust or depend on is shifting reading Palins speech again. SHE is going to be a force.GOP-be afraid. Very Afraid. There will be only one standing in the end. I'll bet on her."

Link to Levin and some others....

“The Muddied Waters of Looking at Conservatives Through Liberal Colored Glasses"

(Originally posted on my FB Site June 16, 2009)

I need to get something off of my chest. A couple days ago, while I was enjoying time away visiting my Sister who is miraculously recovering from a burst brain aneurysm, my dear friend was under fire after making a supportive post about John Voight on his FB Wall. He reached out for support and unfortunately I missed the opportunity to provide it. I read the whole thread and those who voiced their hearts were in no need of my assistance; they were amazing in defending and articulating the conservative viewpoint in defense of my dear friend. In the attacking opposition, there were so many things said that troubled me, much I keep hearing elsewhere, that I considered adding my voice after the debate was over. I am glad my Mother taught me, “When in doubt, wait it out.” So, I waited until I knew what to do, hence, as I said, I have a lot to get off of my chest - here.

As my fellow conservatives recognize, it always seems so challenging trying to reason and have a civil debate with liberals. This has bothered me greatly as I continue my sincere and earnest endeavor to do my part encouraging a healthy debate and a respectful exchange of thoughts and ideas. I try to understand “why” they believe what they do even if I will never agree, especially when they do not ever try to understand my point of view in kind. Still, you can only lead a horse to water, as it has been said. I can no more make anyone thirst to “hear” than I can make a horse drink at the water’s edge to which he has been led. I get it that they simply view the world through a very different lens than we do. We look at the same things but we do not see the same things. Moreover, their interpretation of our point of view is so off base; how can they know our view when they do not see through our lens nor ever bother to try? This is a point I cover in the Chapter “The Grass is Always Browner on the Other Side” in the book I am currently writing.

What furthers the “discussion challenge” is that so often the liberal Political Party, the self appointed and anointed distributors of information, works to drive their points ever so close to the fence of truth so as to muddy the lines that distinguish between them, creating the necessary confusion and appearance of truth for the majority of voters, the casual constituents and listeners. When in heated debate with liberals, you get enough of these “muddied” issues thrown at you fast and furious; it can be frustrating trying to communicate a point of truth. They can not hear the truth nor distinguish it because when you state it, they think you are proving their point for them, using the muddied distortions against you like a frenzied Messala in the Chariot race against Ben Hur, beating his horses with an emboldened glee and taste of hopeful victory in his mouth. Then it escalates into ugliness from there, a jump-off point for me. Proverbs warns us to not argue with a fool in his folly. It is all breath spent in vain.
(Attached is video clip of this race from the greatest movie of all time, “Ben Hur”)

To illustrate my points, the following are a couple of unedited quotes from the attacking opposition, which I will address each strand at a time:

I. “Sadly, this is what causes: Hate, Fear, doubt, hostility. Yet, another celebrity/media person (reference to John Voight) paid to create the above mentioned. If you look for bad things, you'll find bad things. Stop looking. Every single person that he mentioned: Rush, O'riley, Beck, Hannity etc... They ALL inject hate and fear into people who take them serious. Listen and you will not hear ONE SINGLE good thing they have to say, NOT ONE. I'd love to get paid that kind of money but I have morales and ethics and a love for the good of what our country can and will be. …”


No doubt both sides of the political spectrum feel a passion for America and what is right for Her. In part, I can buy that this is what motivates the left. In larger part, they fail to see exactly how they are guilty of the very things of which they accuse the right. As demonstrated in some of the words from the attacking position revealed here, this is the hate and hostility I see and it comes from the left. They seem like angry and hateful people. I have been personally attacked by every liberal with whom I have ever tried to have a decent conversation, including family members who I love more than life itself. I had a dear friend cut me out of his life with hurtful words and baseless accusations. (See Notes where I vulnerably shared this experience as it happened, dated May 16, 2009 “Liberals Rules of Tolerance… I & II) I am not saying the right is guiltless. But like me, conservatives don’t agree with everything coming from our side just because they are our side. We stand for principals not positions and people, and ANY and ALL who are guilty of breaking them, regardless of side, we address in the same way.

When it comes to how the much of left sees the right, A) we are accused of injecting fear and hate, C) we are seen as being easily led like Kool-Aid drinkers to the Fox News slaughter without minds of our own, and 3) that because we disagree it is seen as not having one good thing to say. Again, the truth lies close to the fence of the lie so let me separate these stringy strands and break this down:

A - Hate is a passionate emotion. It is not a bad emotion; it is what you do with it that is bad. God hates evil. We are called to hate evil in kind and to turn from that which is bad. Conversely, God loves goodness, kindness, mercy, forgiveness, grace, and righteousness, and we are called to embrace them. These two sides are equally passionate and yet do not contradict. Here’s the stringy strand: God calls us to hate sin but love the sinner. These are two distinct issues to God and thus to the conservative. Not so to the liberal. They see the sin and sinner as one in the same. When we take a stand against evil, they say we are hostile and hateful against the evil-doer. Conservatives can passionately love a person and as equally passionately hate what they do. We understand this distinction; they do not. For us to take a stand against an action of theirs is to hate them. They see our opposition as hate and their own opposition as righteous indignation against our hate. But it is not the truth.

B - O’Reilly, Beck, Hannity, and Rush do NOT inject fear and hate just because they passionately oppose liberals/disagree. What the left fails to understand is that conservatives are not “inject-able.” These men merely give us our voice, a voice we already have individually and on our own!! They aren’t influencing us like we are mindless idiots; they speak what we already believe! Conservatives are people of principal, many of us because of faith, so we are not as vulnerable to swallowing enticing Kool-Aid. We have already done a lot of research and thinking for ourselves. We stand by all things that line up with our principals – period. These men just articulate that. Further, being passionately concerned is not fear mongering. Better to have your eyes wide open and deal with harsh realities than to fall into a ditch and later wonder how did it happen and when could we have prevented it? I know this all too well as I have a God given gift for smelling smoke LONG before anyone ever sees it. Someone has to yell fire and sound the alarm of warning. God mercifully provides those “seers.” Like it or not, sounding the alarm is mercy. Why do we have to be burned before we appreciate it?

C – I do not agree with President Obama on anything he stands for. This does not mean that I have nothing nice to say. For the conservative, it is not about being nice but about being right. I am not going to pretend I like something I don’t. I am not going to pretend I am not upset when I have to pay for overseas abortions with my tax dollars just so I can be “nice.” I am a very gracious and kind person but I am equally passionate about what is right. My passion does not nullify my kindness. If you offer me nothing nice, I have nothing nice to say – period. If President Obama did something I agreed with I would be the first to say so! I am still waiting - for anything! Until then, I am not going to pretend I agree with something to prove I have something nice to say. For the record, I have heard Rush, Hannity, Beck, and mostly O’Reilly say many nice things about Obama, but as it is merited only, as it should be. Liberal critics have not listened long enough to get the whole picture. I watch and listen all day every day so I do.

II. “The reason that the republicans continue to implode in on it self is because they think that they are better than everyone else and forced their own agenda no matter if they broke the law, are the most greedy and allowed the non regulation of many different things: hints the failed war, failed economy and working really hard making he world hate us.”

This one is humorous to me. Still, it is another stringy strand. The left has no clue what the Republican problem is. First of all, they are not imploding, but this is what the left sees and wants to believe. Indeed, in truth, what they are is severely fractured. In that, they are not fractured for reasons the left supposes. They completely miss the point of what fractures the Party as does the Republican Party! Conservatives are clear about it. Conservatives continue to stand on timeless and simple principals, our Founding Principals, and the Republican Party left us, hence the fracture. They want us to get on board with their compromising leftward movement and we refuse to budge, instead taking the stand our Founders prayed we would in painstakingly formulating our American Republic. The Republicans can either return to us or lose our vote. It is that simple. The Republican Party will either heal by returning to the conservative base or be forever severed from conservatives who will vote for conservatives and not compromising Republicans. Conservatives everywhere continue to unite, grow, and find our voice regardless. We could care less if the left leaning Republicans implode or whatever leftists think they are doing. Conservatives are finding their voice again and WE speak for ourselves. Our votes will tell the story as they always do when we wake from slumber and take action for what is right.

As for working really hard for the world to hate us, it is a sad thing and extremely naïve to believe we have caused Islamic Terrorists to hate us and attack us. For brevity sake, because this is already too long, please refer to my Journal Entry where I talk about my encounter with a former terrorist, in the Notes area. It addresses this point directly. (First Note dated March 20, 2009)

Last, in a post on my own Wall several days ago, a liberal friend I care about (and I have many in my life) challenged some of the words he saw posted. I could not respond properly to him at the time. In response to a “Tiller: Abortionist” article, someone wrote that they were glad the F--- was dead. My liberal friend heard hate and anger. I saw righteous passion in defense of the unborn. His feelings were expressed more intensely than I would have personally expressed but regardless, I totally agreed with his passion and his point of view. He hates evil and loves what is good. I doubt he wishes anyone evil, including Tiller. His being glad about Tiller being dead was more about being glad Tiller can never kill another baby. His heart was angry about those who defended Tiller and called him a hero for killing partial birth babies and a passionate defense for those defenseless babies who never had the choice Tiller had, both in having a life and in who chooses who gets to have life. I want my passionate friend to defend me any day! I know I would survive!

I cannot make a horse drink. Even I won’t drink muddied water. Still, somehow I try to reason in hopes that at least one untangled stringy strand might spark a light that shines on the truth. In the same way I saw the “issues” of my passionate conservative friend, I am equally listening to hear my liberal friends. I am trying to encourage the liberals to do the same for us in kind. More often than not in life, it is not the words or the tone that tells the story; so I intentionally look past the words someone uses and the tone with which they speak to really HEAR the issues and the points they are making. It is what lies beneath in the heart where you find the truth for any side. I try to emulate God who does not look at the outward appearance but instead looks at the heart. I want to drink all the truth to which He leads me. It is a fresh un-muddied well of life to all who find it. I hope my words are salty enough to inspire the same thirst that will reap that refreshing reward.

"An Excerpt From My Book... " (Currently Writing)

(Originally posted on my FB Site May 24, 2009)

** As you all know, I am currently writing a Book. (Title yet to be determined but I do have about 4 I am mulling over.) Many have asked me what it is about and it has been a challenge to come up with a brief synopsis of an explanation because it is not a typical book. Any brief explanation is incomplete. So, following is a rough draft (only the published version will be the clean draft) excerpt from the first chapter. Hopefully, this will explain a little bit. :)

Chapter 1: Politics and Government for Dummies… Like Me!

I am just like you. I am one of you. I am just a regular person swimming in the ocean of “We the People” of the amazing United States of America. I work hard, pay my taxes, relish my friends, cherish my family, worship God, contribute to the good of society, try in all ways to be the best “me” that I was created to be, and I vote in our elections. Like many regular folk, when it comes to voting, I have often found myself frustrated over the “issues,” trying to decipher a nugget of truth from the array of jargon and rhetoric with which we are bombarded. I am a relatively smart cookie but even a good education, a high IQ, and a happy upbringing doesn’t lend assist to this effort, an effort for which is additionally hindered by the “busy-ness” of life and all it takes to just BE one of us regular “We the People.” Every year I have done my best to become better informed, often seeking out the wisdom and experience of others who seem to know better than I, and “doing my part” accordingly. Even so, I have grown increasingly aware of how I can no longer afford this fast-food style of contribution; the more I know the more I realize that I don’t know and NEED to know. Not good.

For a few solid months during the 2008 Election Season, I found myself in a unique position of being among the unemployed; unfortunate for me. For the first time in my life, all I had was time. Quickly, I found myself paying explicit attention to everything going on during the election; fortunate for me. What I learned during this time frame went far beyond just gathering enough information to feel good enough about voting effectively and responsibly. In very short order, it was as if someone turned on the lights and I had absolute clarity once believed impossible to achieve. I could see it because I was afforded a window of time to actually take a good, hard look, and look I did – thoroughly.

Like me, so many just do not have the luxury of time or the desire to get involved, to investigate let alone digest the huge meals of politics which we are offered, and to realize that understanding how politics and government work is not so above our ability to quickly grasp. Professional Politicians already know this. Mainstream Media already know this. As a result, they use these very deficiencies against us, offering us a meal of delectable appetizers that appeal to our needs and perpetuate the myths that keep us in this deceptive cycle where they win and we lose. If our votes are intended to bring into Office the Public Servants who will truly serve, we need to be the ones who win.

I am not an expert but I know the ones who are and will appropriately direct you to them for more in depth studies on the issues I will address. These are the ones from whom I have been able to learn as I further investigated my discoveries. They either validated or debunked what I had believed. They are the ones who have done the extensive research, have earned the degrees, and have more than earned the credibility and prestige for the respective areas which they have mastered.

I am a self-educated person; self-educated because early on in my career and education, I had to walk away from it to care for my family and ailing mother. Not knowing then that I would have only 6 more years left with her, I made a choice that was the right choice, one that I do not regret. Still, it cost me everything at the time having to turn down promising opportunities and quit college to work full time and help keep my family afloat. But I never stopped hungering to learn and consistently took advantage of every alternate opportunity to learn and educate myself from that point until now. This many years later I have the sum education equivalent to a couple of degrees but I do not have the degrees to show for it. I know a lot of people with degrees who don’t have much else to show for it. I would rather have the substance without the degree than the degree without the substance. Even so, I am hoping to pursue completing the youthful goal of a degree in the years to come, but regardless, I will never stop self educating. There is much to be said for self education and anyone, regardless of degrees or the lack thereof, can do it. It takes one major qualification: you need to have the ears to hear. To the degree that you want to hear (and know) is to the degree that you WILL hear (and know).

Ever since I can remember (and I can remember as far back as about 20 months, believe it or not!), there has always been this thing inside of me hungering for truth. I don’t know why I have it, only that it has always been with me. It is the quality that won’t let me put down a great mystery novel long after I should have gone to bed. It is the quality that makes me a terrible liar and resulted in my share of appropriate punishment as a child when ever I tried to do it. It is the quality that has stabilized an otherwise rocky life for me as I have had to face many painful things about myself in order to better my character, my relationships, and my world as a whole. We have all heard the famous Bible passage that tells us that “the truth will set you free.” I have found this to be so right on! Like Dr. Phil always says, “You cannot change what you cannot first acknowledge.” The first step of any 12 Step Program is admitting to yourself and others the truth about yourself. You cannot step any further to conquer your shortcomings until you do. Truth is the path to freedom. I was fortunate to learn this very early on in life. Yet, even this, I am not an expert. I continue to pursue greater truth as I have had the humbling realization that the better I become, the further I actually have to go. Truth is a very humbling experience, a path for which our prideful human nature so easily resists. Even with this hunger for it, it is still by choice that I go there, as much of the time, truth is a large and bitter pill to swallow. It is a higher and more difficult path. At the most difficult of times, the God-given, gracious, temporary escape route of denial is an easy one, even if for a short respite of regaining strength and renewed momentum before choosing yet again to return to climb the path of truth. We all do it, but some break camp and remain there in the Land of Denial. Not an option for me. If you want truth, it cannot be an option for you either. To the degree that you have the ears to hear, you will.

While I do speak in colorful metaphors and analogies, otherwise known as relatable word stories, which are designed to help you more easily grasp a given point, I do not parse words. I say what I mean and mean what I say, a skill I learned on the path of truth. By the end of this book, in the spirit of truth and full disclosure, you will have no doubt where I stand and why, as I will share how I arrived there. Even so, the intent of this is not to convince you to agree with me. I am not trying to influence anyone in any particular direction. It is merely to help you make educated choices versus uneducated guesses. I would rather have you disagree with me but at least fully understand why you do, than to have you mindlessly agree with me. Too often we are like sheep led to the slaughter and this sickens my heart. We should never be part of the flock of “sheeple” led to anyone’s slaughter. I merely want to translate the language of modern day Government and Politics into a simple form we regular folk can intelligently utilize. I want to equip you with the basic tools to help you discern the truth you need, abstract the gold from the garbage, and help you gain the gloriously liberating ability to quickly think for yourself. That is the whole point. You should KNOW what you believe and why. It should be based on facts. You must be equipped to find those facts. I am here to help you quickly cut through the bull to find it all.

Having said that, I am sure many of you will not agree with my stances. Much of what I will share may very well pleasantly surprise you; much might not so pleasantly surprise you. Again, this is not the point. I offer you tools to help you find your own way whether or not you agree with me in my political conclusions. The tools do not have a partisan nature. Anyone can buy a rake and use it exactly the same way someone else does even if that other person disagrees with the type of trees that should be grown in the yard. What I offer is no different. All I offer here, you are free to do with it what you want. It is here to serve you.

This book is not like all of the other political books out there. This one is tailor-made for the regular voting people like you and me. I will share the things that seem to never get said, the things that leave many of us shouting at no one while we shout at our TV’s wishing SOMEONE would finally HEAR us – hear US! WE are the voters; WE are the voices that matter. It is a book that no one has written until now. I saw the desperate need for it and realized, if it is going to be it is up to me. I write this book to offer you the benefit of my experience as I know all too well how much it is needed. I know because I am just like you. I am one of you.

** Other enticing Chapters to include:

- Red or Blue, Which One Are You?
- The Bridge to "Somewhere" (Thank God There Really Is One!)
- The Jesus I Know
- Poltically Correct? Screw That, It Offends Me!
- The Second Coming of The Emperor and His New Clothes


- Two Nations Within Your Womb... (My personal encounter with a former terrorist and the Biblical trail to our current Holy War.)

"Liberal's Rules of Tolerance Apparently Do Not Apply To Them...."

(Originally posted on my FB Site May 16, 2009)

Pet peeve #1: Liberal's rules for tolerance apparently do not apply to them. This is how it goes:

- They call us intolerant for our living by principals and standards with which they do not agree and choose to not live by.

- We allow the peaceful choice to agree to disagree but, because we do not also lower the standard, they call us intolerant. They cannot tolerate "how" we tolerate them.

- They do not want to live according to our standards (we allow for that choice) but they want us to live according to theirs (and do NOT allow for another choice).

- They can take a stand for what they believe in, but if we do the same for what we believe, we are intolerant.

- We have to accept them and their choices (tolerance) but they do not have to accept us and our choices (righteous indignation).

- They can oppose our alleged "intolerance" of them but we cannot oppose their intolerance of us. Because if we do, we are STILL intolerant.

Why is it okay for them to NOT tolerate us? Why is it okay for them to force us to accept them but they do not have to accept us? Why is it okay for them to cry for their rights but it is not okay for us to have our rights? Why doesn't the rule of tolerance go both ways?

Basically, no matter what we say or do, it is still intolerance unless we 100% abandon what WE believe to embrace what THEY believe, even though we allow them the freedom to not have to abandon what they believe to embrace what we believe. They are guilty of the very intolerance of which they accuse us!! But it is okay for them, it is not for us. We can never win this argument in their eyes!

“America Down the Rabbit Hole”

(Originally posted on my FB Site May 7, 2009)

Most of us are familiar with the childhood story of “Alice in Wonderland,” a fairytale about a young girl who falls down a rabbit hole during an afternoon of innocent play, and finds herself immediately thrust into a world of the unbelievable, including characters even her own daydreaming and hyperbolic childhood imagination could not create. While there, she experiences an array of the surreal. Nothing makes sense anymore. Nothing and no one is as she once believed them to be. She eventually realizes that it is time to grow up, “put away childish things,” and face the harsh realities of life as it really is and not as she wants it to be. This includes the fact that it is no longer all about her or about her always having what she wants when she wants it. The “wonderland experience” transforms her in the end, subsequently returning her to “reality” and the safety of her family. Good for Alice. She learned. Now America has fallen down the proverbial rabbit hole. Need I say more? Our new “wonderland” is both surreal and loaded with unbelievable characters! Immediately, we have realized that nothing is as we believe it should and want it to be.

Since Obama has taken Office, much of the political and media chatter has been about how the Republican Party needs to “fix” itself in order to win elections again. Especially during this past week, there has been a lot of conversation about what that “fix” is or should be. I have been pondering all of it, choosing to not throw in my own offerings to this issue. Then, this morning as I was getting ready for work, listening to Fox News discuss the latest on the issue, as Colin Powell has offered his “wisdom,” it came to me like pieces of a puzzle all set in place, what is really happening here. Glenn Beck did an excellent piece on his TV Show (of which I hope to find the video to post for everyone) explaining the truth about the respective “Parties” and where on the scale of “left and right” that each began and where each currently stand. This scale begins and ends with the two true extremes: Far Left is “100% Government,” i.e., dictatorship (tyranny and control) and Far Right is “no Government,” i.e., anarchy (totally out of control). To complement Glenn’s excellent explanation, at the end, I include a link to a brief video that perfectly explains each existing type of Government so that you better grasp how and why our Founding Fathers established America as they did. The truth is, when America was born, our Government was established just left of anarchy, to have only enough Government to NOT have anarchy. By Janet Napolitano’s standards, we are total left wing liberals today, in comparison!

Through the years, the short story is, we have continued to inch left at a pace that is like the proverbial “frogs boiling alive in a kettle.” We haven’t even noticed! If JFK were alive today, he would be a Republican! As I am writing this, I am listening to Rush’s Show and a caller who repeats what I keep hearing, especially this past week: unless conservatives shift a little to the left, we will never return to the White House. We are too extreme. WE are too extreme! I heard on Fox News someone saying something similar in that we need to widen our tent to include “moderates” in order to return to the Majority Party. Then it hit me – THAT is the problem! Buying that offering is what has cuffed us to the chain that keeps inching the Republicans ever leftward! Conservatives realized during the wonderful President Reagan era that we had left our Founding Principals and have long since returned to those convictions without budging. That is as it should be. Republicans have continued to shift left with the Democrats. Even though they remain to the right of Democrats, they have still shifted left, so much so that they are now LEFT of center on the Founding “scale.” Once Reagan left Office, Republicans once again began shifting left while conservatives did not move, hence, the “fracture” that everyone is now talking about trying to “fix.”

Currently, the Obama Administration has shifted so far left that it is just outside of “Total Government.” Because they are the ones in Office, in comparison, conservatives are considered the “extremists” while in truth, as measured on our Founding Scale, THEY are the extremists. Because we are SO close to Dictatorship and tyranny, like Alice in the rabbit hole, conservatives everywhere are beginning to “grow up” and stand up and resist the slippery slope that is trying to pull America to become what she was never intended to be. Equal in the fight to ensure this is exactly where we end up; the Obama Administration seeks to villainize conservatives in any and every way possible.

Two tactics are in play, that if we recognize them for what they are, we will naturally HAVE our “fix.” First, Republicans and conservatives are still being lumped together when the truth is Republicans left us a long time ago. Second, we keep being told that to reclaim leadership we (conservatives) must abandon our convictions and re-attach to the “moderate” chain that keeps us left of center and inching slowly towards eventual tyranny. Here is where most of our current Republican leaders miss the boat, hence, the “fix”: they do not HEAR the people – WE the people! And what are we all saying? “We are conservatives without repentance! We are NOT budging or compromising!” Until they return to US, we will remain fractured – period. The time has come that either we begin standing our ground and pulling this train back towards our Founding Right, or we will become a Dictatorship with the liberals forever in rule. All we need to do is what we have already begun doing – TEA Parties, protesting, speaking up, standing our ground. And as the Bible so wisely exhorts, “When you have done all you can to stand – stand.” Hold our ground – period. We have two Parties and several variations across the scale. These include conservatives and moderates. I mean no offense to the moderates as in all truth, they have the more challenging part – choosing where they stand. Far leftists are clear and conservatives are clear. Moderates do not have a third choice so they must choose between the two sides. Our mistake has been in trying to do as liberals do and compromise everything to get the moderate. As Hannity calls it, we have become Democratic-lite. As long as we do this, we fail to see that the chain we link to is ALSO linked to the far left who has been pulling the train to the left through the years, quite successfully might I add.

So, what is the answer? I compassionately say, moderates will still need to choose between the two sides. Conservatives need to detach themselves from the “moderate compromise chain,” as Republicans return to the conservative majority and begin again to pull the train back to the right, and do this without compromise. I don’t know about you but I choose to learn the lessons of the rabbit hole. It is time for us to grow up and put away childish things. It is time for us to reclaim America with the same timeless tools our Founding Fathers birthed this Nation. If we do not do this, we will not have the “happily ever after” that Alice had. We will live in “Wonderland” forever, wondering, how in God’s Name will we ever get out, if we ever will? That is no choice at all.

ADDENDUM: Look who agrees with me! My Man for the Office! :) I KNEW I had him pegged right! :)
(Mike Huckabee was on Sean Hannity today...)

Let’s Make The Tent Bigger?

Governor Mike Huckabee joined Sean this afternoon to argue that the Republican Party doesn’t need to expand to include everyone but rather keep to the principles that created the party. Democrats like James Carville are missing the details of some demographics, argues Governor Huckabee. Key constituencies like Hispanics and African Americans, while trending toward the Democratic Party, have core issues like pro-life stances and lower taxes that could be very popular with these groups and others. The “Contract With America” that swept Republicans into power in 1994 needs to be revisited. Republicans abandoned their promise once they gained power and ultimately, lost the power because of their abandoned principles."