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“A Reminder to the Talking Heads: It is OUR Votes and Voices That Matter….”

(Originally posted on my FB Site July 5, 2009)

(Back off of Sarah Palin already!)

Okay, I have had enough and have heard enough. Time for a voice from “We the People” to sound off! Clearly, the “talking heads” of the people have not quite HEARD us yet! As if by saying so, their opinions nullify our votes and inaugurate their summations into any Office! NOT! I woke up this morning hearing about the latest and greatest headline/op-ed from the New York Times and the ever so NOT eloquent Maureen Dowd, referencing the resignation of Governor Sarah Palin, stating, “Caribou Barbie is one nutty puppy.”

Oooohhh funny! Only I am not laughing, are you? From the moment Governor Palin concluded her Press Announcement, even Fox News (and I LOVE Fox News) began the immediate picking of the bones trying to assess “what she meant” and “what her REAL intentions” might be. Wasn’t anyone listening?! I listened intently. She told us, from her heart and without a teleprompter, what she was doing and why. Even if it wasn't ALL, what she did share was the truth. Good for her for not revealing her whole hand. That is smart poker playing, and some would dare say, smart politics. Still, it is as if they watched a whole different Press Announcement. Unbelievable! She is tired of being "spun" in the Press, but then the Press goes into immediate "spin" mode, reflecting that they clearly don't listen. We the VOTERS and the ones with the REAL power they have forgotten about, are frustrated with the norm being "not being heard." And still today, this conversation continues, trying to predict what her political future will be and voting on whether or not her decision was a “smart move” or political sabotage. I don’t know why I am so shocked. If they aren’t listening to her then it tells you how much they still are not listening to us. They purport to speak on our behalf, always invoking our will by saying, “The American people want….” without ever asking us! It makes me want to climb through my TV and grab the microphone and shout, “NO! That is NOT what we think or want!” Do they not even yet understand why we are having TEA Parties?! We are not by nature, “activists.” It is that we are sick and tired of BEING sick and tired of nobody HEARING us! And never before have we lived in a time when our voices and votes matter and we must be heard.

When I listened to Governor Palin speak this past Friday, she reminded me afresh why we love her so much. She is the genuine article – she is one of us! She has principles and this ALONE is why her choices will never sabotage her! How refreshing for someone to resign over principles instead of scandal! And because scandal is the norm, I do not blame anyone for having a small curiosity if there is a scandal to hide. However, I doubt it. They "dug for the dirt" already, as she has also shared. The best they could come up with is frivolous and now dismissed lawsuits and Bristol's pregnancy. Say what they want, we are sick and tired of "political strategists" and professional politicians" sizing her up and counting out our voices. They are 100% disconnected from what is actually happening between her and us - the voters! We want what SHE wants - no more politics as usual! We are not playing by their playbook anymore!

It is hard to not take it personal when they attack her. Little does Ms. Dowd know how painfully obvious she is, coming off like a jealous “mean girl” who must tear Sarah Palin down, spin her persona to be way less than the truth, and shout the loudest so that somehow, in her ill-perceived power, she can prevent Sarah Palin from ever succeeding. Little does Ms. Dowd, and so many others like her, understand, there is at least HALF of America (Conservatives) who are just like Sarah Palin and grateful we have someone finally representing us; not only who we are but the principles we believe in. She is not tarnished by the “Washington Veneer” nor moved by their elite. We are HAPPY about that! She is not perfect, but neither are we. When they, like Ms. Dowd, call her “Caribou Barbie” and refer to her as nutty, they sweep up in their statements the other half of America (us/Conservatives) who identify with Sarah Palin, and they attempt to silence our voices and votes by declaring that we are not anything that matters. It is their normal multi-layered tactic to silence Conservatives and the rising tide of our Grass Roots disenfranchisement. The more they try to silence us, the more ferocious in my passion I become to be HEARD. Their attacks are like gasoline instead of the water they think they carry as they stoke the very flames of a fire they are trying in earnest to squelch.

I have heard it said that Sarah Palin is very “Reagan-esque” and I wasn’t so sure at first that this was entirely accurate. But even in the beginning of his political career, he was attacked in much the same way for being just like her and we all know how ineffective that was. He went on to be one of the greatest Presidents to serve our Country. Talking Heads are only “opinionates;” they don’t write History. Our votes do. Let them count her out, try to figure out what she “really meant,” or what she will do next. It is only talk and guessing, not reality. If they know Sarah like we do, she will go on to serve the people and continue to represent the voice of Conservatives no matter how she does it. She will only fail if she does not. She may be attractive like a Barbie, but she is far more intelligent than they want to accept. We know that. They know that. Even more, she understands what the “professionals” do not: We the people want someone who will unabashedly stand for Conservative principles. Regardless of “how” she does it, whether it is running for the Senate, the Presidency, or even a Talk Show, she will continue to represent our voices and do it well. We love her for this reason and we are not going away! In the end, say what they want, OUR voices and votes get the last laugh.


Rush's Take...

Rush Limbaugh Comments on Sarah Palin's Resignation

July 5, 2009

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RUSH: This is Rush. I’m on a golf vacation, parts unknown, all week long. Six cities, six courses, starting today. On this Palin business, you know, one of the reasons I haven’t said anything to anybody is I don’t know what this means – and I think all of this is just speculation. We don’t know what her reasons for doing this are yet. The speculation here and the predictions here rival some of the irresponsibility I saw with people speculating on the cause of death of Michael Jackson when nobody knew – and we still don’t know with Michael Jackson. We think we do but we don’t. We haven’t had an official autopsy report.

As far as I know, nobody in Palin’s camp or Palin herself has said what the hell this is about and why she’s doing this. So everybody’s guessing and everybody’s applying their own, either inside-the-Beltway formulas to this... All I know is this: If Sarah Palin has any desire to do a TV show, to do speeches, to raise money, to earn money – whatever it’s for – if she has any desire for a future, be it in politics, be it in media or whatever, she’s going to have to do it in the Lower 48. She cannot do it in Alaska. It’s not going to get it done.

I don’t think this precludes her running for office down the road, the presidency in 2012, at all. I think these people saying that she’s an instant target because she quit, that’s just inside-the-Beltway formulaic and she’s not that. If anything this woman, her m.o. is outside-the-box and not formulaic. So until we know what this is all about, I think it’s just everybody trying to be the smartest person in the room trying to predict or analyze, when nobody can really know. All I know is that she is going to continue to fire-up people in the conservative Republican base as often as she speaks to ‘em.

Judging from my emails, I haven’t seen a whole lot of ‘em from people who are disappointed or who will throw her overboard like a lot of people are. It boils down to this: When you have so many establishment types – inside-the-Beltway, elite, establishment types (Republican, Democrat, it doesn’t matter) – just so eager to destroy this woman, it means they’re still scared to death of her. And that, to me, is the bottom line. You know, I’m living proof that you do things outside the box, that you don’t do them formulaically – and if you do it the right way, you don’t have to be part of a formula.

And I think it’s one of the problems with D.C. Beltway types and wannabe D.C. Beltway analyst types or whatever. So I hope this helps, but I’m not going to sit here and tell you I know for sure what this means because I don’t, ‘cause I haven’t heard her say – I haven’t heard anybody in her camp say – what this is all about and why she’s doing it. It’s all just speculation, and until we know, it’s just stupid to sit here and say, “I know for sure what she’s doing,” when nobody does except her – and she’ll tell us at some point, and then we’ll know.


HANNITY'S Sentiments:

Palin’s Resignation
Democrats and the left-leaning mainstream media were eager to jump on the “Palin is finished” bandwagon after her surprise resignation announcement over the weekend. Critics point out that she “quit” in the middle of her term and foresee a negative reaction from the public in any future elections. “So I guess the same could be said for ‘The Anointed One’ Barak Obama, Napolitano and Rahmbo Deadfish Emanuel?” asked Sean. “It seems to me that she didn’t want to waste the rest of her governorship dealing with the absolute insanity of these reckless, irresponsible, taxpayer wasted ethics charges against her.” Sean also doesn’t feel Palin’s resignation will exile her from future political aspirations. “The idea that she would have to spend the rest of her time as governor accepting a paycheck and then having to raise funds on the other hand to pay legal bills resulting from these frivolous ethics complaints…none of it makes any sense for anybody. At that point she is a lame duck governor and she’s not serving the people of Alaska well. Whatever it is, she is such a threat to the mainstream media that is why she’s become a target,” Sean concluded.

Ann Coulter's Take:

I’m confused by all the confusion among the chattering classes about Palin. I thought her press conference explained it very clearly – though she couldn’t put it precisely this way without sounding vain, but it’s obvious.

Even though she’s just a state governor, she’s a HUGE national star who is both sought after and attacked as if she is already a president (a Bush, not an Obama). But she basically can’t participate because she’s tethered to the governor’s office up in Alaska. Consequently, she has to fight with one hand tied behind her back and she also can’t go around the country campaigning for candidates and principles she believes in – because she’s governor and would be accused of neglecting the state.

Meanwhile, the Lt. Gov. is a great guy, so she’s leaving the state in good hands and now she can go on to be an even bigger star.

It’s a weird Washington insider perspective to be perplexed by what she’s doing. Contrary to Mark Sanford’s e-mails to his mistress, no one was really impressed with him; 99.99999999999999999% of Americans didn’t know who he was. Who is more influential: Rush Limbaugh, Matt Drudge and Bill O’Reilly, or Tim Pawlenty, Bobby Jindal and Mark Sanford (before the fall)? As Palin said, God bless people who run for political office, but – and she didn’t say this part – she’s too big to be a lame-duck governor stuck dealing with fishing licenses in Anchorage right now.

She’ll be much bigger now and can play on the national stage without constantly setting off state ethics investigations by loons, parasites and liberals. None of this applied to McCain or Kerry – both of whom went back to the Senate – because their national campaigns diminished them. Palin’s national campaign made her a major star. As she said, she’s not retreating, she’s advancing in another direction.

Glenn Beck reacted on Twitter:

"True about Palin dropping out and stepping down. GOOD. Get out of the system. Be a CREATIVE extremist as MLK said.

Many write: Palin is done. U don't understand EVERYTHING is about to change. What you thought you knew, could trust or depend on is shifting reading Palins speech again. SHE is going to be a force.GOP-be afraid. Very Afraid. There will be only one standing in the end. I'll bet on her."

Link to Levin and some others....

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