Monday, October 19, 2009

“It Is Us or Them…”

(Originally posted on my FB Site June 7, 2009)

Back in January I wrote a Journal entry that I reposted here on March 20 when I opened up this second site to discuss politics and current events. It shares the story of my brief but eye opening encounter with a former terrorist who escaped the life forced upon him and came to America about 5 years prior to 9/11. This man set me straight about who terrorists are and why they are attacking us. They want us obliterated off of the planet – period, at any and all cost. They don’t care about our feelings, our desire for peace, or how diplomatic we try to make nice with them. All of it is to no affect and avail. They want us gone and in their hearts it basically is “us or them.” They set the bar and the rules of this war and the only way to defeat them is to engage or be obliterated. We don’t have a choice as they are not giving us one. They will never change their minds and they call us naïve, laughing at our every “attempt” in all of its various styles to dare try and change them. Oh sure, there are those, like this man I met, who never believed as these terrorists do. He never wanted any part of what they term a “holy war,” leaving family and friends and risking brutal and torturous death for such betrayal, in order to escape. There are those who hear the miraculous and liberating truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, finding salvation. Short of this miracle, made even more so by the mere fact that this is indeed a religious war of their “god” against the real God, they will never, never, never, never, never, never, never change – ever. Talking to this man, I got it, my “ah-ha, the lights are now turned on in the house moment,” and feel compelled to do all I can to impart this truth, because until we know our enemy and what and with who we are dealing, until we REALLY get it, that it is us or them and we have no choice in the matter, we will not win this defensive war we are forced to fight.

After reading the wonderfully written article today from the National Review Online, exposing the harsh realities of our enemies within and how these radical liberal leftist fight those of us conservatives on the right, I have come to the same “light bulb, ah-ha moment” where I realize, in our fight for America, it is us or them – period! The truly appalling and ironic thing is how this evil machine tries to villianize US – conservative Americans! We are the extremists akin to homeland terrorists! But we are being terrorized by President Obama, his Administration and his Radical Agenda to “remake” America in his image on a daily basis. According to the NRO article, this evil machine plays for keeps, including making themselves out to be the heroes by making us the “bad guys.” The Bible tells us, “Woe to him who calls evil good and good evil…” There is a reason for this! It is like flipping a house! Only this fight flips everything completely upside down! It is the equivalent of Ahmedinejad calling America the Big Satan. He is an evil man, in fact is the evil one, daring to call US, Americans, evil for wanting and performing good deeds in the world! I see President Obama employ this same house flipping type tactic over and over again; doing the VERY things he accuses others of doing and “remaking” reality for everyone including who said what and even what we see and hear with our own eyes and ears. I think the NRO article is very enlightening and dead on – liberals play for keeps. And if any of us do not see by now that every power grab being made is for keeps, we had better wake up and quick! There is an agenda to keep liberals running this Country forever and for Conservatives to never have the power to have a say ever again.

We can never defeat an enemy we do not know! It is time to get busy doing some “knowing!” They know us better than we know them and they use our very civility against us to defeat us! They are proud of being evil and dance like the devil himself in the faux success of their deceptive and lying battle strategies. They are reveling in a highly emboldened arrogance of their evil ways because for a season, they are seemingly getting away with it. We all know that pride goes before a fall, so this evil glory has an end. As the Bible says, and I have seen this happen many times in my life, “He who digs a ditch for another will himself fall into it.” Sometimes the longer it takes for that fall is only a measure of how deep and wide that ditch must be before God says it is time. How short or long this season will last is up to us and how we respond when stepping into the fight. And we MUST step into it – wiser and better equipped! We can still sling mud while holding to our honorable principles. It is no different than sending our soldiers to fight terrorists. It is the same honor and love for this Country that we must fight like genuine and equipped soldiers. Anything less is the equivalent of handing the enemy our guns and standing in front of them. Until we heed the wisdom set forth in this article, we will continue to shoot ourselves before they ever get to us. I may be a female but I am no wuss! Time to give the “Sarah Palin Smear” treatment back to them – after all, we know there are PLENTY of buried bodies they dance upon in their glee of ruling over us. Like a Warrior, either we fight to win or we surrender. Surrender is not an option to me. Our very liberty is at stake. We have no choice. They are not giving us one. It is us or them - period. “Them” is not an option for me either. Not if it means losing the America we know and love. And I love America with my life, just as our forefather’s did.

“My Country ‘tis of Thee,
Sweet Land of Liberty,
Of Thee I sing

Land where my Fathers died,
Land of thy Pilgrim’s pride,
From every mountain side
Let freedom ring!!!”

** For any liberals who ever see this and do not understand, I am not talking about becoming terrorists ourselves or advocating violence in any manner or form. It is sick I even now have to make this disclaimer.

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