Monday, October 19, 2009

"My Pelosi Town Hall Fantasy..."

(Originally posted on my FB Site August 3, 2009)

So, let’s suppose that Nancy Pelosi had the courage to hold her own Bay Area Town Hall Meeting to do ever devil best to convince “We, the People” to buy into Nationalized Universal Healthcare, otherwise known as the Government take over through the tyrannous Obama-Scare System. Yes, I am having a political fantasy because God knows this one can only exist in my mind. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy it vicariously through me. Anyway, of course I am there, along with many other of my fellow Bay Area, California TEA bagging, right-wing-extremist, American loving, concerned citizens. I make good and sure that I am near the front and as close to a Microphone Monitor as possible. When the opportunity arrives for my chance to voice my concerns, I am long overdue in being poised and ready.

Finally, after forcing my stomach contents to not hurl forth my breakfast during the “Pelosi Talk-Down,” I get my long awaited chance. I hold nothing back – not anymore. Looking Pelosi square in the eyes, I passionately begin….

“You have come here today to speak to us, trying to convince ‘We the People’ about the wonders and miracles of Universal Healthcare like some used Car Salesman, actually believing that we will buy what you are selling. But I came here today, along with these wonderful Americans, who, like me, realize we need to convince YOU of some things that matter to us. The time has passed for listening to you. In fact, if you were listening to US at all, you would have long ago realized that we have not only heard you already, we have actually heard more than enough! So as our President likes to say, “let me be clear,” and do your best to finally hear us, we did not want the “Bail outs,” we did not want the so-called “Stimulus Bills,” we do NOT want “Cap and Trade,” and WE DO NOT EVER WANT UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE!! Do you not get that? We don’t want it in ANY way, shape, form, or package!

There is a reason the polls are plummeting because over 70% of ALL Americans do NOT want any of this! We have been trying to send you the message but you all do not seem to hear us! You look like foolish children squabbling on the Hill while you revel in your new found power, a power that is supposed to be used for the SERVICE of the people, not to rule over us! You say you care but you act like you only care about yourselves and your power. You speak for us saying things like, ‘the American people want….’ But you have NO clue what we want! We keep trying to tell you, through calls, emails, faxes, protests, every way we can – WE DON’T WANT IT!!

We are here to tell you, we don’t want it! So why are you still going ahead and doing it? You seem to forget that we voted you into those Offices, and we will vote you right back out! Oh yes, REAL change is coming because you have wakened the sleeping giant of Americans who want this self-serving nonsense to stop and stop now!

You all act like we are just dumb and blind sheep that you can so easily lead to the slaughter, but it is all of YOU who are dumb and blind for not realizing that we understand so much more than you want us to. Let me explain. Logically speaking, and please try to follow me….

1) If this plan were so great, why is it that none of you will also partake?

2) If you can “find the funds” for this, why not just use it to UN-bankrupt Social Security and Medicare already?

3) From there, for the approximately 12 million people (we understand the actual numbers) who are without, why can’t you just extend the newly healed Medicare program to them? In fact…

4) Why can’t you just overhaul Medicare and leave the rest of us alone?

5) For the rest of us, the issue is dealing with some high insurance costs. So why can’t we just find a remedy for that part of the system? It is like you are trying to fix the defunct tail light of the Mercedes and so you are going to trash and overhaul the whole Mercedes to do that. Why not just fix the freaking tail light?!

There is no logic to overhauling an entire system that, though not perfect, is the best the world has to offer! The world comes HERE we do not go out there! If you cut off our hope this way, you in turn cut off the hope of the world and those who come here.

Above all, Ms. Pelosi, let me again be clear: America is a Republic! This means, our Constitution WISELY and painstakingly was established to keep Government OUT of the private sector and leave the people alone. Government is only to provide structure through law and nurture through serving in Office – period. We do not want Government meddling in our lives, especially through the Trojan Horse of Universal Healthcare!!

Please, Ms. Pelosi, PLEASE hear us today, once and for all, loud and clear, WE DON’T WANT YOU IN OUR LIVES! We don’t want Universal Healthcare or Cap and Trade – ever! Not in any package – EVER!!! If you continue down this destructive path, mark my words today, your political “career” is over! Because at the end of the day, no matter what you do to us and to this miraculously amazing Country of America, ‘we the people’ are the ones who have the Constitutional power to wield and we will wield it passionately to vote you out!

Take our message back to the White House and be sure President Obama and all of you far left politicians are clear that, we don’t want this. I implore you to HEAR us and to stop the madness. If you REALLY care about the American people at all, set aside your personal agendas, your political career agendas, and your pride, and do what is right by us. If you don’t, in the end, it is your own shame that will drag you down with your legacy into infamy. ‘We the people’ will be sure to see to that! And we also mean it!!”

How I would LOVE for this to be more than a fantasy… mark my words, should I EVER get the chance, my fantasy will become a reality. WE the people deserve better!

Astroturf indeed, Ms. Pelosi! Wake up and hear the lawn mower! We the people are not only coming - we the people are HERE!

"10 Surprising Facts About American Health Care"

P.S. Perhaps I will send this as a letter and let her know:

The Honorable Nancy Pelosi
United States House of Representatives
235 Cannon House Office Building,
District of Columbia 20515-0508

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