Monday, October 19, 2009

"Media Twister: The Liberal Spin Zone"

(Originally posted on my FB Site January 30, 2009)

Enough is enough! I was one of the unfortunate unemployed until recently. I had several months during the election season in which I occupied my time with 2 things: looking for work, and following CLOSELY the election.

After putting in my time earnestly looking for work (this was my full time job), I spent the remainder of my time reading, studying, watching, listening to, comparing, researching, and examining everything and everyone. I had a front row seat to educate myself and watch exactly how it is all done. I have to tell you, I was ashamed for allowing myself to not see 100% the big picture until now. I am a "big picture down to the details" person, so this reveals the depth of my own "bad." I was even more totally shocked by the audacity of what I saw! It was almost surreal to experience because it was so shamelessly blatant and obvious! It has been said that if you repeat any lie often enough, it becomes the truth others believe. I watched this in living color!! With all the spin I was surprised they weren't as dizzy as I was!!

It has not been enough to try to explain, so I got smart and began to tape things so people can see and hear for themselves. I am a big proponent of not being spoon fed, as much as within our own personal power to not be.

In recent days, a fresh wave of "garbage" and "spin" has begun with running a shameless attack ad on Republicans. Not only have they ignored all the facts, everything said in the ad is 100% false! They even go as far as to swoop Rush Limbaugh up in this, kind of a 2-fer, and use his words, OUT OF CONTEXT COMPLETELY, to help make their point (of lies.)

Thus, I will be utilizing this section to expose the "spin" and tell the truth. Following are some links that speak for themselves, including's youtube video and Rush's response to it.

Let me also say, I happened to watch, AND tape, Rush's interview with Sean Hannity, from where the context of the conversation was extracted. The article included with the second link explains the rest, as far as the actual attack of lies against the Republican Party.

My only additional comment on this one is this: This kind of ad does ZERO to help anyone! It does not endear Republicans and conservatives to Obama and his point of view. Using this venue, hypocritical and self serving, to paint Repubs and conservatives as complete self serving and clueless idiots does NOT propogate truth and thus doesn't help anyone! Truth is all that helps and the constant barage of spin and lies like this are THE things dividing our Nation and causing rancor between left and right, blue and red, whatever. In an effort to "smear" the opposition, they ONLY effectively and clearly expose themselves.

I am done with the Left controlled media "defining" who conservatives are, what we believe, and why. I am DONE with them speaking for me/us! How could they possibly know??!!! They don't think like we do or even bother trying to understand. If they had any clue at all, then this would become a non-issue!! Speak for themselves but stop speaking for me/us! We are capable of speaking for ourselves.

So, I will untwist the lies and spin while also accurately and truthfully representing the conservative point of view and all that encompasses. Now, you can lead a horse to water... All I can do is tell the truth. It is a reflection on themselves if they don't have the ears to hear, but my hope is, maybe some will. Hope in the RIGHT things is always good, and thank God I have never lost that!


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