Monday, October 19, 2009

"Dear Mr. President Obama" No. 3

(Originally posted on my FB Site April 7, 2009)

Dear President Obama,

In light of the events of recent weeks, I realize that you are due another Reality Check from America and so today, I am honored of "The People" to deliver to you that message.

As I begin, in all fairness, you may want to get a Teleprompter to interpret my message because, as you well know by now, I do not parse or mince words as you do; nor will I apologize for it, as you would in feigning a humility you do not possess. As for finding the intestinal fortitude and support to handle the blunt truth, I can't help you there as you hired your Staff, not I.

Yes, Mr. President, I am angry today, and that with just cause as I see what you are doing to my beloved Country in such short a time. It makes me highly concerned for what you will attempt to do in 4 years. So first, let me begin by saying this: You are out of touch with the American people and you have no clue who America the Beautiful is! It angers me (the flames and fumes coming out of my head kind!) every time you speak in representing America and you then MISrepresent Her! You are more in touch with Europe than America and I have often wondered why you didn't run to be President there!

You see, Mr. President, our Honored Forefathers LEFT Europe to come to America to create a Country FREE of Europe and tyranny. They paid in blood, sweat and tears, and then a whole lot more blood to ensure we would have such a Country. To now try to make us like Europe, holding THEM up as the World Leader and example for all, is like what the Bible says about "a dog returning to his own vomit." You spit in the face of those who fought and died in our Revolutionary War and commit the highest offense to the Country of which you are supposed to be THE Leader! Your whining about the lesser Class of our Country who want to be taken care of instead of taking personal responsibility for what their lives are or are not, is highly offensive, insulting, and embarrassing in comparison to the price our Founders, Forefathers, and first settlers paid in order for you and I to have all the blessings we have today.

I think of the many stories and documentaries I have studied about the Revolutionary War and there is always one event that rips me to the core, exemplifying a portion of the price these men and women paid for our Liberty. During one cold winter, about 4 years into the War, General George Washington and the remaining troops were hunkered down in tents at Bunker Hill waiting for the endless blizzards to pass. It was an extra long and cold winter and the men were low on everything from munitions to clothes and especially food. At one point, these starving men were so hungry, they cooked their boots and ate them so they would have the strength to fight on when the winter passed! Liberty meant that much to them! Do you even comprehend what that must have been like?!! WE were worth it to them! Our being FREE - from tyranny, from England, and from being subserviant to anyone but our own rule, was worth it to them! Thousands died for a freedom they would never enjoy themselves! It was worth it to them! They believed THAT much! To then do and say all you have said, especially in recent days, incenses me to no end! So you bet I am scathing mad! You do NOT represent America or Americans! If anything, you betray the truth of who we are and what we are! We came here to NOT be like England or under their rule, so why are you trying to return us to this and spit in the face of our Founders and Forefather's lives?!

I take GREAT issue when you say that "America is not a Christian Nation..." and that "America is not and never will be at war with Islam...." and on and on about who and what America is or is not! You don't even know yourself! America is NOT changing! Oh yes, YOU are trying your best to change Her, but as the saying goes, if it ain't broke... No, America is not perfect, and yes we are always needing to make appropriate adjustments, as our Founding Fathers even acknowledged and provided for that, but we do not need to change her fundamentally! You do NOT speak for me and for at least 60% of us! You do NOT tell the truth when you speak to other Nations, painting this picture that we all adore you and we all agree with you! We DON'T!! We SO don't! Don't delude yourself while you, in turn, lie to the world! Just because you say it, does not now make it the NEW truth! It is still a lie!

Make no mistake Mr. "MUSLIM in hiding" President, America IS and always WILL BE a Christian born Nation! Let me repeat, America IS and always WILL BE a Christian born Nation, one that "provides the freedom of other religions..." while at the same time, leading by the guidance and wisdom of Her own CHRISTIAN God. Our Founders recognized that not all were Christians and allowed for those differences, but all espoused the Judeo-Christian principals. It is no different today in that, not all Americans are Christians, nor do they have to be. But America was born of "Christian" principals and values and not just some set of erroneous "principals and values that tie us together" as you say it, in an effort to minimize and water down the truth. You are no authority on who America is, especially if you cannot tell the truth about the FOUNDATION!! Make no mistake, Mr. President, America IS a Christian born Nation, born of the liberating, gracious, and loving Christian principals upon which our Forefathers relied to create our Constitution. I am apalled that you are the first President in American History to NOT proudly and boldly share that.

Additionlly, as a Christian man, you would not then downplay our founding heritage. It is only one more reason I find it hard to buy your tale of you being a Christian man. In fact, I know you are not a Christian, Mr. President because the Bible says you know others by the fruit they bear, and your fruit does not look Christian on any level. Just because you sit in a garage, it doesn't mean you are a car. As all real Christians know, to BE a Christian is not an act of going to Church and saying you believe. The Bible says even demons believe and tremble at the Name of Jesus. Being a Christian is not knowing ABOUT Jesus, but it is KNOWING Jesus - personally. It is a living, real relationship. And like all relationships, who you are reflects that relationship. To KNOW Jesus, you know His heart, you understand what He says is right and wrong, and you passionately espouse the things He does; you are compelled as such. But YOUR compellations are exactly the opposite. For a recent and fresh example, lets look at your bowing to the Muslim Saudi King. No matter how "official" the statement issued by the White House to the contrary, which yet again "spins the truth," it WAS a bow, and very revealing of what you REALLY believe! I have reserved comment on your Muslim faith until now but I saw the very telling pictures and film footage for myself. You would not do that unless you felt compelled, especially when you and Michelle didn't even give the appropriate homage to the Queen of England! No Christian, let alone an American President has ever or should ever bow before the Muslim Saudi King!

As for "being at War with Islam..." Let's not parse more words. "Radical" Islam IS at war with us! By NOT making that clear, you leave it open to be interpretted as our making nice with the radicals. To then go to Iraq to make nice with the Soldiers does not cover the fact that you do not REALLY support them. It is the talking out of both sides of your mouth once again. Say one thing over here, then say another over there.... You go thank the Military for their service while you gut them of support on every level, disarming our Country in order to fund all your porkulus projects. It is no wonder 70% of the Military does not like you.

You see Mr. President, At least HALF of this Country, and now quickly increasing in number as the koolaid wears off, do NOT agree with your radical left, bordering on tryannis-building policies - that is NOT who America is or who we want Her to be! Let me be clear with you, Mr. President:

- We do not want a President who apologizes for us to the Nations of the World.

- We do want a President who tries to RE-make us back into the image of the Country we left and fought to be free from forever.

- We do not want a wimpy and lukewarm President who cares more about the World liking us and adoring him, than he does about being a true President who cares about PROUDLY standing for America and Her true Leadership and service to the World, doing what is RIGHT no matter the cost.

- We do not want to redo our Constitution and submit ourselves to "National Law."

- We do not want Universal Health Care, Smart Grid, and a Civil Militia run by radicals in our "new" School System. You know these are all ruses to make money off of the people and be "in control!" And this I will address in clear detail soon.

- We do not want to end Capitalism and become Socialists.

- We do not want the Government to run our lives.

- We do not want to be so vulnerable to terrorists/Radical Islamists, having them leave Gitmo to live in our neighborhoods, nor do we want to now also become vulnerable to the Castro brothers with your new "moves" to open up Cuba, something even former President Kennedy wouldn't do THEN let alone today when it is more dangerous!!

- We do NOT want to fund overseas abortions let alone homeland, partial and fullbirth ones!

- We do not want to support bailouts and have our taxes for 2-3 generations raised to pay for your radical agenda that we further do not believe in!

Oh, Mr. President, there are so many things, but at least 60% of us now, do NOT want what you want, which is to make America NOT America. Yes, I am angry wth you Mr. Ungracious President. I am embarrassed that you must still campaign daily, unable to live outside of the spotlight of the camera, droning on with empty and repetative words with which you torture us. While President Bush is gracius enough to never retaliate, defend himself, or even speak during your Presidency, while he reached out to you and held a Presidential Luncheon for you, while he cheers you on and prays you succeed, you cannot seem to help yourself in daily berating him and enjoying the undoing of all the good he did for America. He is far more gracious in that he never did to President Clinton as you do to him. And in this way, you appear very UNPresidential. It is embarrassing. It is infuriating.

Last, many of us already understand your "sales job" style. We know by experience that you talk out of both sides of your mouth, trying to appear so moderate, the peacemaking unifier, and trying to level the playing field so as not to offend anyone. But when it comes to action, you take a far left, radical course with a dogmatic authoritarianism bordering on a soft tyranny. I have 2 issues about this behavior:

1) We don't want a lukewarm President who tries to "make nice" with everyone. We want a President who takes a stand for what is right no matter the cost. We need a Leader and one with courage. The Bible even says, "Be hot or cold, but the lukewarm I will spit out of my mouth." Lukewarm comes across as weak, and compromise of this kind creates an advantageous vulnerability for our enemies (and terrorists ARE enemies who we will NEVER change) to sieze.

2) Because you sell a "moderate" nicey-nicey program, but then take radical action, how can anyone believe your parsed words let alone trust you? We want a President who "says what he means and means what he says," and does not water down the truth to deceptively win people who will regret it later like so many are now who voted for you. They are sorrowfully repenting all across this Country. I hear it on a daily basis for myself. You come across as naive and in over your head when you think "turning the page" is to reinvent the wheel in a new decade or century. We cannot "make nice" with Nations who do not see they have a problem. And you further their belief that WE are the problem everytime you apologize for America being a great Nation, hoping this feigned humilty will change their minds. It won't. It only makes us vulnerable, especially in ways we have never been. Your naive attempts at "making nice" ONLY serves to dismantle our National Security, and for this, I am angry!

So I ask again, why didn't you run for President somewhere else, like Europe, that believes as you do? Ahhh, but now we are getting somewhere. To answer that question belies the REAL reason you DID run for the American President... and rest assured, I will have a letter for you when the right time comes regarding this answer.

For now, I want you to know something you seem to not get (along with everything else): You are appointed to serve the People not rule over us. Your power is borrowed for the purpose of care giving like you do for your own children. The people (a little over half of us anyway) voted you in and we will vote you out. Start thinking about what type of Hollywood Career you want because you will need it in 3 and a half years. And while you are thinking about that, work on your act please because thus far, we are NOT entertained!

With Passion for America,
Wendi the Christian American Patriot

(Sorry for all typos and grammatical errors - this is a first draft rant I needed to get off of my chest.)

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