Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"The Raping of America"

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I knew it the moment the first plane hit the World Trade Center, September 11, 2001; America was forever changed. While there's no appropriate comparison to the huge loss of American lives that day, that is not my point. Please hear my heart as I mean no disrespect, having been personally affected by the events of that day. My following sentiments are only about the defining impact of that day and the grief associated specifically to that point.

As I sit here, just days after Obama Care has passed, I feel a similar anguished loss for America in that I know we are forever changed - we've begun to fundamentally transform. For certain this moment is historic; more of infamy for the majority of Americans who never wanted this raping of our Republic, this spitting on the shed blood of our forefather’s who died to give us the blessed inheritance of free America. Like 9/11, we will never forget.

To be clear and to the point, the majority of Americans do not want Obama Care, though president Obama claims otherwise. We fought it but he proclaimed “the American people championed it.” He’s repeatedly parsed statements like this, distorting the truth to suit his point. His tactics are so dysfunctional and manipulative; I’m amazed that any Mental Health expert worth their salt hasn’t yet called him out. I will.

Most offensive is how Obama uses the “either-or” tactic, excluding any other option – like the truth, from the equation. For example, he purports that if you’re against his reform, you’re for the status quo. The excluded truth is, we’ve long wanted Health Care Reform, and agree on several points of specific needed reforms; to say otherwise is 100% wrong. We don’t agree on how to reform, hence, his reform, and that’s the point, that’s the truth.

Regardless of the few “good” things that might be in Obama’s reform Bill, things repeated as their enticing talking points like children remaining on their parent’s coverage until they are 26, there are too many not so good things included. Drowning dog poop in chocolate sauce doesn’t make it a desirable dessert. Obama Care comes at too high a cost and too many chains attached: unnecessarily requiring the government to take over the Health Care System that works for 288 million Americans to help the 12 million Americans without care, and, taking over one-sixth of our economy in order to enact it.

Another less direct “either-or” tactic Obama uses is “guilt-manipulation” to allude that if we don’t want reform, i.e., his reform, and unless we agree with the way he cares about the less fortunate, then we are heartless, compassionless, selfish people that don’t care at all. He exploitatively props up the misfortunes of others to reinforce this point. The excluded truth is, we indeed do care, deeply and sincerely, but we disagree with his belief that government must mandate then facilitate our acts of compassion, and that, in a manner that undercuts empowering the helpless to rise to a better outcome for them. Like the saying goes, “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day; teach him to fish, feed him for the rest of his life.” The excluded truth is our compassion is true compassion as it reaches further than just giving fish everyday.

Jesus clearly exhorted that we’re each personally responsible to help the helpless, like the example of the Good Samaritan. He preached that we should give, directly, from the heart. He never preached that the government must facilitate your help, taking from you to redistribute to the poor. Conversely, in fact, He turned over the tables in the temple with righteous anger because the leaders were oppressing the people much as we’re being oppressed today.  (I'll share a more in depth explanation on this verse in a forthcoming article entitled "Socialism is Not Christian.)

How we help matters just as much. For both the sake of the giver and the receiver, charity is to come from the heart, not mandated from, then facilitated by the government. 2 Corinthians 9:7 says, “Let each one give as he has purposed in his heart; not grudgingly or under compulsion; for God loves a cheerful giver.” It’s not just about the one who is helped. It equally matters the heart that does the helping; the greater sincerity of heart, regardless of the amount, the greater the gift. The story of the “widow’s mite” beautifully illustrates this point. Being one of the helpless didn’t keep her from giving, and she gave all she had which was next to nothing, but Jesus said she gave more than all.

When government interferes in this process, by just handing out fish everyday, it undermines the good that’s meant to be gained, both in the heart of the giver and in the empowering life skills gained by the receiver. Do we need to improve in this area? Indeed, however, Obama’s socialistic way will ensure we never improve; in fact, it perpetuates the endless cycle of poverty and governmental rescue instead of breaking that cycle and charting a new course towards the true liberty of strong, self-respecting character and personal empowerment.

How weak when Obama and the Democrats call Republicans “the Party of ‘No,’” falsely accusing them of playing partisan politics and wanting Obama to fail as President only because he’s a Democrat. The first excluded truth is, we want his policies to fail; huge difference. Policies aren’t the same as the Office and to equate them is incorrect and dishonest. We love America so we don’t want any American President to fail. However, when it comes to unconstitutional, socialist policies which oppose American values, of course we want them to fail.

The other most infuriating excluded truth is, “we the people,” not the Congressional Republicans, are not only “the party of ‘No’” but “the party of ‘Hell No!’” This is what the grassroots TEA Party movement is all about. We’re the one’s opposing Obama’s policies. We’re the one’s marching on Washington, shouting from the collective depth of our hearts to be heard. The disparity in how each Congressional Party has responded to us is where you find the truth.

Obama and the Democrats have ignored us, belittled us, attacked us, lied about us, and eventually forced their will upon us. They’ve also demonized Republicans as the ones who are against us. We know the truth; it can’t be “spun” into anything else that we’ll ever believe. The more they’ve attempted to, the more they’ve exposed how devious they are, hence, their rapidly declining approval ratings.

Congressional Republicans are the only ones who have finally heard us and thus, are fighting and speaking for us in opposing Obama’s policies. If only they had done so sooner, we could’ve prevented having to enter into this fight for our liberty. Better late than never; we won’t surrender to becoming the USSA. Though we’ve failed in stopping the passing of Obama Care, we will fight to repeal it.

If Democrats believe in 7 months at the mid-term elections, that we’ll be so pleased with the “chocolate” in ObamaCare (the small part they’ll strategically enact immediately) that we’ll forget what they’ve done, they’re hugely deluded. This embarrassing ignorance is what comes from trampling on the voice and will of the people. By dismissing us and playing politics with our lives, we’ll appropriately respond in November with an unexpected and overwhelming passion, firing them, and they’ll continue to lose for a long time to come.

Forget? Think again! Though there’s amazing healing that makes you stronger like a bone after it’s been broken, make no mistake - no one who’s been raped ever forgets. On the contrary! We’re like a stampede of horses chomping at the bit to get out of this gate and to the mid-term elections. We’ll not stand for the remaking of America. But we’ll fight without ceasing to retake Her. The odds are in our favor; our Founding Fathers paid with their lives to ensure it would be so. Like 9/11, we’ll heal, but we will never forget - never.

Friday, March 19, 2010

"Progressive Radicals Gone Wild"

** As posted at my new Column at The Conservative Camp (sourced links embedded there)

We are America; not Cuba, not Europe. Our forefathers left Europe and fought the Revolutionary War to give us the gift of America, the shining light on a hill. Why would we throw that away to become like Europe once again? As Proverb 26:11 says, it is “like a dog who returns to his own vomit.” And yet, this is exactly what president Obama and the progressive Democrats want to do beginning with the passing into Law their infamous Health Care Reform Bill, or Obama Care. It matters not that the majority of Americans passionately oppose it; the desperation, with which they are driven to force this monstrosity of a Bill on the American people, from resorting to unconstitutional tactics to committing political suicide, is revealing of the obvious answer.

Behaving like a candidate instead of a President, Obama has campaigned for his Health Care Reform Bill like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, using deceptive rhetoric to appear as though it’s about charity and compassion, and that he is fighting for “we the people.” In truth, it’s not about the people at all; it’s about progressives obtaining power and control. It’s about this once in a lifetime opportunity to finally grasp their holy grail, to “fundamentally ">transform America” into a European style welfare state. Health Care is merely the door to achieving this ultimate goal; it’s the skeletal foundation for this radical transformation. And they’re determined to get through that door at any and all cost, even if it means politically raping the American people and falling on their swords in the process. Saul Alinsky, Mr. “the ends justify the means,” would be proud.

Americans now understand progressives, and thus, are finally fighting them. Progressives therefore realize, pushing through their agenda is no longer the slam-dunk they originally hoped it would be. With the November mid-term elections fast approaching, and the influencing voice of the grassroots TEA Party movement representing America’s true majority, time is of the essence. They can no longer afford patience, nor can they give up, especially when they are so close to their victory they can actually taste it. Instead, it’s become a fight to the death, either the death of their agenda or the death of capitalist America, which is why they are pulling out all the stops to pass Obama Care, of late attempting to use the unconstitutional “Deem and Pass” Rule. They’re willing, in their own estimation, to “heroically” sacrifice their soul for the cause - if they had a soul.

Emboldened and deluded with the arrogant intoxication of being the super-majority, progressives forget that the Constitution has ensured their power is temporary. While recent polls have shown that conservatives are the American majority, progressives behave like they are the majority, like their “moment” to rule has finally come, and conservatives will never be back in power again. This false sense of security has resulted in foolishly exposing themselves with the same gleeful abandon as the women in “Girl’s Gone Wild.” In doing so, they’ve ignorantly handed Americans the evidence needed to defeat them. Once Jack is out of the box, you might be able to put him back in, however, now we know what he looks like and who he really is. The element of surprise is gone. To then keep acting like we’re still clueless only underscores how exposed they really are.

One of the most perplexing reveals is how anti-American progressives are. They’ve stealthily infiltrated our schools, courts, and legislatures, like a “Trojan Horse” filled to the brim with an agenda that is a direct threat to the free America of our blessed inheritance for which our Founding Fathers gave their lives. John Quincy Adams said, “You will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it." Anything less is a shameful travesty, spitting on the blood shed to provide it.

If progressives hate America, why are they here? Why bother trying to fundamentally change her when there are Countries like China, Venezuela and Cuba, already made to their preference? For touting themselves as the voice of diversity and tolerance, they certainly have none for allowing the existence of America’s diversity in the world; they would rather have more of the same.

No matter how many speeches Obama gives, and no matter how deceptive the packaging, we fervently do not want to “fundamentally transform” America, especially destroying the world’s best Health Care System and with the governmental taking over of one-sixth of our economy to achieve it.

1) Obama claims if you oppose his plan, then you simply want the status quo.
- However, most Americans agree that we need reform. We disagree with the need to overhaul the whole system to resolve the issues at hand.

2) Obama falsely purports that 30 million Americans are without Health Care.
- The real number is more like ">12 million. In his book, “Liberty and Tyranny,” Mark Levin explicitly details the truth.

3) Obama claims there is such a dire urgency for reform, exploitatively propping up the misfortunes of others to reinforce his point.
- If it’s so urgent, why doesn’t it become effective until 2014?

Why is it necessary to completely overhaul the Rolls Royce in order to fix faulty or broken headlights and that for such a small percentage? Let’s just fix the headlights. If 12 million Americans are lacking coverage, let’s extend to them the already existing Medicaid program without disrupting a system that is working for the remaining 288 million. And while we’re on the subject, let’s fix the current problems with Medicaid instead of creating another dysfunctional government run program.

In the end, Obama and the progressive Democrats believe that they know better than us and once we have Obama Care, we will come to like it. However, no one who’s been raped goes on to later enjoy sexual relations with their rapist.

No matter how passionately we’ve said “no,” begging and pleading with Obama and the democrats to stop this America-altering atrocity, they’re proceeding with the unthinkable governmental rape of this Country anyway, smiling, without shame, like it’s perfectly normal. It’s disgusting on every level – except to them.

President George Washington said in 1787, "The power under the Constitution will always be in the People. It is entrusted for certain defined purposes, and for a certain limited period, to representatives of their own choosing; and whenever it is executed contrary to their interest, or not agreeable to their wishes, their servants can--and undoubtedly will--be recalled."

Patrick Henry said, "The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people; it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government."

President Ronald Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

If the Obama Administration believes we’re going to lie down and accept the “remaking” of America, they completely under estimate the vehement disapproval of the American people. Our votes hold the winning hand with plenty of Constitutional chips to spare.

Their holy grail - of power and control through Health Care - is so close they are willing to politically rape, pillage and die for it. And politically die they will, beginning in November. Progressive radicals gone wild, indeed…. gone off the deep end…. and then overboard.