Monday, October 19, 2009

"Dear Mr. President Obama" No.4 Also entitled: "Sticks and Stones"

(Originally posted on my FB Site April 17, 2009)

Dear President Obama,

Can you hear me now? No? Okay, no problem. We will speak louder until you can. I know, I know, your OTHER Teleprompter, Robert Gibbs (who, by the way, needs to be taken in for maintenance as he seems to be really slow, inarticulate, and at a loss for everything but childish and unbecoming sarcasm, not suitable for Presidential employ), let everyone know that you, the President of the glorious United States, the current and temporary leader of the free world, the “One” with an off the chart IQ, and the person most in touch with Americans, are not even aware of us let alone our hugely successful National Tea Parties. We can’t really blame you for not hearing what you can’t even see. So who do we blame? Hmmm…. You see, Mr. President, we KNOW that you know about us, but your arrogance would have you risk appearing to us like the clueless idiot you claimed former President Bush was, to make YOUR point, in response to our Tea Parties: we don’t matter. Well, make no mistake; we heard you – long ago! Hence, the Tea Parties! And the more you ignore us, minimize us, use the media to do your best “Sarah Palin Smear” on us, and villainize us, the bigger, louder, and stronger we will become!

We have already established that you think we are stupid. Please know that we do not buy that you are so totally uninformed! Please! Anyone whose skin is so thin that he closely pays attention to Sean Hannity, enough to attack him personally 10 times in a short time, clearly KNOWS about the Tea Parties. You cared enough to be sure to send the typical left wing media attack that has your childish, thin-skinned, knee-jerk reaction all over it! It was ALL shameful! Your being THAT clueless does not make us feel anymore confident in your leadership; we all know how much your “Rock Star Status” means to you. Thus, that even our growing lack of confidence does not concern you only furthers the great divide you have created in our Nation as no one in my lifetime has.

On Election night, you made a disingenuous attempt to connect to those of us who did not vote for you by promising to do all you could to win us over and unite us all as one Country. Some of us were willing to give you that chance, difficult as we knew it would be. We hoped the political talk that speculated of your leading from the middle of the spectrum would be the case as this was all the hope we had left that night. From day one we learned that you would do as we always knew and that is to lead from the radical left.

And look what you have accomplished in three months, Mr. President. You are radicalizing at such lightening speed every day that our reciprocated daily protestations, in an effort to keep your pace, are being perceived as our not giving you a chance. Talk about creative spin! YOU set the pace and we are just keeping up, but somehow WE are the villains. We voted against you to prevent your radicalization from happening so why would we vote any different now simply because you are the President? If anything, we are MORE concerned and rightly so, as you have filled your Cabinet with the most unqualified, radical, inept, and childish people. HEAR this: because we 100% oppose YOUR extremism, WE are now considered extremists! The epitome of spin!! So okay, if I am an “extremist” to YOUR radicalization, then I wear it as a Badge of Honor to our forefathers and mothers and our Founding Fathers and mothers, paying back the many that paid it forward to us with their lives.

With our new name, “Right-Wing Extremist,” according to the very clear and detailed description of us in the DHS Report, you have successfully turned the tables so that your Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Saul Alinsky New America is now the standard, and our standing up for, and fighting for the rights of our Founding Constitution has become the radical extreme you need to be concerned about. And you call yourself the President of the United States?!! If you do, and if you are, by doing this very thing, you are guilty of treason, the highest American offense! You confirm why we knew you were never worthy of the Office of President of the United States, especially now when you are trying to make nice with terrorists, a label we aren’t even allowed to call them anymore, while demonizing your own people, who disagree with you! You make us more vulnerable to our enemies in recent weeks with the dumbing-down of terror, reaching across the aisle to Cuba and Iran, taking needed support and revenue from our awesome Military (so that you could give $500 Million to Acorn instead), and then just yesterday, you gave Osama Bin Laden our interrogation techniques! In the same week, you issue a report that says, basically, “Beware of the terror within! Right-Wing extremists are a danger to our Country!” What??!!! Now WE are the ones fighting for rights! WE are the ones you call the terrorists! All we want is to preserve our Founding Constitution!!

Please, Mr. President, explain to me how WE are the evil radicals just because we love our Country and honor our Constitution, just as you took the oath on January 20, 2009 to do. Why is it that you would rather demonize us, claim to ignore us, and sick the liberal media on us, than to do as you promised on Election Night and seize this opportunity to actually begin to win us over? Make no mistake, Mr. President, we know that you have never had any desire to do that. We know how you don’t say what you mean or mean what you say. We have LONG figured that out. In fact, I think you know you can NEVER win us over. You know that we have the truth and that we have your number. The best you can do, and in fact is what you are trying to do, is to obliterate us. We are to you as the Jews were to Hitler; expendable. (Not that I currently believe you will actually kill us as Hitler did; I am not saying that at all.) Thank God, for our sakes, our Constitution was written in such a way to prevent you from becoming like Hitler. This is why you and Harry Koh are for Internationalism and submitting America to National Law, treasonous of itself. It is your only hope around the Constitution to enable your Dictatorship agenda. As passionate as you are about obliterating us from having a voice or voting power ever again, we are even more passionate about preserving the most amazing gift of freedom, liberty and justice for all, through our invaluable Constitution.

Go ahead and ignore us and our Tea Parties. Your time in Office is short and our time to possess voting power is a lifetime. If you won’t hear us now, you will hear us in 18 months and then in 3 ½ years. Between now and then, your arrogance will expose all we need to know to successfully vote you out, though you have provided more than enough already in just these first three months! Pride indeed does go before a fall. Like a clever serial killer growing increasingly careless as he grows increasingly emboldened by not getting caught, and like former President Clinton who said he engaged sexually with “that woman, Monica Lewinsky,” because he could, right now, you, Congress, and your “crew” all feel like you can get away with anything. After all, as you keep reminding us - you won. You forget, in the joy of this momentary power, that it IS momentary, and you act like bullies, thus, exposing the truth of what is, and has been, in your heart all along. In the end, this blind spot is the very hole you will fall through, just like Clinton did. Another wise Biblical Proverb says, “He who digs a ditch for another will himself fall into it.” You are no exception, Mr. President. You are no Messiah.

Yes, go ahead and call us names, like “Right-Wing Extremists.” Go ahead and use the liberal media to attack us and call us racists, crazies, and anti-government whiners. No problem, Mr. “childish, thinned-skinned, unqualified for Office” President. As my wise mother taught me well; stick and stones, sir, sticks and stones. The truth endures forever. And on Election Day 2012, when we vote you out, we will ask you one last time, “Can you hear me NOW?” GOOD!

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