Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"The Childish Shame Of The UNpresidential President"

I have never seen anything like it. That I am even sharing about this is amazing to me. How childish and totally unbecoming of the Office for President Obama and his Administration to declare war on Fox News! I dare say that not even President Bush reacted the same way after enduring 8 years of brutal liberal bashing – because he was behaving Presidential! He never stood a chance with anyone BUT Fox News! But it was okay then! Hey, if President Bush woke up in the morning and he was still President, he was bashed for that. But he went about the business of BEING the President, doing his job, and graciously replying that he was okay with the dissent – it was their American right to do so. Not so with President Obama – his behavior has lowered the “prestige” of the Office. It is embarrassing and downright shameful! It is BENEATH the Office of the President of the United States!

That being said, appalling as it is, it is no big surprise to me. This is the EXACT same behavior demonstrated and Saul Alinsky tactics employed throughout the Presidential Campaign, especially how they attacked John McCain and Sarah Palin. They may have helped him deceptively win the Election, but they should have been rendered as ‘purposed served’ and retired to the “campaign closet.” It is as if he has not yet “transitioned” – from Candidate Obama to President Obama – he is still campaigning!

While still in this “campaign” style of so-called Governing, one way to throw off criticism is to create something else on the opponent’s side to criticize instead. At first, President Bush served as a great whipping post. After almost his first year as President, that scapegoat has been beaten to death. President Obama needs a new opponent for the success of this distraction tactic and Fox News foots the bill easily. After all, they are the only official News Media who are not “in the tank” for the Freshman President. They believe in REAL Journalism as opposed to the worshipping style and fervor of tingly thrills running up one’s legs. The last PEW Poll proved that Fox News is the only News Station that was indeed 50/50 in fairness and balance of their coverage of each point of view.

The problem is not that Fox News is too conservative; it is that it is ALSO conservative. Aside from a few clearly conservative opinion based Shows, the rest of the Station is fair and balanced and full of Journalistic Professionals reporting the news – ALL of the news, favorable and the not favorable. All of the other Stations in the Main Stream Media have long time been highly liberal and unfavorable towards anything or anyone conservative. They are gleeful about being in the tank for ANYONE who is NOT conservative. President Obama kicked that up several notches to embarrassing heights. In comparison, Fox News remained the same fair and balanced News Station and didn’t follow suit.

It is laughable to accuse Fox News of having “a viewpoint,” code for being conservative, simply because they share BOTH viewpoints. The truth is, Stations like MSNBC have the “viewpoint” and it is totally liberal. They act like “liberal” is the standard for everyone and therefore, to even think anything conservative is the bias. Isn’t it hilarious? This is the pot calling the kettle black! Like everything else President Obama does and says, he accuses others of the very things which he alone is guilty! The liberal MSM is biased so they accuse Fox News of being biased – against him!!! HUH????

Further, it is quite an expose for them to complain about Fox NOT being in the tank like everyone else! At first I thought it was just whiney thin skin because someone dared to not adore him. But I really believe it goes beyond the need for EVERYONE to love, worship and agree with him. Isn’t it obvious?? President Obama doesn’t like that they cannot “control” Fox News and therefore cannot control the “messages and the propaganda” of their Agenda!! They are angry that Fox News REPORTS news, all news, and often that news reveal opposition to their agenda!

Oh yes, it is clear to me now, they hear us! They DO realize that we do not like his agenda. The TEA Parties bother him! He doesn’t like the truth of his Agenda being exposed – the unveiling of the hoax – the man behind the curtain is just a man and not the great and terrible Obama! More and more, Americans are getting educated and what they learn they don’t like, and this change of heart is reflected in his rapidly falling approval ratings.

They don’t want the truth to get out – they want the SPIN to be accepted as the truth. Fox is foiling their plans! They are getting weary of fighting this opposition and methinks the President doth protest too much when he says, “I’m not tired! I’m just getting started!” Like this is somehow intimidating! No, they just want to hurry and pass their Agenda before the truth comes out and that without a fight! They want to make sweeping changes, control the “spin” of it, and take credit for historical events! They want President Obama and the Democrats to go down in history as the right Party for the Country and the most momentous! To accomplish this, they first have to demonize President Bush, Republicans, and conservatives, and then they have to exalt themselves. With Fox News simply reporting the facts and reporting the news, totally gets in the way of their Agenda.

So, they “Alinsky” them as they have done to McCain and Palin, as they did to us TEA Partiers, and as they have been doing to Rush. They think if they can drive away the viewers from Fox News by minimizing them, dismissing them, and “breaking” them, they will win. It is a classic move of “leveling” the playing field. They don’t have to be better or correct to win the fight – they just have to remove the opposition and win by default! It is how President Obama has won ALL of his political races beginning with his Chicago Senate seat, hence, the name "Chicago THUG Politics."

That any of the other media outlets enable this “game” is disgusting. Jealousy over Fox News’ success is no secret. But like Rush said about the fear of others “breaking” him, “they didn’t make him (we, the listeners/fans did) so they cannot break” him. It is no different for Fox News. The fact that Fox News behaves more professional and Presidential than the President and his Administration is something for which THEY should be embarrassed and ashamed.

The most shameful thing of all of this is, for all of their crafty ploys, they cannot see how totally obvious to us that they have become! For an Administration desperately trying to hide the truth under the “spin” of transparency, they do not realize how much they have totally exposed the truth of who they are, how they operate, and what they really want. In their minds, it is Fox News’ fault for preventing us from being like the zombified, Kool-Aid drinking, sheeple who worship and adore him and think the “hope and change” of a Socialist America is what we have been waiting for. Fortunate for us, the arm of the White House is not long enough, nor powerful enough, to slap a hand over the mouth of Fox News, or us for that matter. We will not rest until we vote them all out of Office. He has no clue just how vast is the right wing of this Country. Come 2012 he will – resoundingly! Between now and then, we will continue to fight to be heard – we will keep having our TEA Parties until we are tea stained! President Obama said he is just getting started…. He has no clue that so are we – "we the people" are just warming up.

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