Monday, October 19, 2009

"TEA Anyone?"

(Originally posted on my FB Site April 13, 2009)

"And tonight, our top story; Captain Phillips is free and 3 pirates dead. Hear the significant part President Obama played in making the rescue happen, on this Easter Sunday, 2009...."

For a minute, I thought I had fallen asleep on the couch during "Celebrity Apprentice" and was dreaming this ABC News opening. I mean seriously, this is what happens when we are dreaming; things don't always make sense. Sometimes they are so surreal it is hilarious to recall upon wakening. If I had been remotely dreaming, I would have remembered taking GREAT joy at being "The Donald," looking Obama right in the eyes, and saying, "You're a real nice guy and I am sure you will do good things, Obama, but - you're fired!" Unfortunately there was no such joy or luck, as I received the above mentioned dose of sickening reality in our local news opening. No joke! That is what the Newscaster actually said! And honestly, it was so unbelievable I actually wanted to laugh! Instead, I nearly threw my laptop at the TV in utter frustration by this ridiculous headline, one that I should have seen coming, as Rush Limbaugh did.

How is it that for the several days that this was going on, our illustrious President says NOTHING about the issue? In fact, upon returning from his "Glory Tour" abroad where he dissed America and embarrassed us with apologies we don't believe in, instead of getting right on this issue that has had most Americans attentive with great concern, and at least make some kind of statement to the effect that, "he is on it, he will have more to say when he knows more, and his thoughts and prayers are with the family," he RUSHED into a Cabinet Meeting to deal with "urgent economic issues" about how they can do yet more to "jump-start the economy further!" Then, later, when at a Press Conference about the economy and dealing with the "housing" part of the issues, he is asked for a word about the pirate hostage situation, and unfortunately, the Teleprompter was not loaded with an appropriate response. All he could do "off the cuff" was reply with, "Uhhh, guys, we are talking about Housing Issues right now, okay. Thank you very much." Then he whisked everyone away. Then... more silence.

Then, as the top headline should have been spoken, our NAVY SEALS and Captain Phillips played a significant role in ending the pirate hostage situation. It was like an Easter miracle! Our Military Forces are awesome. Captain Phillips was a hero before ever being freed for saving the lives of his crew and ship by offering himself to the pirates. By now, we all know the details. The point is, they were there going through it while Mrs. Obama had to pick out her Church outfit for the Obama's first Church appearance since moving into the White House. I don't care if in the end, the President really did "authorize" ending the stand off by force if necessary. All the effort he exerted for that was a quick phone call. And it was a call that should have been made so much sooner. Like, uh, immediately, along with an appropriate statement to the Press. That is one time we WANTED to hear from him.

To then credit our President for resolving this issue and hail it as HIS great success and a reflection of what a great job he is doing as seen in passing his "first real test,", and to say this AFTER the fact when there was no longer any potential of an "Obama mis-step," is once again, offensive spin at best! His Press Conference today, FINALLY, is just a little too late. It is laughable that he is being credited on any level, a credit that would NEVER have been given Former President George Bush in the exact same context. The clear "talking point memo" coming from the White House to top the news was so obvious it is embarrassing! Like his track record to date, Obama voted "Present" on this issue because he does not have the courage to put his neck on the line and make "hard decisions," a job description that goes with the beautiful desk in the Oval Office. No, don't muss the shining appearance of "The One," or even run the risk of messing up his declining approval ratings. I got it - talk about the economy!

And this is the greater issue I am getting at. Remember, we already established how Obama works with slight-of-hand, smoke-and-mirrors tactics. That "Economic Meeting" he rushed into was indeed significant, and the pirates provided the perfect distraction for Obama to find cover and work on other things while no one is paying attention. He has great need to be concerned as TARP recipients all over the place now want to give that money back, and Obama is refusing to accept it - he is forcing them to keep it, or trying to. TARP bailouts come with so many strings attached that many recipients are finally realizing they are some of those frogs boiling alive in the kettle. The price paid to be bailed out is not worth it.

There is a Biblical Proverb (and I LOVE the wisdom of Proverbs) that says, "The borrower is servant to the lender." We feel this with our Home Mortgages and Car Loans on a small scale. But the greater truth, one Obama understands full well in his many grabs for power, is what Proverbs says here: the borrower is literally a slave to the lender. This is how Obama's Administration justified firing a Corporate CEO, Wall Street or not, and how he has strung up the next few generations with taxes. If TARP recipients start giving this money back and effectively severing the slave ownership, the Obama Credit Card goes down, and THIS is what is more important to Obama than one heroic Captain kidnapped at sea. Because another wise Biblical verse says, "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." The things that matter most to you will get your most attention. And for all the double talk streaming from both sides of his mouth, it is not what he ever says that matters as much as what he actually does in the end.

I have mentioned this Obama Credit Card before. Our President has made no attempt to hide the fact that he is fighting a Class Warfare that matters more than International Warfare and National Security. He wants to level the playing field and "spread the wealth around." He also never wastes a good crisis, and with the advent of our hurting economy, for which I am still not convinced he didn't have something to do with hastening (the timing of it all was almost too perfect, but alas, another subject for another day), he has spent the first 3 months in Office amassing greater funds at our expense than ever in American History combined. This is why he does not care what is in the Porkulus Bills and Budgets. While he has the power, he is doing all he can to level the Country to everyone being on an even playing field, hovering always near some level of "needing the Government to bail us out," and holding the control of the wealth of the Country to divvy out as he sees fit. Money is power, and power is control to him. It is control for which Obama lusts most. Obama recently signed an International agreement at the G20 that puts our American money at risk as he submits our Banks to a higher Law for the first time in History. This is just the first treasonous step in usurping the Constitution for an even greater power in the world. He needs as much money on that White House Visa to bargain with. Think this sounds a hint like conspiracy theory? Trust me, it is not. The talk you hear now about a "One World Government" and a "One World Monetary System" is more than just the stuff of great Science Fiction writers. This is something that is increasingly becoming the potential of reality in our lifetime. It is the stuff even the Bible predicted and an issue I will outline in a future Journal entry. For now, pay close attention: follow the money and follow Obama's actions. They tell the truth of this story and what he is doing to our precious Country.

This is why the TEA Parties matter so much! We must do all we can, while we still have the chance, to make it clear, WE the people, WE the voters still have the real power and we must use it as our Founding Father's designed us to do to preserve our freedom on every level. We cannot afford to be the silent majority any longer. If we do, we will soon not be able to afford anything, and that is just not something upon which I am willing to vote "Present."

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