Monday, October 19, 2009

“America Down the Rabbit Hole”

(Originally posted on my FB Site May 7, 2009)

Most of us are familiar with the childhood story of “Alice in Wonderland,” a fairytale about a young girl who falls down a rabbit hole during an afternoon of innocent play, and finds herself immediately thrust into a world of the unbelievable, including characters even her own daydreaming and hyperbolic childhood imagination could not create. While there, she experiences an array of the surreal. Nothing makes sense anymore. Nothing and no one is as she once believed them to be. She eventually realizes that it is time to grow up, “put away childish things,” and face the harsh realities of life as it really is and not as she wants it to be. This includes the fact that it is no longer all about her or about her always having what she wants when she wants it. The “wonderland experience” transforms her in the end, subsequently returning her to “reality” and the safety of her family. Good for Alice. She learned. Now America has fallen down the proverbial rabbit hole. Need I say more? Our new “wonderland” is both surreal and loaded with unbelievable characters! Immediately, we have realized that nothing is as we believe it should and want it to be.

Since Obama has taken Office, much of the political and media chatter has been about how the Republican Party needs to “fix” itself in order to win elections again. Especially during this past week, there has been a lot of conversation about what that “fix” is or should be. I have been pondering all of it, choosing to not throw in my own offerings to this issue. Then, this morning as I was getting ready for work, listening to Fox News discuss the latest on the issue, as Colin Powell has offered his “wisdom,” it came to me like pieces of a puzzle all set in place, what is really happening here. Glenn Beck did an excellent piece on his TV Show (of which I hope to find the video to post for everyone) explaining the truth about the respective “Parties” and where on the scale of “left and right” that each began and where each currently stand. This scale begins and ends with the two true extremes: Far Left is “100% Government,” i.e., dictatorship (tyranny and control) and Far Right is “no Government,” i.e., anarchy (totally out of control). To complement Glenn’s excellent explanation, at the end, I include a link to a brief video that perfectly explains each existing type of Government so that you better grasp how and why our Founding Fathers established America as they did. The truth is, when America was born, our Government was established just left of anarchy, to have only enough Government to NOT have anarchy. By Janet Napolitano’s standards, we are total left wing liberals today, in comparison!

Through the years, the short story is, we have continued to inch left at a pace that is like the proverbial “frogs boiling alive in a kettle.” We haven’t even noticed! If JFK were alive today, he would be a Republican! As I am writing this, I am listening to Rush’s Show and a caller who repeats what I keep hearing, especially this past week: unless conservatives shift a little to the left, we will never return to the White House. We are too extreme. WE are too extreme! I heard on Fox News someone saying something similar in that we need to widen our tent to include “moderates” in order to return to the Majority Party. Then it hit me – THAT is the problem! Buying that offering is what has cuffed us to the chain that keeps inching the Republicans ever leftward! Conservatives realized during the wonderful President Reagan era that we had left our Founding Principals and have long since returned to those convictions without budging. That is as it should be. Republicans have continued to shift left with the Democrats. Even though they remain to the right of Democrats, they have still shifted left, so much so that they are now LEFT of center on the Founding “scale.” Once Reagan left Office, Republicans once again began shifting left while conservatives did not move, hence, the “fracture” that everyone is now talking about trying to “fix.”

Currently, the Obama Administration has shifted so far left that it is just outside of “Total Government.” Because they are the ones in Office, in comparison, conservatives are considered the “extremists” while in truth, as measured on our Founding Scale, THEY are the extremists. Because we are SO close to Dictatorship and tyranny, like Alice in the rabbit hole, conservatives everywhere are beginning to “grow up” and stand up and resist the slippery slope that is trying to pull America to become what she was never intended to be. Equal in the fight to ensure this is exactly where we end up; the Obama Administration seeks to villainize conservatives in any and every way possible.

Two tactics are in play, that if we recognize them for what they are, we will naturally HAVE our “fix.” First, Republicans and conservatives are still being lumped together when the truth is Republicans left us a long time ago. Second, we keep being told that to reclaim leadership we (conservatives) must abandon our convictions and re-attach to the “moderate” chain that keeps us left of center and inching slowly towards eventual tyranny. Here is where most of our current Republican leaders miss the boat, hence, the “fix”: they do not HEAR the people – WE the people! And what are we all saying? “We are conservatives without repentance! We are NOT budging or compromising!” Until they return to US, we will remain fractured – period. The time has come that either we begin standing our ground and pulling this train back towards our Founding Right, or we will become a Dictatorship with the liberals forever in rule. All we need to do is what we have already begun doing – TEA Parties, protesting, speaking up, standing our ground. And as the Bible so wisely exhorts, “When you have done all you can to stand – stand.” Hold our ground – period. We have two Parties and several variations across the scale. These include conservatives and moderates. I mean no offense to the moderates as in all truth, they have the more challenging part – choosing where they stand. Far leftists are clear and conservatives are clear. Moderates do not have a third choice so they must choose between the two sides. Our mistake has been in trying to do as liberals do and compromise everything to get the moderate. As Hannity calls it, we have become Democratic-lite. As long as we do this, we fail to see that the chain we link to is ALSO linked to the far left who has been pulling the train to the left through the years, quite successfully might I add.

So, what is the answer? I compassionately say, moderates will still need to choose between the two sides. Conservatives need to detach themselves from the “moderate compromise chain,” as Republicans return to the conservative majority and begin again to pull the train back to the right, and do this without compromise. I don’t know about you but I choose to learn the lessons of the rabbit hole. It is time for us to grow up and put away childish things. It is time for us to reclaim America with the same timeless tools our Founding Fathers birthed this Nation. If we do not do this, we will not have the “happily ever after” that Alice had. We will live in “Wonderland” forever, wondering, how in God’s Name will we ever get out, if we ever will? That is no choice at all.

ADDENDUM: Look who agrees with me! My Man for the Office! :) I KNEW I had him pegged right! :)
(Mike Huckabee was on Sean Hannity today...)

Let’s Make The Tent Bigger?

Governor Mike Huckabee joined Sean this afternoon to argue that the Republican Party doesn’t need to expand to include everyone but rather keep to the principles that created the party. Democrats like James Carville are missing the details of some demographics, argues Governor Huckabee. Key constituencies like Hispanics and African Americans, while trending toward the Democratic Party, have core issues like pro-life stances and lower taxes that could be very popular with these groups and others. The “Contract With America” that swept Republicans into power in 1994 needs to be revisited. Republicans abandoned their promise once they gained power and ultimately, lost the power because of their abandoned principles."

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