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"We Mourn... An Election Night Heartcry..."

(Originally posted to my FB Site July 16, 2009)

*This is an email I wrote on Election Night, through blinding tears. I apologize for the typos as this is the full and unedited version, written straight from my heart and sent without review.

*As an ammendment to my commentary on John McCain, the things I share are honest and true. He was never the best choice or my choice, but he was our only choice and it was better than Obama.

"We Mourn..."
by Wendi Lynn G

Dearest "Voices" of "we the people of the conservative party,"

First of all, my deepest and sincerest gratitude for all you do and have done to represent us and speak out for us, especially doing the job the rest of the media has abandoned. In that light, I thank you for the sheer guts to put it all out there and fight for the best of our Country, what is right for our Country, the very things our forefather's died for, and every military man since has fought to preserve, often with their lives as well. No greater courage given and thus, no greater gratitude more deserving. Thank you for fighting with that same indomitable spirit through the jobs you do. Without you, our voice, though the majority - often only provided a whisper of an avenue - would never be heard at all.

It is hard tonight to put on the typical ceremonial political face, now that Obama has won. While John proved tonight why he truly should be President with his gracious and classy concession, and while his love for this Country soars higher than any level of pride, serving as an example to us all, I cannot just "all of a sudden" forget the 2 years we have all just been through. I cannot now adapt some form of pretense and "act" respectful, because this is what we do. This day cannot end excusing Obama for the very things we spent 2 years NOT excusing him for. If I do, I am as fake as he is. The way this day ended changes nothing about how it began. America, by a narrow margin, elected the most undeserving man to be President - against a man God proved more than deserving those 5 and a half years as a POW. Being elected President doesn't all of a sudden make Obama worthy of respect. He is the same man tomorrow morning he was this morning.

Before I make a very important point that will be Obama's biggest reality check, I must first explain why and how I came to so passionately engage in supporting John McCain. To my own shame, I did not know much about him until he was elected the Republican Candidate. From that moment, however, I studied him and watched him closely, as I did Obama. It wasn't until Saddleback that I SAW him. God connected me to him in a profound way. Like in Jerry McGuire when she said, "You had me at hello...".... John McCain had me at POW.... And here is where passion begins for those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, those who have ever experienced any type of utter darkness in life on any level, like Joseph in the Bible, when he was thrown into that pit, long before being jailed.... it was that pit experience of being there alone, just you and God, mostly wondering if God is there at all, and also knowing that no one else knows you are there. It is the most alone you can ever feel, the most hopeless and helpless, but also when you feel God there, the most intimate with Him. It is a moment to moment of wondering not only if, but how or when you will even survive. I have been to dark places like this 4 times inside of 12 years. I "get it." And even in that, it gives me only a GLIMPSE of what John McCain must have gone through. For me, often times, after somehow passing through those fires, I have wondered why and what was the purpose of something that seems so in vain and not in sync with any part of my life except that I experienced it, and like in the Velveteen Rabbit, it made me more real. All I could deduce is that it was meant in preparation for another time in which I could not foresee - that it would produce in me things necessary for that call, task, moment. Even more, I understand how those experiences change you, make you better. It gives you eyes of clarity to see and understand in ways you hadn't before, especially being able to recognize the spirits of others who have also traveled to Joseph's Pit, however God so chose to uniquely define each ones experience.

I say all of this to say, I connected with John McCain's heart in that moment when he was at Saddleback. I understood a glimpse of the heart, character, motives, and passion of this man. Inside of 45 minutes, I was connected, convinced, and awakened with a new hope and purpose I hadn't had in years. From that beginning, God used John McCain, and soon after Sarah Palin, to ignite in me and clarify for me the sum of my own life experiences, gifts, talents, etc. I understood how they all finally came together to point me like a well aimed arrow in the right and effective direction. My only dilemma is, I had to make sacrifices of a promising future, a college education, career connections; sacrifices that involved walking away from my future and destiny to care for my ailing mother, not realizing later that I would have only 6 more years with her. I do not regret this detour and sacrifice, but I have thus been living in this alternate reality so it feels, and missing my doorway to the career and path I have always believed I should be on. I have since come full circle and realize what I once hoped at 18 is what I now know for sure at 43, but at a loss as to exactly how I am to get from here to there.

But I have this new hope because of John McCain as well as Sarah Palin. With John, I am amazed he survived the POW camp. Even more amazing, if at all possible, is who he was when he came home. He was not a bitter old man but a richer more humble man, more in love with America than ever before. And everything career wise in his life since then has been a living demonstration of that all the way up to his concession tonight. I don't care about eloquence or degrees, or any other superficial thing many today deem so important. I don't even care that John is imperfect or made mistakes. After all, that is true of everyone. It is not that you fall, it is if you get up and how you go on that defines you. John has demonstrated that very thing in his life. He corrects mistakes and he is open to change, even if he is stubborn like me. That's a good thing! It is John's PROVEN character, and CHARACTER is the very foundation upon which to build any political position, especially that of the President, especially because the higher a building, the deeper the roots of the foundation needs to go. John has character to share and spare, again, as proven tonight. He will always have my passionate respect and sincerest appreciation merely for the example he has set for all of us - and for how God used him to touch my life personally.

I have to share this first because it stands in stark contrast to a man I can never acknowledge as MY President. He is so not worthy of that position. I do believe having a first black President speaks well of how far we have come, however, it matters little when it is the wrong man. He does not suddenly become great because he is elected. And for even those at Fox to all of a sudden, in the name of Country "unity," to now say what a great guy he is, is to betray all of us who feel no different, BASED ON THE FACTS WE DO KNOW AND FOUGHT TO MAKE CLEAR. My gosh! We have been brought to the pool of understanding and with some of the commentators tonight, I feel we are left there while some of those who led us there abandon us. It hurt so much!! This man has disgraced this Nation, the White House and the Office of President. HALF, HALF - again, I say, HALF of this Country voted for John McCain with a passionate understanding that he is worthy of the Office, and with an equal fervor of understanding that Obama is 180 the other way! McCain offered us hope of truly getting our Country back on track and faithful to our heritage, and we all know, Obama has a plan to do exactly the opposite. He wants to change the Constitution that our forefathers DIED for!! Make no mistake, this is the real agenda and it will not suddenly go away.

The harsh truth here, and I hope those of you do not miss this point, is, we now ARE red and blue. We are the Divided States of America. If you think we are not, you are mistaken. For Obama to say tonight that he now needs us.... it is offensive. He seemed so cavalier even with faked sincerity, as if now he can just rally us over because he won. HOW CLUELESS!! He worked so hard to earn, EARN how we feel about him. How insulting for anyone, especially him, to think that is such a small thing that now we just come on over and join his lil' Obama worship party! It is OFFENSIVE!!! No President will have a more difficult time, and he will more than likely NOT succeed, in trying to now unite a Country he alone has so clearly and passionately divided. While his supporters on his blue half of the Country hailed him "The One," we have been fighting for our COUNTRY, America First, preserving it and honoring it, with more passion than ever before. They worship Obama, and we worship the God who gave us this Country we are so passionate about - with even more passion than they have for Obama!! Bad for Obama, but good for us in that the one good to come from this is how it has awakened the sleeping lion in all of us - AND WE SHOULD NOT NOW GO BACK TO SLEEP! NOW is the time to begin preparing for that next opportunity, first in 2 years, then in 4, when we can take back what we feel is slipping from us this evening.

It is not for us to excuse Obama and come to his side, dismissing the truth we DO know of him, in the name of being "America." In the name of America and all that is right and just, it is for Obama to at least try to prove he is worthy to win us over, much like a man pursuing a woman, and there is little chance of him getting most of us. He thinks we are just die-hard Hannity fans. And while we may just be, it is only because we are America lovers first, as Sean and all of you are (and rest assured - if they even go there with the whole fairness doctrine BS, I will personally organize a march to Washington to ensure it NEVER happens!) and as John has said, we never give up, we never give in.... we love America and we'll be damned before Obama and his socialist agenda, his desire to change the Constitution, and our flag, etc., can just come into our Country and expect us to be okay with it. He is still hiding so much! We still don't even know if he is a citizen as he went to Hawaii to seal his records. We all know this is only one in a line of locked up secrets, home spun lies and white washed cover ups. He would have to 100% come clean and be 100% transparent with us before we could even BEGIN to HOPE trusting him. Even worse, he says we can always trust him and he will never lie to us. Too bad for him the economy has affected me so much that I got to sit at home (I am praying this very day I do not now lose) and watch him lie, twist, and spin, all day long - things even you guys missed and I wish he got called on. I have never been more frustrated in all my life, not having a voice, feeling so helpless, screaming at my TV and ceiling WISHING I had the chance to call him on EVERY lie I watched and heard for myself that he told. (Which is why I emailed you all so much 0 and I am a shy person!!) He had the nerve to run a negative campaign but then accuse John of it when he defended himself. I am not saying I agree with all the choices John's Campaign people made, but rest assured, I watched all day how Obama would take credit for the good and right things John did right and did first, but then also take the very bad and false things he said, did, and used, and paint to the world the illusion that John did those things. And they all bought it because the liberal media made sure he could.

Don't anyone, especially Obama, think for one minute that we are now suddenly going to be okay with it. Rest assured - we are not and will not be. We will continue to fight to ensure that he and Reid and Pelosi will not be around long. Republicans, conservatives, and all those who were McCain supporters will NEVER forget, and we SHOULDN'T forget - it is the VERY impetus we need to rectify this wrong in the next 2 and 4 years. Day 1 is tomorrow and I want to be part of that effort. We are willing to die to make it happen, be clear how passionate we are.

So, now we are in mourning.... and we deserve that time to mourn as I have been crying my heart out all night..... but when that has passed, we fight again while we still have the window of opportunity to do so. But for ANYONE to forget, the way so many seem to have forgotten 9/11, and for anyone to take so lightly, especially Obama, just how much we have been FOR McCain and Palin and equally as passionately NOT for him, with VALID reasons, is to add insult to injury, an insult that goes way to far.

We are the Divided States of America, make no mistake - with a clarity we have never had before. This is as it should be as light cannot stand in darkness, truth with lies, etc. To unite now with Obama is compromise all we have fought for and all we believe in - for most of us, it can't and will never be done. It will be Obama's rude awakening. As he begins to disappoint and reveal how he has deceived his koolaid drinking followers, I imagine many will come to us, but we will never go to him or them - never. If we do, we have waved the final surrender and violate all we are and stand for - we spit in the face of what our forefathers did for us with their blood.

I know this is long (probably wouldn't seem so if I had my own radio show and God I would love that some day....) and I hope at least someone reads it and hears me.... let us mourn... then lets get back to fighting. Jesus didn't come to bring peace but a sword. We have been sliced. Don't ask us now to disregard the past 2 years, excuse Obama, and "unite." If we do, we deserve all we get.... because we will have compromised beyond repair.

Hopefully, your messages tomorrow will be of this comfort.... Obama is the same man and now he must be defeated in 4 years for the same reasons he should never have been elected to begin with. THIS fight for our Country is what I am called to do. And as John said, I will stand up and fight - with honor.

Sincerest and deepest gratitude,
Wendi and Lance,
Sunnyvale, CA

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