Monday, October 19, 2009

"Dear Mr. President Obama" No. 1

(Originally posted on my FB Site February 10, 2009)
The First in a New Series entitled: "Dear Mr. President Obama"

Dear Mr. President Obama,

It pains me greatly to even address you as such; however, I have respect for the Office even if I don’t respect you. I have respect for the wisdom that God gave our Founding Fathers in creating our Constitution and Government, even if you don’t. Therefore, I ask you this, Mr. President:

Just how stupid do you think the American people are? How stupid do you think I am? You must think we are totally out to lunch because you are acting like you are clearly out of touch with the people. It is obvious you realize that much of your Presidential win can be credited to your perceived charisma and winning personality. The fact that you are going back out to “campaign” for your so-called “Stimulus Bill” and win over people with your supposed charm and personality demonstrates how you are completely missing the point. You have no idea how totally insulting this is that you feel you have to hit the road to explain to the American people why you feel passing this Bill is so important. We are not lost on that point and how you feel about it. We don’t want to be “charmed” over to support you because your charm doesn’t change the facts or the reasons we are not in support of the Bill. Change the Bill to be 100% stimulus and then we will support it. It is that simple.

Further, the totally insulting speeches and press conferences you have given, last week and this week, reveal how insincere you were the night you won the election and “invited” over to your side those of us who did not vote for you, and how you had hoped you could win us over. So far, like a teenaged boy trying to pursue his first female conquest, you are totally missing the mark. If anything, you have only further pushed us away by more than validating everything we know and believe about you. There are legitimate reasons we didn’t vote for you and why we also oppose your so-called “Stimulus Plan.” Shocking as this might be to you – it has ZERO to do with your charm and personality. It also has zero to do with the lies you have told the Country about our point of view. It has everything to do with the fact that we completely disagree with your ideology on everything, and that we completely disagree with the actual Bill itself. Content and truth, Mr. President, content and truth; can you grasp that at all?

First of all, the truth about our history (the 1920 recession included, which we never hear about) shows us that we don’t need a “Stimulus Package.” We need exactly the opposite! We don’t need it nearly as much as we need to counter the fear you started in mid-September with the whole “the sky is falling; it is all President Bush’s fault; it is the failed Republican way,” rhetorical and partisan routine, in order to win the election. And you continue to feed this fear at a frenzied pace, making it worse, in order to set yourself up as the “hero President” who saved the economy using the so-called “winning Democratic measures” of spending.

As FDR, one of a few to whom you seem to posture yourself to be so similar, said so well, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” If you REALLY cared about “we the people,” if you REALLY cared about this Country, if you REALLY wanted to do what was right, then you would stop lying and stop the fear!!! Stopping fear is not accomplished with the trick psychology of a phony Stimulus Package (which is really a Trojan Horse loaded with deceptive measures to totally change our Country forever. You are using the economic crisis to push massive and unprecedented new government spending that will rapidly move America to the socialist Left, and we know it!)

And right now, you are spewing one lie after another. Things are not near as bad as you claim. It is bad, but not even close to the Great Depression. Once people stop fearing that things are catastrophic and rapidly getting worse, they will stop holding onto their money, laying off employees, and preparing for a difficult future. In the same way you used fear to accelerate the recession, you can use the lack of fear to decelerate it.

It is amusing how you use your deceptive tactics to make a joke of, and to criticize President Bush for what he said about our economy after 9/11, when he encouraged us to not allow the enemy to win and to go on with our lives as usual (go shopping, etc.). You twist it to make it sound like he took the issue so lightly and offered ignorant and freshman advice. What he understood and you completely miss is, the powers of REAL hope! Oh, you preach on a platform of hope but you live on the manipulative platform of fear.

If you tell the truth, and do it with the same hope that President Reagan administered so well, and even President Bush was able to do to some degree after 9/11, then things would begin to turn around! If you want to lie, then lie that things are looking up. After all, it what people "perceive" as truth that they respond to accordingly. People will begin to “live” and give, and thus, once again, over time, the economy will turn around instead of this present quick rolling snowball towards the very disaster you alone are creating with your manipulative parsing of highly offensive and totally partisan words, phrases, and piecemeal partial truths, married in to total lies and fabrications.

But, if we must have this Stimulus Bill, then its content should ALL be stimulating!! 100% of it should create jobs and eliminate fear with actual real help – jobs! Not just “work,” which is temporary, but jobs and various tax cuts which have longevity and propel our economy forward. It is not acceptable to fight the fear by “tricking” the American people with the “appearance” of helping, then loading your “spending bill” with so many irrelevant items that are not job creators – hence, stimulus. 40% tax cuts and 60% spending items, are not balanced if the spending part is not true stimulus, but loaded with pork or other items that can have the case made for them separate from this Bill, as it should be. If you fix the spending portion, you would have our support, even though we would prefer to not have this Bill at all or have you as our President. At least fix the Bill, Mr. President, and in spite of all else, including your lies, charm and personality, AND offensive speeches, you would have our support on the Bill! See how simple that is?

Now, I want to explain to you how your speeches are not winning us over. You give these highly rhetorical speeches about not being Red or Blue States but the United States, yet your actions never live up to your words. This is why, during this election more than ever, you alone can take credit for creating the clearly Divided States of America. If you want us to TRULY unite, then you will stop the partisan and deceptive lying and accusations against President Bush, conservatives and Republicans to defend YOUR side, Party, and points. If they are so credible, let them stand and speak for themselves.

Your defensiveness belies the truth: you are not about change; you are more of the same. The ONLY difference is you put an exclamation point where a period used to be at the end of your partisanship. You have made it worse and broadened a divide, all to win the Presidency, which you can’t seem to stop arrogantly announcing, over stating the obvious that doesn’t need repeating. We are clearly and painfully aware already. And now, you continue this same style of so-called “leading,” adding insult to injury, in order to “prove” your choices are right and better. If you were so confident that your way was right, you would not need to offensively badger and strong arm the other side. You are revealing yourself to be more of an immature, inexperienced leader, a dictator, in this way over your head, and this does not bode well for winning over the Red side.

Speaking of the Red 48%... This week you again harshly parsed the truth saying that the “American people have resoundingly spoken for change….” that you won. Reality Check Mr. President – NOT resoundingly… 48% of us (just under HALF the Country) is not resounding. It is a close call…. Our 48% hasn’t changed yet…. Further, the 48% are ALSO the American people you talk about… and you exclude and insult us instead of trying to win us over. If your bi-partisan rhetoric were sincere, you wouldn’t get defensive so quickly with your totally partisan speak. “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” Remember that verse in the Bible you claim to live by? Your frustration has exposed the truth of your heart and motives, and it validates why we didn’t vote for you and why you can never win us over. Until YOU change, and your ideology changes (which would be the real change we could buy into), we will never be won over, never – period! Your campaigning this week is in vain. It serves to do the very opposite of which you hope to achieve. Oh yes, you will get your Bill passed. But you will accomplish nothing else.

Last, your condescending speeches, both last Thursday night, and again at your evening Press Conference last night, were the height of arrogance. Perry Bacon Jr., in the Washington Post, said so well, “He (you) turned to two of his favorite tactics used during his presidential campaign, blasting the record of George W. Bush and criticizing the "the cable chatter" and "distractions" that he feels bog down Washington.” I saw true arrogance in motion when you said the following:

"We're not going to get relief by turning back to the very same policies that in eight short years doubled the national debt and threw our economy into a tailspin. We can't embrace the losing formula that offers more tax cuts as the only answer to every problem we face."

What a crock! In your own words, “I reject YOUR reasoning!” We already know the truth! Bush and Republican policies are NOT what got us into this trouble. Do you remember Freddie and Fannie? An issue that Democrats, including you, did nothing to acknowledge let alone support correcting? Do you remember 9/11? Do you remember what President Clinton handed over to President Bush aside the crash of the Dot Com era? Many things contributed to where we are now, but they have nothing to do with President Bush’s Policies and the Republican “formulas.” And if YOU were paying as much attention as I have been, you would know that conservatives do not look to tax cuts “only.” What a clever parsing of words once again. Tax cuts are a PART of successful policies – just look at President Reagan’s era and my point is proven.

My last question to you is (since we already know the truth): What is the urgency? What are you trying to hide and sweep up into your “Package?” Are they loopholes that secure power for your Party? You betcha!! I am appalled at the trickery that is starting to come to the fore, things which you WANT to be overlooked, hence, your urgency.

Oh yes, don’t even get me started on your “accountability and transparency!” You say these words out of your mouth, offer a scrap of evidence that you are speaking the truth, all the while you are the master of deception in hiding the truth. You are like an awesome car salesman! Just listening to your “take” on why we should go paperless with our Medical Records is hysterical and obvious. Oh yes, it sounds so good to do away with the “hassle” of all the clipboards and paperwork. But if you put our personal information online in a National Database, the truth is, not only does Government have access to PRIVATE information at anytime, this critical and very personal information becomes “hack able” at any time. I do not want to be this vulnerable and powerless EVER!!! The clipboards and paperwork are a SMALL price to pay for my security and privacy.

Yes, you have a way of selling YOUR Dictatorship Agenda to the American people by appealing to their “needs.” You are good, I give you credit for that. Unfortunately, you are so good that you are deceptive, hiding the truth inside your Trojan Horse. And the reason you do not like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, conservatives, and Fox News is because, not only do we have your number, Mr. President, but we have the courage to share the WHOLE truth! We are the only ones doing it, the only ones not catering to your whitewashed version of yourself and what you stand for.

Well, in your famous and hypocritical words (at the time you said them, considering YOU were the one doing the very things you accused Senator McCain of doing): ENOUGH!!! Stop lying, badgering, campaigning, manipulating, deceiving, and stop acting like a novice. If you are the President, then be Presidential and do what is right, FOR the people of America, regardless of any cost to you or your Party. (The Bible tells us that integrity does what is right and keeps its word, even to his own hurt.) Go home from the campaign trail and get to work in the Oval Office in which you stopped at nothing to reside.

Otherwise, with all due respect, Mr. President, shut up already. We are not dumb and we do not appreciate your insults. You are not winning over the other half of the Country. If you keep this up, you never will, that is a PROMISE you can believe in.

A voice of the Red 48%

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