Monday, October 19, 2009

"Government Controlled 'Hope' Sucks - Literally!"

(Originally posted on my FB Site February 19, 2009)

* This week, I have started and stopped writing many times, but have not been able to stick with one issue.... soooooo many of them and so much to say. Eventually, I will get to each one, but for today, I have decided that I will just offer a few nibbles of "food for thought...."


1) Personal Empowerment or Parent Trap?

Weren't we all grateful for growing up and the opportunity to finally get out on our own and live our own life, free of our respective Parents and "their" rules of home?

I get it that there is a trade off. Living at home comes with the benefit of being taken care of, but also with the price of having to abide by the rules. Moving out on our own comes with the benefit of living by our own rules, if you will, but with the price of having to take care of ourselves.

So, tell me, how many of us would go to live at our Parent's home again with the same price tag of "being told what to do" by them?

MORSEL: Why do we want to essentially do the same with Government? Seems many want Government to "take care" of them, but they ignore the HUGE price tag - they own you!

Any time you are financially beholden, you are not wholly free. Those who hold the deed to your house or car, etc., get to set the terms and call the shots until such a time that you have paid off the title/deed.

2) Power to the Government or Power to the People?

Government Officials are voted into Office BY the PEOPLE, to work FOR the PEOPLE.... They are called Public "SERVANTS" not Public Dictators. They are there to serve the PEOPLE - SERVE the people... So why are we acting like they RULE over the people? Why do we allow it? Further, why do we ENABLE it? Before THEY can be reminded as to who works for who, WE need to be reminded!!

MORSEL: ANY vote for those who impose "financial strings," whether it be through taxes or additinal "fees," etc., is a vote to enable Public SERVANTS to become Public Dictators.

It is like we are saying, "Welcome into my home, devil, and look, I have set the head place at my table just for you! COme in and totally rule and take over my life. As long as you take care of me, I am have to be your slave at all costs for all the days of my life!" Would we say this to our Parents? So why do we say it to our Government Officials through our votes and our ignorance?

I DO NOT WANT GOVERNMENT TO OWN ME!!!! Less is more! Regardless of whether you are conservative or liberal, we are Americans and America is not about Dictatorship. Power to the PEOPLE!! NOT the Government!! They only have the power IF-WE-GIVE-IT-TO-THEM!!! So don't! PLEASE!!!!!

3) Stimulus Bill: Obama is Stimulated and WE get the "Bill!"

My summation of the "Stimulus Bill": Obama is stimulated (as he does exactly like Hitler did, building a bridge to Dictatorship plank by plank) and WE get the bill!

Does anyone realize that history is repeating itself? Does anyone realize that back in Hitler's day, in his Country, he was also hailed as the Miracle Man who was going to save the economy and save the Country? Millions of people had NO FLIPPING CLUE that they were like frogs being boiled alive!! They were so blinded by their desperation for SOMEONE to save them from the Depression.... No one could ever imagine that Hitler would ever do the things he did. It is unfathomable even today. I don't believe Obama wants to exterminate Conservatives "literally" but he most definitely wants to do so to our power.

MORSEL: The only reason History repeats is because we fail to learn from it. I happen to be one of those unfortunate people who doesn't have a neck long enough to reach the sand, so I am forced to face reality square in the face. Truth empowers us to do all we can to ensure history doesn't repeat itself - it absolutely does not have to!!

4) "Big Brother: Reality, NOT the TV Show" (This is Journal entry I am working on...)

Does anyone see the big picture here? Can you connect all of the dots and see a familiar theme? See some of the dots listed below? Does anyone really understand the true purpose behind them?

(I will share specifics as to how they work, what they do, and how the dots connect in the forthcoming Journal entry.)

- Card Check
- National Healthcare
- Financial Banks Bailout
- IRS/Tax rules
- Sewage Tax
- Smart Grid
- New GPS Car Systems
- Closing Gitmo

Let me tell you, Government wants to own your whole life!! All of these things, and more, are designed to OWN you, but they come packaged, like wolves in sheep's clothing, as "Bailing out the American People."

We are being sold a bill of goods! They say, "We will help you! We are so compassionate and we care about you! Let us just bail you out!! See how wonderfully kind we are ?" But they don't tell you the price tag - the truth! Which is: They don't give a flying flip about "helping!" They only care that you buy the lie so that you will vote for it - in the end, the noose of Dictatorship will be hung around your neck so fast, you will wonder when that happened.

Don't we look back at the Holocaust, and 9/11 and ask, how did this happen? When could we have stopped that train in time? I am telling you: RIGHT NOW!!!! While we still have time and we still have a chance, we must get our heads out of the sand and use the power of our votes and voices and not allow this to happen!!! We are still HALF of the Country and still have a say!!!Othewise, God help us all....

I am so discouraged by what has happened to our Country in just the last 30 days - I am HIGHLY concerned for what will become of us in 4 years.... All of the "hope" I already had is being sucked out of me on a daily basis.... Obama-maniacs are full of hope - they are sucking it away from us with their ignorance....

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