Monday, October 19, 2009

"The Hypocritical Transfer of Power...."

(Originally posted on my FB Site January 22, 2009)

I have been forced to ponder (a lot of voices loudly in my face) much of what has happened in the past few days as we have transitioned from one President to another. Listening to many news broadcasts, you hear the praise of our Country and Democracy that no where else in the world does there exist the "peaceful tranfer of power..."

Much to our shame, for the first time in my lifetime (and I am old now, LOL), I witnessed something that grieved my heart and embarrassed me as an American. On one hand, we celebrate the election of our first black President, and this is indeed something to celebrate. I, for one, have ALWAYS believed I would see that in my lifetime. In fact, I thought it would have happened long ago. I only wish it had been someone I could vote for and thus, feel the full exhilaration of this event. Instead, I feel mixed as not only is Obama not someone I could vote for, he is so far left, he is considered radical even by the radicals in the left Party. Because I am mature (I say this with as much humility as I have allowed God to bring me so far), I am able to separate all the issues for what they are and deal with each as they merit. So, while I do not celebrate Obama becoming President, I DO celebrate what he represents as the first black man as President. I pray that issue alone will be the beginning of the long overdue racial healing in our Country and not work against it. Jay-Z and friends are not helping the cause right now as the truth of racism (the black against whites kind) comes out of his mouth with emboldened audacity it can no longer be refuted. But I am digressing so perhaps we will save all of that for another day.

What really troubled me was, while at the SAME TIME we are celebrating the Inaugeration, watching the Obama supporters rejoice, these VERY ones who are now saying, NOW saying, "Share the love... time to come together as one now.... stop the hate.... etc.," they do something truly appalling and utterly hypocritical, that actually exposes the truth - they are not wanting unity and stoppage of the hate - they only want it against THEM, and THEIR candidate, and THEIR way of thinking and living. WE can't express our lack of agreement because it is "hate," but THEY can hate all they want and feel justified. They are so blinded by their own hypocrisy they can't even "get it," the offense they cause. They act like their ire is in response to us, but the truth is, it is the other way around. We not only have to fight to hold onto the sanity we have, but to keep it from getting any further out of hand. Any Psychologist worth their salt can see and explain the utter dysfunction of the reasoning there! It is like a child who manipulates the parents using things like, "you don't love me because you put me in time out! You don't care because you don't let me have my way and get everything I want because I think it is my "civil" right to have it." Because we don't succumb to this acceptance of dysfunction and unnatural role reversal, WE are called the haters. In the words of our new President - ENOUGH!!!

So to THE point: The way Bush was treated with booing, the "na na na na good bye," the defacing of Bush monuments in DC, the Bush Street Sign (into Obama Street) in San Francisco, and all the other people saying awful things, is utterly offensive and disrespectful, and further, most unbecoming of ANY American, whether you like him or hate him or fall anywhere in between. He was the President!!! What made it worse was the thunderous applause for Bill Clinton when he came out. Now HERE is a man WORTHY of disrespect for disrespecting and defaming the honor of the Office of President of the Unted States of America. His crimes go way beyond the embarrassment of the Monica Lewinski debacle, but for lying under oath about it, he was rightfully impeached. As a side note, if Libs are so worried about our reputation abroad and around the world, Clinton alone brought the shame, and did so way back then! THAT was when I felt embarrassed as to how the world viewed us. I wondered then if the Office of President would ever hold the honor it once did... I am still left wondering as I watch evil and the truly immoral become more and more acceptable (in the name of civil rights and stopping the hate), the standard of honor getting lower, and wonder, on my knees, in prayer.... thank God, He is bigger and my trust is in Him alone. And these are all issues of themselves to address another time.

But even when Clinton left Office, he was not treated with such disrespect. APPALLING disrespect! I did not even THINK to go there when he left Office because, like him or not, he was the President!!! (and I NEVER trusted him, and was not surprised in the slightest about Monica as the truth always has a way to make itself known eventually...)

So, my challenge to the real haters, as they exposed themselves on Inaug Day, is this: If you want to stop the hate, share the love, unite as one, etc., then first get the log out of your own eye before trying to get the speck out of ours. In other words, BE first, FIRST, the very things you want and expect of others. The door swings both ways on all issues.

I am trying, really trying, to be understanding and open, trying to listen and learn and even provide a forum here for libs to help me do so. Days like the 20th, when there are moments like that, make it VERY challenging for me. I owe libs nothing but my contempt for the blatant offense I have had to endure as they try to shove me into the very closets they were freed from by us. But, I try to live my life in such a way as to be pleasing to God, abide heartfelt by His principles, and in ALL things, carry The Golden Rule in my heart as my guiding compass. So, I choose to forgive, overlook offenses, not return evil for evil and hurt for hurt, and even further, try to inspire a new and better way - finding a place of peace, absence of rancor, between those who disagree.

And, as I work through the process of getting to forgiveness (it IS a process), I vent, hence my journal. And I let all of you in to blog as a vehicle of perhaps doing the process with me, or stirring constructive conversation to get to the ultimate goal which is, not necessarily to change minds (although this could happen) but rather, again, to find a place of peace, build a bridge between two passionately opposing sides and REALLY dispell of the hate. That has been more than I can take and I want to try to be part of doing ALL of this in a better way.

So, I vented.... thanks for that room to do so. In closing, I want to say, as we have already had some spirited blogging, please do your best to not allow your venting to be personal, allow others the freedom to vent on either side, but also, bear in mind, your passion may be matched with equal or more fervent passion. Golden Rule.... also, be honest, be real, be yourselves, be mindful. And thank you for doing so! I love you all and consider all of your input valuable, even if I do not agree. Perhaps we can all learn a LITTLE something. I for one choose to be open to do so. I want to "have ears to HEAR..." So speak up, please, I am listening with all my heart - a sincere heart.

Grace, grace,

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