Monday, October 19, 2009

"Dear Mr. President Obama" No. 2

(Originally posted on my FB Site March 1, 2009)

Dear President Obama,

When Rick Santelli asked you if you were listening, I pray that you are because our voice is about to get ever louder in the Nation's ear. I have a question for you too: How do you like your tea, Mr. President, straight or with cream and sugar? I imagine the latter since you will have an ample supply soon that will not be sweet on your pallet.

I am actually kind of surprised, as well as disappointed, Mr. President, that someone of your "intelligence" and "heart," as we have been repeatedly told, has not come to the same conclusions I have (and I am of a much more lowly position) as to how best to resolve our Economic issues. I am not an Economist but as Glenn Beck says so well, "I AM a thinker." And I believe common sense and the basic economics we apply at home are cut from the same economic clothe from which experts are born. But you do not espouse this way of resolve so let me reason with you from your table of resolve.

First of all, if I were to use your "logic," an oxymoron but lets not go there now, I would have chosen a different way of infusing the Nation with funds from the so-called "Stimulus Bill" (there is nothing positively stimulative about Trickle Up Poverty for which you leave the Poverty Invoice with the American taxpayers) that would have IMMEDIATE results and save job right away: Instead of the millions set aside for preserving Nancy Pelosi's field mice in California (where I live, by the way), and all the many PURE PORK accounts such as hers, why not just infuse that money directly into the Companies that are laying off people? Why not give that money to those Companies in the amounts of covering salaries for at least a 6 month period of time, to provide time for the markets to rebound and let the economy move forward? Seems to me, that shuts off the valves of loss right at the source, dontcha think? If we are going to steal from taxpayers up to 2-3 generations from now, why not provide a way to KEEP taxpayers in jobs? More jobs, more taxes paid, right? And more expediently, right? And at least ALL tax payers would participate and not just those lucky enough to remain working, right? Wouldn't this shut off the fear factor, create confidence, make people not panic and keep us in a progressive momentum? Wouldn't this, in fact, limit the generations from whom we are stealing because it could be paid back faster? I say the honey bees and the field mice can wait. I say the libraries being built in your names can wait. I say the study of pig stench can wait as this PORK BILL stinks enough with a clarity even us simple folk actually understand! Remember, it is "we the PEOPLE," not we the animals or we the pig odor.... Even for the 10% of the Bill that the experts say actually MAY do something, it can all wait. Even a heroin addict knows the fastest way to "pick back up" is directly into the vein, and the right vein might I add, not the vein of a pig or field mouse. Yes, pump the money into the Companies laying off so they can stay in business and NOT lay off. THAT could be supported, if I HAVE to buy in to your new Old Deal. But we both know this doesn't fit into you REAL agenda anyway. It would expose and undermine THAT plan... yes, another Letter already written!!

I have another great idea that would actually stimulate REAL compassion and charity verses just the "posturing of compassion" you take. (You paint yourselves as the REAL Party of compassion, and the conservatives as the arrogant, selfish, and compassionless Party that you really are. The truth is, that is just another of your many ways of redefining the truth so it suits YOUR way and makes the RIGHT way look wrong. You are so good at Spin, Mr. President that I am surprised you are not as dizzy as we have become. But again, that is another topic for another letter.) So, here is my idea: Why don't you hold a fundraiser with your Hollywood "friends" who LOVE to speak but who do nothing to put their money where their mouths are. If they matched their pocketbooks with the size of their mouths, you can break all records in fundraising, including the money you have already raised to waste just on yourself!

See, I have a problem with your definition of "rich." In most areas, but especially in places like California, New York, Chicago, etc., $250,000.00 is not rich. It is just beginning of trying to get our heads above water, if possible. No, when we normal folk think of rich, we think of Hollywood big mouths and those in Big Business, as well as those of you on The Hill. Wouldn't it be a great testament to our TRUE National nature to hold a fundraiser for the Nation like we do everything else? Where people give by CHOICE, according to what each one can, and not by MANDATE according to what most of us can't? We raise money for Inaugural Balls and starving Countries, Election Campaigns and disease cures, and for natural disaster relief whether here or abroad. We are a charitable Country, which if nothing else, we still have THAT to be proud of our Nation, but again, another issue for another time.

My point is, charity is a hallmark of character! It reveals what is in one's heart. When you undermine charity with force, you bankrupt the potential of character, not just the potential of free enterprise. Now let me be clear, some can give nothing, many can give little, and more can give much - by choice. ALL is valuable, as the Bible explains how the widows mite (a starving woman gave the last penny she had because of the goodness in her heart and Jesus said she gave more than any that day!) is more valuable!! You clearly are the Champion Fundraiser! Just 3-4 more of those, Mr. President, and we will have resolved this issue. Even THAT would be a new change I could believe in.

But this is just my humble opinion.... shared by MANY across this amazing Country, Mr. President. So as the Tea Parties get louder and louder, I sure hope you know how to answer the question Rick Santelli asked you, "President Obama, are you listening?!!!" This question is not going away. The sound is not going away... Alas, awake the sleeping lions - time to hear us roar!!! ".... With Liberty and justice for all!"

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