Monday, October 19, 2009

"You Say Tomata..."

(Originally posted on my FB site March 25, 2009)

Words, words, words, oh the parsing of words! It has gone BEYOND the need to be "politically correct." No, we are now in a stage of totally redefining, as well as, rewriting History! Well, I say, a rose is a rose is a rose! No wonder people are so confused today and have a difficult time locating and then deciphering the truth! It is beyond ridiculous! So, you say tomata, I say tomotta, but you can't change the reality of what it IS, no matter what your definition if "is" is.

As a lead in for tomorrow's Journal entry, on which I am taking a bit more time than this off-the-top-of-my-head rant to expel some of the too many things in my brain, I have noticed another "change" Mr. O has made to our National Debit Card Building and Spending. (I believe his Pork Laden "budgets," and "stimulus" are, in part, just a smoke screen to quickly accumulate and secure massive funds on a Government, "just for Obama" created "Credit Card," to later spend on his radical agenda items at will, bypassing the approval and vote process of Congress FOR those items. He is already considering using a process that lowers the required votes needed and eliminates any opposition. More soft Tyranny. But that is just my suspicion for now; mistrust is born from deceptive spin and speaking out of both sides of the mouth - but I digress....) Our beloved President referred to his National Debt increases as an "investment" at least 18 times in his address last night. Well, it is only an investment when you gain a return; otherwise it is just spending. And I'm sorry but I still don't understand how spending millions to study pig odor is an investment! And that is only one of thousands deamed acceptable with his "signature."

Parse words however you want but this is a man who never says what he means or means what he says. The whole "95% of all Americans will get a tax cut..." line is so totally NOT what he spins it to be, and what he continues to dogmatically repeat, as if doing so changes the facts, that it is not, by true definition of a tax cut, and it doesn't go to 95% of Americans. For those who do not LISTEN to more than the quick daily soundbite, if that, they never learn or see the truth - that he LIES with his parsing of words, and very "wordy" answers, disguised in what some call eloquence. (But we know it is really Mr. Teleprompter... but again I digress! Sorry, I am feeling a bit of an uncharacteristically sarcastic edge today! At least it isn't parsing...) They don't get it that what he says is not what he actually means, and he is counting on that! He has the liberal media to help ensure this is the case.

Try as I might, to provide "food" for thought, to encourage people to figure things out, and to think for themselves, there will always be those who believe he means EXACTLY what he says. But when he uses words to "redefine," he has gone beyond the deception of his parsing to the point of disgusting, and I have decided, he cannot make me buy the BS he is selling. So, in that spirit, I end with the following:

He says Tax Cut - I KNOW and say, Handout/Welfare

He says Investment - I KNOW and say, Debt Spending

He says Stimulus - I KNOW and say, Pork Laden

He says Man Caused Disaster - I KNOW and say Terrorism/Terrorist Attack

He says (nothing as he can't say these words at all) - I KNOW and say Enemy Combatants

He says Overseas Contingency Operation - I KNOW and say, War on Terror

And on and on and on.... I don't care what he changes, or how he lies, parses, or spins, I am not going to comply! Not calling Terrorists, "Terrorists" is like saying "oh shucky darn" when you are angry to high heaven! No, a more severe expletive is suitable. This "softening" of the truth is nothing but pure deception! They are Terrorists!! They create terror as exemplified on 9/11! This is what they do and who they are and they are proud of it to boot! Further, softening it is to make us vulnerable and that is exactly what they want! Obama plays right into their hands but Americans will pay the price! You cannot soften that to equal someone who just breaks the law by running a red light! I DON'T parse words as I mean what I say and I say what I mean. I call a spade a spade and speak the truth in love, no matter what. Love cannot help but speak the truth. Love compels me to speak the truth. I love my family, friends, Country, and fellow Americans, and have a sincere and special compassion for those deceived by the intoxication of parsed words, which makes me wonder all the more about the selfishly ambituous motives of our radical President.

No, he can keep his tomata and I will say tomato. Softening reality for any reason, let alone trying to gain "acceptance" from the world, a purpose which drives him 24/7, is rewriting truth, history, and reality, and it is not love, let alone any semblance of "caring" for which he tries to posture himself as the American Poster Boy. No, you cannot soften the truth without it causing harm on some level. And even when it is just being "Politically Correct," I do not parse words - I have only one thing to say: Screw that! It offends me!

Truth about 95% "tax CUT" as he emphasizes it....

Obama Translation...

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