Monday, November 2, 2009

Wendi Lynn G: Wendi's Journal 2009 (November 2, 2009) "The Era of Reagan is NOT Over!"

We all know the story of the “Tortoise and the Hare.” It is a great lesson in how haste makes waste and steadiness wins the race. The Hare appears as the obvious predicted winner while the slow and deliberate Tortoise could never possibly do so. He is sadly under-estimated. Life has taught me that being so under-estimated has its advantages. Tactically, the opposition is in such denial that they never see you coming. However, this wonderful element of surprise brings much of its own reward. The victory of the Tortoise is extra sweet! The key is in the steady and deliberate patience required to properly execute the surprise in just the precise moment – like coming out of nowhere. To ensure this victory, you cannot afford to get tripped up by the provocation of trying to right the wrongs in the earnest. Those small triumphs must be temporarily sacrificed for the finish line victory, the end result that in itself makes the correction in one wholly triumphant swoop. Such is the case in how wars are won, races are victoriously run, and in the lessons learned from the “Tortoise and the Hare.”

Early in my life, I recognized the Hare within myself, yet always being tempered, harnessed and trained by the Tortoise of life experience. For this seasoning of my character, I am truly grateful, as it has developed the agile skill of reigning in even negative energy which makes way for the creation of things far more positive. The seal of this life lesson deal, a true lifetime “aha moment,” came to me a few years ago while watching my favorite NASCAR Driver, Jeff Gordon, during a critical Championship race. It is WHY he is my favorite driver. He was fast, like the Hare, and he was winning. About 2/3’s into the race, while lapping traffic, he got entangled in the tail end of a crash that sent him to the garage for maintenance and therefore sent him to the back of the pack and a couple laps down. I felt totally defeated believing that there was no way he could ever win this race now. Jeff probably felt these same feelings but he still got back out on the track and rejoined the race like that same Hare determined to win. Then I saw he was not the Hare at all as he focused all of that energy into one goal – winning – despite the odds. Instead of the emotion ruling him into making further reckless mistakes like the Hare, he positively used that emotion like extra fuel, methodically, patiently, and steadily, like the Tortoise, driving his way back through the pack; back through to the lead lap, despite suffering a few additional minor setbacks in the process. Eventually, with 3 laps remaining, he found himself only 5 cars from the lead – and he went on to win that race!! Unbelievable! No one saw it coming! What an extra sweet triumph for the fight! I have heard it said, “a setback it just a set-UP for a great comeback.” Indeed! This changed my life as I realized, you may not win, but for sure you lose if you do not get back in the race. With all of my own personal life setbacks, I wrote off myself as having missed the boat for my life that it was too late for me to do what I felt I was called to do. After that day, I wrote myself back IN to my own life! I may be starting from the back of the pack and even a few laps down, but I will only be out if I never try. Once in, who knows what I could do?

I say all of this to say, resoundingly, the “Era of Reagan” is definitely NOT over! The era of the RINO is! The Era of Reagan may have crashed and gone to the garage once Reagan left the Office of President. During that time, feeling defeated, Conservatives surrendered the Republican Party back to the RINOS who’s philosophy of “compromise” has betrayed and failed us ever since. It has been said that the definition of madness is in continuing to do the same thing over and over again but somehow expecting a different result. At what point do the RINOS, who have hijacked the Republican Party, get it, that compromising the vital organs of our governing body – our Founding Father, Constitutional “principles,” does not work? This is the current clueless status of the RNC being so loudly clarified and demonstrated in the political races taking place in New York, New Jersey, and Virginia.

In order for our setback to be the setup for our great comeback, we must recognize that we fight TWO enemies: Liberals AND RINOS. The beauty in it is both are in such clueless denial, they can’t even see us coming – and we are right in their faces!! We are sick and tired of politics as usual! We are tired of the “Official Party” politicians and the “DC Way.” There’s such a HUGE disconnect with “we the people” that RINOS are still trying to demonize Conservatives as the ones who are ruining and poisoning the Republican Party. They are so clueless they endorsed a liberal “so-called” Republican in Scozzafava – over a true Conservative in Hoffman!! They don’t get it! They completely miss WHY Conservatives love leaders like Sarah Palin and they so easily throw her and us under the bus like yesterday’s trash. She is the real deal!! She is like us, we the people, in every way, a Conservative who uncompromisingly rules herself and her political choices upon genuine and immovable “principles” and is not affected by the “Game” of the professional political enterprise of DC! AND, she has a backbone of steel! They don’t get it!

Further, we are sick and tired of the RINO creed of compromise that produces the very opposite of all they hope to achieve. And they keep doing it! Madness!! There is a Bible passage that says, “Be hot or cold, but the lukewarm I will spew out of my mouth.” Seems we Conservatives have the same reaction to RINOS for the same reason. Compromising Founding principles in order to gain additional so-called Republican votes and hence, victories, only results in producing compromising Public Officials who do NOT represent we the people. What is so genius in thinking that if you elect an orange into the apple cart that once there, they will also act like an apple? They are oranges!! They will act like oranges IN the cart as well as out! HELLO?!! Once these RINOS are in Office, because they do NOT represent us, we are forced to spend a lot of our energy fighting both Parties. We don’t want to do this anymore! We elect Officials to represent us so we can live our lives in peace. We want and NEED our elected Officials to represent us fully and stop betraying us daily! Especially during a time like now when we are fighting the most damaging radical agenda of any Administration!

It is once again time to take back the Republican Party. Until we do, the RNC better wake up and realize that we are not compromising our conservative principles anymore – we will vote for and elect true Conservatives, no matter which Party they are in, or no Party at all. For now, the Republican Party does not produce anything close to what we want and need; we will no longer yield to “their way” of representing us especially if we even remotely hope to take our Country back! Until such a time that we reclaim the Republican Party, Conservatives, by default, are a third and unofficial Party. I keep hearing how a 3rd Party never wins. Well, that was before the “Era of Obama.” Now I say, ‘never say never,’ and ‘there is a first time for everything.’ We never would have believed that we would ever live to see a Marxist Radical in the White House either! Such are the times we now live in and never before have we been more poised for us Conservative Tortoises to retake both the Republican Party and the Country.

As voters, we may have to patiently wait for the day when we can place that vote that shouts from the housetops the truth as to what we need and want. We long for the votes in 2010 and 2012 like a NASCAR Driver awaiting the green flag. We are like a jockey awaiting the sound of the gunshot signaling the release of the gate that propels us into the race of our lives. We are chomping at the bit! But we must harness that emotion knowing the sweet victory that lies ahead. Libs and RINOS alike, with their own dogged “compromise” madness and insistent clueless blindness will feel the true shock and awe of our votes because they cannot see that not only are we coming, we are already here!

The “Era of Reagan” is not over and never has been. We have just been in the garage for maintenance. Now we are back in the race, and patiently, steadily, and more passionately than ever, we are racing our way back to the front, just like every wise Tortoise does. The “Era of Reagan” is back in to play, we are back in the fray, and we are here to stay. We will pass up cars one lap at a time until we win this race of taking back our Party but regardless, taking back our Country. We will pass the first 3 cars in tomorrow’s votes. We are on the move! Ready Tortoises? The green flag awaits! “Gentleman (and women): start-your-engines!!!”


  1. Every Generation has its Prophetic voices…

    After reading 2 of your articles and your profile and seeing a clarity of Truth that is rare in our world today I know that I can say you have the gift of a Prophetic Voice.


  2. Lady, you have a way with words that captures my thoughts. We have elected a bunch of RINO eunuchs, and now we pay for it. Leftists Socialists (in their latest reincarnation, American Democrats) gave birth to Communism, Fascism and Nazism, and I don't want that in our country.
    Thank you.

  3. Wendi,
    you warm the heart of a long time conservative Patriot who's dreams left him convinced That California Reaganites had vacated that State for ever.
    I don't share your religious faith but I do have faith in those who are religious Patriots with one caveat, if or when your votes are white washed,Sean Connery's part in the untouchables "What are you prepared to do next" is my fear. we must remain open to the next level!!! if it comes to that.