Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Rush to Judgment on Limbaugh

Shameful and beneath any American is the behavior of hate that was on full and proud display not fifteen minutes after it was reported that Rush Limbaugh was taken to the hospital in serious condition due to chest pains. There was a flood of response in online commentary; so many praying for his recovery, and disgustingly, some for his demise.

It is no secret that Rush has long been a target of criticism and attacks from the left. This is to be expected, especially for someone who is known for ardently not withholding his opinion and expertise when it comes to politics and his conservative values. Agree or disagree with him, no one is in the dark regarding where and why he stands on any given issue. It is even expected for him to be hated by some on the left for those things; even more so now for opposing the radical policies of the very polarizing President Obama. All of that is to be expected and even accepted. It is the nature of politics.

However, as Americans, we have crossed the line and gone too far when we wish ill or harm on our opposition. That anyone would pray for Rush to die is beyond the pale. Further, to declare such wishes with such brazen arrogance and glee is appalling and breathtaking. So offensive was it that I cannot quote any of it in good conscience; but you will find it all easily upon investigating it yourselves.

I saw no compassion from a left that hails themselves as the leaders of compassion for all people. I read more vicious hate mongering from a left that accuses the right of being the haters for passionately disagreeing with them. I saw more hypocrisy from the left who railed, in hyperbolic outrage, against anyone on the right who didn’t grieve with them over the loss of their precious Ted Kennedy. Reading their hateful commentary made me wonder if these people all graduated from the “Alan Grayson School of the Shameful and Ignorant.”

Where are Nancy Pelosi’s crocodile tears now? Where is her heart wrenching concern, for “this kind of rhetoric” that she heard in the late 70’s that “created a climate in which violence took place” (from the left might I remind her)? Where is the co-called “non-partisan” outrage at such behavior, that only otherwise screams from every biased main stream media outlet when a clever and home-made TEA Party sign disagrees with the Obama Administration?

The truth is that looking at conservatives through liberal colored glasses is a complete distortion. Because conservatives do not show compassion in the same “way” that liberals do, they say that conservatives have no compassion at all. When we passionately disagree with them on any given issue, they call us hate mongers. For disagreeing with President Obama’s radical associations and policies, they call us racists, forgetting that our President is also half white, and further, that we could care less either way – race has long time been a non-issue for us.

The truth is that the hate, of which the left loves to accuse the right, is really a projection of the misery and hate within their hearts, not ours. They expose themselves in full and proud abandon with such an opportunity as this, the chest pains of Rush Limbaugh, their most feared and more than worthy rival.

The truth is that no matter how passionately we oppose the policies of President Obama, no matter how fervently we want to remove Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid from Office, and no matter how angry we are about being ignored by Congress and the Obama Administration, no true conservative would ever, ever wish the harm, ill, or death of any of them! It is unconscionable to even think it let alone to say it, even in jest.

For a people who constantly talk about restoring our best values, I dare say, they need to consider that they should stand in line first for that handout. Anyone who’s hate would wish another person to die needs to seek God for a heart and a conscience as they are already reprobate and half dead themselves. Again, praying for anyone to die is beneath any American. As much as Rush needed our prayers, those who prayed for him to die need our prayers so much more.

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