Monday, January 18, 2010

The Great Hate of the Left

* As Published by American Thinker

The left has long accused the right of being compassionless hatemongers. We stand for law and order, but they call it fascist oppression. We attend Tea Party rallies to express passionate opposition to the radical agenda and policies of the Obama administration, and we are called hateful racists. Our accusers forget that our president is also half-white, and further, that we couldn't care less either way -- race has long been a non-issue for us.

We attend town hall meetings to make it clear that we oppose a health care bill the Democrats insist on forcing down our throats, and they call us a hateful, angry mob. All passionate opposition to their point of view, even on the faces of smiling Tea Party participants, is considered angry hate. Because conservatives do not show compassion in the same way that liberals do, liberals say that conservatives have no compassion at all.

The way the left spins the truth about the right is deception at its finest. It is no wonder there is so much confusion about the truth in politics! The truth is that looking at conservatives through liberal-colored glasses makes for a complete distortion.

- Why is it considered "hate" to oppose the left but considered "civil rights" to oppose the right?

- Why do the left see government interference and control as compassionate liberation while conservatives see personal empowerment and responsibility as truly compassionate and liberating?

- Why is the Fairness Doctrine fair only if it shuts down the voices of conservatives?

- Why do the left call themselves pro-choice when the only thing they choice they endorse is to kill an unborn or partially born baby?

- Why can the left be harshly partisan when a conservative president sits in office, but when a far-left president sits in office, they want us all to come together? (And if we don't, we are hatemongers.)

Why are those on the left permitted to do and say appalling things that would destroy anyone on the right? Such hypocrisy is infuriating because it masks the truth that the hate is really a projection of the misery and hate within their own hearts.

However, every once in a while, we are provided a perfect teachable opportunity to expose the truth, as was the case during the recent health scare of Rush Limbaugh, in which the left exposed themselves in full regalia. Shameful and beneath any American was the hate displayed not fifteen minutes after it was reported that Rush was taken to the hospital in serious condition. There was a flood of responses in online commentary -- so many praying for his recovery, and disgustingly, some for his demise.

It is one thing to hate someone. However, for Americans, it crosses the line when that hate makes one wish for the harm or demise of another. To pray for anyone to die, let alone with such brazen arrogance and glee, is appalling and breathtaking.

As usual, I saw no compassion from a left who hail themselves as the "leaders of compassion for all people." I saw more hypocrisy from the left, who railed in hyperbolic outrage against anyone on the right who didn't grieve with them over the loss of Senator Ted Kennedy. Reading their hateful commentary made me wonder if these people all graduated from the Alan Grayson School of the Shameful and Ignorant.

Where are Nancy Pelosi's crocodile tears now? Where is her heart-wrenching concern for "this kind of rhetoric" -- the kind that creates a climate in which violence takes place (from the left, might I remind her)? Where is the co-called "nonpartisan" outrage at such behavior, the kind that screams from every biased mainstream media outlet when a clever and homemade Tea Party sign disagrees with the Obama administration? Why are they not also being called out on their legitimate hate behavior and language?

The truth is that no matter how passionately we oppose the policies of President Obama, no matter how fervently we want to remove Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid from office, and no matter how angry we are about being ignored by Congress and the Obama administration, no true conservative would ever, ever wish for the harm, illness, or death of any of them! It is unconscionable to even think it, let alone to say it, even in jest.

For a people who constantly talk about restoring our best values, I daresay they need to take a good look in the mirror -- and then consider that they should be first in line for that handout. Praying for anyone to die is beneath any American. Those whose hate would compel them to wish another person to die desperately need the grace of God for a heart and a conscience, as they are already reprobate and half-dead themselves. For all of their prayers for death, they need our prayers for life so much more.


  1. Very well said young lady.
    Very well indeed!

  2. wendy, i'm a new fan AND i have linked you american thinker article on my blog today. you said everything i was thinking. well done!