Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Obama Hears Us, He Just Refuses to Listen"

** (Due to the timeliness of the subject and the Presidents State of the Union Address in a few hours, I am publishing this article here instead of another outlet.)

The recent miraculous Massachusetts Senatorial election of Scott Brown to the sacred “Kennedy Seat,” appropriately renamed by Brown as “the people’s seat,” was a huge, definitive message sent to Washington: “We the people” passionately oppose the Obama Administration’s far left policies, specifically the taking over of our Health Care System, and we desperately want to stop the incessant bleeding out of our liberty through the steam roll of a Democrat Supermajority. A post-election CNN Poll affirms that 70% of Americans believe ending this super majority is best for the Country.

Washington’s answer to our escalating question “Can you hear us now?” is an undeniable “Yes we can!” However, they actually are denying that they received the message we sent with Brown’s election. The White House dispersed the “spin trifecta” of David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, and Robert Gibbs, who shamelessly echoed Obama’s false interpretation of our message. Obama told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos “The same thing that swept Scott Brown into office swept me into office.” When Fox News’ Chris Wallace laid out Scott Brown’s platform, specifically that he ran on being the 41st vote against Obama Care, Gibbs replied “Well, that may be what he campaigned on, but that's not why the voters of Massachusetts sent him to Washington.” Instead of acknowledging it as the clear referendum that it is on Obama’s agenda, they audaciously assert that it’s an Obama affirmation.

Obama-spin is the typical knee-jerk reaction we should expect. Obama responds to criticism by rewriting the truth, no matter how obvious and ridiculous, to create a new “reality.” When it appears to tarnish his “image,” he comes out swinging. He can’t help himself; his narcissism is predominant and everything else follows. On Martin Luther King Day he gave a speech finally admitting that it “stings.” We know this as his frequent defensive public reactions are embarrassingly more transparent than he realizes. His unpresidential war with Fox News is one of many exposé’s of his thin-skinned nature. He even mockingly retaliated against the grassroots TEA Party movement by saying that we were “waving tea bags around.”

I’ve long suspected the problem isn’t that president Obama can’t hear us. Oh sure, he strategically tries to appear to not, but the aforesaid examples are among many that expose how he clearly does. What’s worse is that he refuses to listen and respond appropriately; that’s the real issue. The evidence, as revealed in his constant spin, belies the truth that he’s intentionally disregarding us in order to push through his radical agenda at all cost. It foretells what Obama will do moving forward, which is as he’s always done from his community organizing days and from day one of his presidency – continue hard left. His agenda will never change, but how he delivers it will. He’ll wrap his far left policies in a more populist and fiscally conservative package to give the appearance that he’s moving towards the middle without having to actually do so.

What else can Obama do? Continuing to be unwaveringly dogmatic and obvious, especially now after the Brown win, will undermine all Democrats heading into the upcoming November mid-term elections. He has to back down without appearing to surrender. A sudden move to the middle will only seem like obvious, disingenuous posturing to save his political hide. It’ll also further anger his far left base which he can ill afford. In the realm of political games, he has backed himself in between the proverbial rock and a hard place. Continuing to play those games is exactly what has turned off the majority of Americans.

The only acceptable response he could and should give is a humble one – to “we the people.” To acknowledge the truth and genuinely change course would reflect that he understands our message, as Clinton did in 1995. He should say that he has finally heard us, he understands clearly what we want, and the point is to do right by the American people instead of executing his own personal agenda. Anything less would simply be more of the same bitter pill we just made clear we desperately cannot ever swallow. However, he won’t do this because he sincerely believes his radical policies are best for America. Eating any kind of crow, even for the American people, isn’t something he can chew let alone digest.

Obama has made it clear that he’d rather accomplish his agenda and serve one term than to not accomplish it at all. He acknowledged this potential outcome in a recent interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer, stating, "I'd rather be a really good one-term president than a mediocre two-term president." He admitted, "I will not slow down in terms of going after the big problems that this country faces." In other words, his agenda hasn’t and won’t change. Even Vice President Joe Biden insisted that the administration is "not backing off a single thing we believe in."

There’s no mystery; Obama will move ahead with his agenda however he must, whatever the cost, re-wrapping it in new populist packaging, hiding it in smoke and mirrors,. His refusal to listen and heed our message, in the end might be worse than eating political crow; it might just indeed be his Waterloo after all.

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  1. Dear Wendi,

    First off, Great Post!

    I do find it interesting that it is our generation that is spear-heading this Revolution. We lived through the Carter Admin. and witnessed the transformation of the Reagan Era. I believe that we are the last generation that truly knows what freedom is. Although we didn't get to experience "True Freedom" we are compassionate of those that we learned about throughout history. We know about WWII and Korea, we lived Viet Nam through TV, and we have watched our country slowly die because of the "Intitlement" attitude. We know what it means to work for something and hold it dear.

    I vividly remember 1995 and the Clinton admin. He saw the political tide and quickly "Changed his tune". America, feeling that they had done enough by electing a Republican Congress, went back to sleep. We can not do that again. We as a Nation, have to stay awake, stay the course, and complete what has been started. Who would have thought a year ago that a Republican would have Ted Kennedy's spot in the Senate?

    Your Blog is excellent, and you're pretty good lookin' too.

    Keep up the good work,

    Your friend in Freedom,

    Mark Burdick (