Thursday, November 11, 2010

"The Elephants in the Room"

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President Obama is either clueless or he genuinely believes “we the people” are.  I purport it’s the latter.  He has this way of revising history even as it’s being made, smoothing things in his favor, fully expecting we’ll buy it and eat it up like some scrumptious dessert.  It’s as if by his saying so, makes it so, the truth be damned.  If only we could be smart enough to see as he sees, and he tries so hard to help us do just that.  But a funny thing happens on the way to a TEA Party when one becomes the target of such spin… like Dorothy discovering that “The Great and Terrible Wizard of Oz” is just a man behind a curtain, a mouse with a microphone, the truth becomes irrevocably crystal clear and spin becomes obvious, and thus, thereafter impotent.

The Emperor has no clothes and we know it, however, he doesn’t know we know it; at least this is how Obama behaves.  It’s as if he mistakenly believes we still see Oz when we’re staring directly at the man behind the curtain.  It’s embarrassing for him to continue to unabashedly display his goods as if we can’t see them.  Surprisingly, he doesn’t seem embarrassed at all.  Instead of such exposure sincerely humbling and changing him as it did Oz, Obama further insults and alienates us by continuing to act like the ‘Great Oz’ expecting us to keep playing along.

What does a naked Emperor want us to believe, after all?  Not that he is naked but that we aren’t seeing clearly.  And if we aren’t, it could only be that we didn’t hear the message correctly, right?  Please!  It’s like the proverbial elephant in the room that the stubborn mule refuses to acknowledge even when everyone else already has.

Such is the case during the November 3 press conference the day after the wave of the 2010 mid-term elections returned America back to a sea of red.  How does Nancy Pelosi view such “Astroturf” now?  But I digress…

Obama said that living inside the White House bubble, “it is hard not to seem removed.”  Seem removed?  He even claimed in the subsequent “60 Minutes” interview that he was “surprised at the political cost” of Obama Care.  Obama can’t believably go from the retaliatory mocking of the grassroots TEA Party early on in the uprising of the movement, proclaiming, “you see folks waving tea bags around,” to an “I just didn’t realize” type of response almost 2 years later.  Of course he knows!  He just doesn’t think we do.  This is why he is deflecting the truth in a cloak of feigned humility, spinning the reason for this wave as a “messaging” problem he needs to correct instead of acknowledging exactly what it really is: a clear repudiation of his policies, policies that are bleeding the greatness out of America, and at an alarming rate.

The only messaging problem Obama actually has is he’s been “messaging” us to death on our TV’s almost daily for nearly his entire Presidency.  This overkill doesn’t change what we know, no matter how many times and ways he explains, as if we’re stupid children.  We understand that he wants to “fundamentally transform America.”  This is crystal.  We want to prevent the success of that agenda.  No matter how he slices the turkey, it’s still unwanted stuffing inside.

I've been listening to various pundits follow Obama’s lead, speaking for “we the people” as always, minimizing and misinterpreting the truth about the mid-terms.  These are the moments that most frustrate us.  We wish we could jump through the television and “pundit” for ourselves, which is why we rally, blog, and pray that we are heard.  And the left wonders why we are such an “angry mob.”

In addition to Obama’s “messaging” claim, there’s:

-          It’s not about Obama Care but about the economy.
-          It’s not about anti-Democrats but anti-incumbents.
-          It’s about making Obama a one-term President.

The strands of truth are:

-          It’s about remaining the Republic as we were founded.
-          It’s about the economy and Obama Care.
-          It’s about anti-Democrats and anti-RINO Republicans, not anti-incumbents.
-          It’s about making Obama a one-term President…

We cherish the gift of the Republic our Founders paid so dear a price to give us.  We don’t want to fundamentally transform America into a European welfare state; hence, we do not want bail outs, higher taxes, increased spending, big government, or Obama Care which is one sixth of the economy.  We don’t want to become a socialist Nation, not even one sixth.

We don’t want Obama Care, or Hillary Care, or any other Universal, single-payer, Government-run Health Care system in America – period.  We love our private sector, capitalist, free-market America.  Our Country will not economically recover until we instill the necessary confidence that will only come from stopping Obama’s transformational agenda and undoing his policies.

The wave most definitely was repudiation of Obama’s policies and of anyone, regardless of Party, who aided in the success of his agenda.  We don’t want any more tyrannous rule of Democrats or the enabling help of RINO Republicans who have held open the door for them to do so.  It’s not just that Obama Care passed into law, it’s equally important who ensured it and how.  By force is un-American and unacceptable.  We’re cleaning house – our House.

As long as Obama holds the veto pen via the Oval Office, his policies remain in place.  This is why we want Obama to be a one-term President; not for partisan political reasons or because of racism, but to ensure the successful repeal of Obama Care before it can be implemented and therefore never reversed.

All of these strands are tied together like fingers forming a fist.  The mid-term wave was just our first punch.  To mistake the Conservative wave as anything but stopping the bleeding and voting our voice back into the game is to miss the whole point.  A 2 year gridlock, if necessary, is preferred to save our Country.

But America is still on life support.   This is why the elections of 2012 will be a tsunami in comparison.  Anyone who stood with Obama and aided his agenda will be voted out right along with him.  It makes zero difference what any of them do between now and then.  They brazenly forced their hand when we had no say, thus sealing their fate.  Now they have no more say.  The lesson must be learned that we the people hold the power of our Nation and we’ll never accept going down this road ever again.  John Boehner, and Republicans like him, gets that.  His election night speech and his press briefing the following day articulated it well.

Dr. Phil has said, “You cannot change what you do not acknowledge.”  Obama would be wise to heed those words.  We know the Emperor has no clothes.  We believe what we see and hear with our own eyes and ears.  Ignoring the elephant in the room has only multiplied the herd and filled the House with them.  Election night was a Republican stampede he shouldn’t paint as anything else.  There are just too many elephants in the room now to ignore.  


  1. Wendi you are an awesome writer! Obama knows exactly what he is doing. Love ya

  2. Once again Wendi hits the nail on the head. I am going to use a segment of your writing in a letter I am sending to the Freshman Class.

    Blessings and Love! Gordon

  3. Excellent article and spot on with what is truly going on. From a psychological perspective, Obama is clearly a narcissist and one does not need to be a psychologist to make such an observation. And what happens in the mind of a narcissist? They become so detached from the rest of the world that they start making decisions based on their delusions of grandeur. Our president has lost touch with reality. What we need to do as we the "smart" people is to be better at his game than he is. Think like he does, plan like he does, yet hold on to our integrity in the process. Working on it as we speak girl! Keep up the great work.

  4. Thanks for the blog invite! I enjoyed this article and look forward to more...Ted Meier

  5. Thank you from my heart for your comments... I really appreciate the feedback but I also value if what I say can evoke commentary and conversation. :)