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"No More Leaven of Compromise"

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The recent primary battle between longtime Republican Senator Mike Castle, an establishment politician liberal Republican, and the grassroots TEA Party citizen contender Christine O’Donnell, perfectly exemplifies the very serious problem that conservatives have with the Republican Party; they keep endorsing the wrong candidate, just as they did when John McCain became the only option for the 2008 Presidential Election. It wasn’t until the principled conservative, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, joined the ticket that conservatives felt they finally stood a fighting chance against the Obama campaign machine.

The RNC continues to make the mistake that they need “moderate” candidates in order to secure independent votes. Even under the leadership of Michael Steele, the RNC fails to recognize that such compromise of true Republican principles, conservative principles, secures the liberal agenda, as often, these “moderate” Republicans, otherwise known as RINO’s (Republican In Name Only), tend to cast Congressional votes in favor of the liberal agenda. This compromise is exactly how Obama Care, as well as all the other tax and spending Bills which Americans passionately oppose, was shoved down the throats of the American people.

Conservatives do not want leaven-like Republicans in Office who “reach across the aisle.” Americans want candidates who have enough principle and conviction to stand firm on the conservative side of the aisle. Never before in America’s history has this mattered more as the Obama Administration is in full force to “fundamentally transform” Her.

If the RNC fails to understand that the TEA Party movement is not just about opposing Obama’s radical “fundamental transformation” agenda, but also about conservatives taking back the Republican Party in order to have an arm to fight with let alone a leg to stand on, then they demonstrate why their own tone-deaf candidate endorsements will cause their eventual removal from Office as well, via the cleansing affects of the ballot box.

A majority of Conservatives today still hold to the same convictions of former President Ronald Reagan who shared in a 1977 CPAC speech about revitalizing the Republican Party. He encouraged Republicans to stand on conservative principles, and then make room for others to join. He demonstrated the success of this concept, eventually winning the respect of the Democrat Party, hence the term, “Reagan Democrats.”

Sacrificing conservative principles to make room for independents was not the compromise Reagan encouraged. He did not espouse trading in common sense to win them, only to then hand over the reins of the Party to them. If it takes apples of compromised principles to get them, it will take those same apples to keep them. This is exactly how the Republican Party became the tail wagging the neutered dog; conservatives and TEA Party patriots are passionately trying to correct this crippling error.

However, if independents, most of whom are center-right, are won without compromise, because of common sense principles, then the Republican Party will once again be the empowered Party of the successful Reagan era. This is not a complicated task. Until they do, the Republican Party will continue to be a lukewarm losing Party, something this Country desperately can no longer afford.

One well known definition of insanity is continuing to travel down the same road and expecting a different result. How insane has the RNC become? Compromise does not work! If you give the left a peephole, they make it into a loophole to advance their agenda, an agenda that a majority of Americans adamantly do not want. The Bible says in Galatians 5:9, “A little leaven, leavens the whole lump of dough.” It doesn’t take much.

Americans have been making this as clear as possible every time they get behind candidates that better represent conservative principles, even as far as rejecting the “RNC endorsed” anointed candidates. This recently happened again in Alaska with the primary win of Joe Miller over the RNC backed Lisa Murkowski.

Why then, is the RNC working so hard like a Democrat to demonize the people’s choice of Christine O’Donnell to secure the win of Mike Castle? If there is even a remote chance he could vote with the Democrats on any part of Obama’s transformational agenda, as he has already done, he is of no help to conservatives fighting to remain the America of our blessed inheritance.

Thursday, the Christian Science Monitor crafted an article that asks, “Could Mike Castle be part of a new Republican middle?” The answer is a resounding “no!” Mark Levin clearly explained on his Facebook page, “This is what I’ve been warning about both on my show and here. So-called moderates will be swept into office on the coattail of the anti-Democrat, anti-Obama, pro-TEA Party surge in November, and they will organize against conservatives and the conservative agenda… It will mean the end of the GOP as a potential conservative party that can counter statists, and more importantly, it will mean that America has crossed over to a socialist nation.”

Sarah Palin called into Sean Hannity’s radio program Thursday to officially give her endorsement to Christine O'Donnell. "Let me go ahead and endorse Christine O'Donnell because, Sean, she's the conservative in the race," Palin said. "She is against Obama's cap-and-tax scheme, she is against Obamacare, and she is for the free market principles that need to get plugged in to put our economy back on the right track."

There is a clear line drawn in the sand in this a tug-of-war for the Republic which we cannot afford to lose; either America will be fundamentally transformed into a European style welfare state, looking more like Venezuela, or America will remain the Republic of Her founding. There is no middle ground. America still has a chance, but the window of opportunity is quickly closing. Risks of compromising shots in the dark between these two camps will all but secure the unacceptable success of the Obama agenda.

Compromise, therefore, is no longer an option. It is how Republicans have been needlessly drawn this far into the battle to begin with; we are far too close to that middle line. Any closer to the fire and it will consume the small hope that still remains, which is why conservatives will no longer concede to their compromise; they will never give up this fight. Instead, they will continue to vote for solid and unleavened candidates in order to revive America and, once again, become that shining light upon a hill.

The RNC would be wise to finally get a clue and get the leaven out of the Republican Party already. America cannot afford to become like a fluffy loaf of white bread stripped void of all its nutrients. It is up to them to come back to the people and stop dragging the people away from conservatism. It isn’t working. If they do not, they will make themselves a losing third party with no one to blame but themselves.

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